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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
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    • understanding derives impulses to act and work in life — the
    • not expecting to find in them any ethical working. We boast that we
    • to see his life as the working out of a plan; he recognises how, when
    • do, though it may seem to result from the working of earthly physical
    • make in the physical world, the nearest approach to moral working is
    • the next life on earth, can work there quite definitely as a
    • health-giving influence, no less truly than heat works in the
    • well recognise this law at work in the spiritual world; only there we
    • spiritual beings are at work, creating and fashioning our individual
  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
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    • with here. Natural science has worked thoroughly towards being
    • spiritual impulses as working in the world, when he must think
    • of as working in the world what he brings about out of a
    • former psychologists who have worked with dreams have developed
    • content, but to concentrate on that which works within him, is
    • time, nay sometimes much longer time of inner work than any
    • which have worked on our body. We see ourselves outwardly. But
    • spirituality works, the moral laws are working. There the moral
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • has to learn as the foundation for his work of healing. Having
    • or “figure” that has been worked into the ether, we find
    • with one another; one tone works upon another and we begin to hear
    • Archangels and Angels, are working and weaving at this cosmic
    • away to the formative working and weaving of the planets. In what the
    • recognise our own human form. And working and weaving through it all
    • make up the human form the working and weaving of the Third Hierarchy.
    • Angels work in from the Cosmos, building up the human form. If we now
    • Hierarchy — who are at work here too, but they are engaged in a
    • wherein their first work — upon the nervous system — differs
    • from their work upon the rhythmic blood-system, but we may think of
    • it in the following way. In their work upon the nervous system, the
    • In their work upon the blood system they are looking upwards. Both the
    • Kyriotetes, Dynamis. And we would find these same Beings at work when
    • ranks of the Hierarchies we see at work, below, Beings of the Third
    • working and weaving together in the Cosmos; finally, Beings of the
    • where the Sun is working. It is where the spine begins to show a
    • there work Saturn and Jupiter. When, therefore, we follow the
    • to understand it. That which is worked by the human being into his
    • glandular system is, in the case of the animal, worked into its whole
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
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    • his work. Such things pass unnoticed, as a rule; but human beings
    • the woven threads of destiny will work themselves out in the future,
    • degree in which they belong together, souls unite in working at the
    • example, what is contained in the legs is changed and worked upon,
    • they are joined by destiny determines the extent to which they work
    • upon each other. And through this working together, spiritual kinships
    • incarnation comes into being as a result of the working together of
    • human beings who belong together by destiny. This is a work that is
    • significance than any work that is done on Earth.
    • When one human being works in this way upon another, helping to bring
    • away), when there is this working together, dependent always on the
    • in the future, then this work of metamorphosis is verily a kind of
    • what is spiritually moulded in forms and works upon it, until it
    • looks into his inner nature, knowing the while that the sure working
    • transformation begins, where the one is able to work upon the other
    • being. And it is there those links of destiny are formed which work on
    • The work upon which the souls of human beings are engaged is none
    • other than an interworking between them and Beings of the higher
    • imperceptible; it is also not physical. True, it manifests its working
    • leg from the ground, it is heavy, the force of gravity is working upon
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • passed through the gate of death, and upon it work, for good or ill,
    • into the sphere of the Sun. In the Sun sphere the forces work chiefly
    • This is a wonderful work which proceeds in the spiritual world, and in
    • comparison with it any work that is done on earth in whatsoever domain
    • is utterly insignificant. Great and majestic is the work that is
    • its wider sense) the secret of man's being is worked out. But now
    • influences were principally at work. Then came the wonderful epoch of
    • worked upon the Earth with greatest strength. Man was, however, in
    • factors were working together. When in his existence between death and
    • hundred years old. The fact that these influences are working in our
    • to the domain of Mars. The strongest cosmic influence working upon
    • that the influences connected with the Sun existence cease to work
    • of the spiritual world with what we find at work precisely in our own,
    • starry system that were particularly at work. In our time it is the
    • the Cosmos impulses which were not working with the same strength in
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • the future head-system. This work of metamorphosis is a work of
    • as a physical structure have no notion of all the manifold work that
    • the physical embryo. After this work has been begun in the Sun sphere,
    • work is proceeding upon the spirit-germ of the head. Man's path then
    • ocean of the cosmos, where the work of metamorphosis continues, until
    • as it were, of all the interworking of the starry worlds. For this
    • working together of the stars, which is at the same time an expression
    • of the working together of the Spiritual Beings that are in these
    • — the harmonies and melodies born from the inter-workings of the
    • brought by man into the Sun existence becomes the basis for the work
    • the work and creative activities of these Beings in the Cosmos, has
    • through the workings of the higher Hierarchies? So much for man's
    • Fixed Stars. Here the work upon the primal germ of the human head, the
    • head-organisation can also begin. This is a wonderful work, — one
    • human being working upon another, in accord too with the Beings of the
    • higher Hierarchies. Verily, the work that is wrought here for the
    • — a world of infinite variety and detail; and the work upon it
    • with the Beings among whom he works. And when in this earthly
    • “man” by the work performed upon the human being by the Gods
    • existence, where the work upon his being continues. It is here that
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • when, through Imagination, we understand the working of the
    • working together with us between death and rebirth at the
    • creative work of the Cosmos, we are creative Beings in the Cosmos and
    • see the formative forces working calmly and quietly within him.
    • they work down also into the visible world. Here, in the visible
    • behold also their working wherever fire has part in the process of
    • were active in this process, though with them worked always the
    • thinking. But everywhere the Beings of the First Hierarchy work and
    • great riddle — the riddle of the working of karma, or human
    • working of the right and true transition from animal to man that takes
    • karma. Karma is a super-sensible reality that works straight into the
    • descending cosmic forces, as they work in the universe, and of their
    • that it might come down again thence to work in the world of men. As

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