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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • ancient wisdom to man at the beginning of earthly existence withdrew
    • in Ancient Greece, the distinction between the Spartans and the
    • which goes back to the regulations of the ancient Mysteries, which
    • In ancient Greece much attention was paid to gymnastics
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • beautiful fairy-tales arise. When, in ancient times fairy-tales were
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture IV: The Ephesian Mysteries of Artemis
    Matching lines:
    • ancient Saturn period, had reached a certain density. If such a thing
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • similar mental picture might also be made even for those very ancient
    • As regards those very ancient times it is really not
    • exist in this ancient period. If a chemist of today were to meet a
    • in those ancient times there was absolutely no possibility of
    • ancient epoch. On the other hand there was at that time around the
    • a way that we can say this ancient albuminous atmosphere was composed
    • It was in this way that these ancient mountains were
    • something like distinctive marks of an ancient time are to be found.
    • If we as modern men could transpose ourselves into that ancient
    • that ancient world we should see all round us, over there a
    • metallic elements of the earth back into those ancient times we feel
    • in their most ancient form as pure gifts from heaven. In the animals,
    • discover in those ancient times. We feel so bound up with these
    • whereas in the ancient times sulphur was of very great significance
    • still discover. Of the most ancient creatures of which I have spoken
    • substance of those ancient plant-forms, how feeble is their rising,
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • is continually referred back along an inner path to the ancient
    • sacred to the ancients. We find that the instruction given in the
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VII: The Mysteries of Hibernia
    Matching lines:
    • relatively much harder to approach the ancient Mystery Centres of
    • In all cases in the ancient Mysteries men were subjected
    • rendering what was practised in that ancient language into modern
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • it no longer recalled the ancient form of the Primeval Mysteries. One
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • This ancient Moon existence appeared to him as a planetary existence,
    • historically into the ancient world of the East, when he looks back
    • historically into ancient Greece, into ancient Rome. He may
    • ancient Rome fell, and when devastating swarms of migratory peoples
    • echo of the ancient instinctive earth-wisdom relied on the ancient
    • ancient, marvelously great secrets, may he reach these secrets, but
    • latest times revealed itself to the candidates of the great ancient
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture X: The Chthonic and the Eleusinian Mysteries
    Matching lines:
    • Mysteries in Ancient Greece. You know that man has iron in his being,
    • transformations which the ancient shape of the earth underwent iron
    • ancient Greek Chthonic Mysteries learnt that, just as is the case
    • in ancient Greece, and that they learnt to understand how this lead
    • Moon time of the earth played a part in their ancient form. Tin
    • the earth, he was led in Ancient Greece into the very holiest of all.
    • extract of the most ancient holy Mystery-Wisdom. Human beings will,
    • ancient Eleusinian Mystery wisdom. These writings containing, less of
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XI: The Secret of Plants, of Metals, and of Men
    Matching lines:
    • of the ancients in the fourth pre-Christian century, that in spite of
    • his own way the ancient Mysteries, though in a more ideal form. But
    • it was from those ancient Mysteries.
    • Now when a man spoke in those ancient times in an
    • it would not have occurred to them in those ancient times to regard
    • those ancient times was not an appeal to the human intellect or to
    • analogies the ancients saw in gold a representative of the sun. That
    • when he wishes to regard the ancients as stupid. When man regarded
    • during the ancient Moon-period. They came over in airy form when the
    • earth was in the ancient Sun-condition; they attained a fluid form
    • basis of warmth during the ancient Saturn-time. In the same way he
    • ancient alchemy, the true alchemy — to regard everything in
    • Ancient history is taught in the schoolroom (today) but
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XII: The Mysteries of the Samothracian Kabiri
    Matching lines:
    • was in the consciousness of the ancient, Egyptian or the ancient
    • This was also the case with the ancient Egyptians and
    • the ancient Easterns as regards their consciousness. If they trod on
    • what the earth appeared to them to be. These ancient peoples related
    • when an ancient Greek or an ancient Oriental directed his gaze to
    • Thus there was amongst the ancients something completely
    • all the other planets of the cosmic system; for the ancients
    • touch in these ancient times was still such that man was capable of
    • the following, and one has to go back to these ancient times if one
    • ancient times; what was brought before him was neither one-sided
    • ancient times a man could not say, when he looked at that
    • ancient peoples, but the deed of Venus in the earth which revealed
    • as we may see in any book on mineralogy or geology; but the ancient
    • earth during the ancient Sun and Moon existence, implanted from the
    • in these ancient times. Now even in these echoes of the ancient times
    • the aniseed plant looks like? The ancients would have said: “What
    • Now, as formerly in the ancient Mysteries man could look
    • What then would the ancients and even the medieval
    • in which in these ancient times men spoke of the earth; for at the
    • element, then the fiery element. Thus the ancient peoples saw
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XIII: Transition from the Spirit of the Ancient Mysteries to the Spirit of the Mysteries of the Middle Ages
    Matching lines:
    • Lecture XIII: Transition from the Spirit of the Ancient Mysteries
    • world on the stage of history; whereas the ancient Mysteries operated
    • way to the ancient Mysteries. It was an earnest joy, a deep joy, a
    • when we investigate the ancient Mysteries by means of the Akashic
    • it were, a moral link, such as we found in the ancient Mysteries. And
    • ancient Mysteries, one has to say: The most important of these
    • that in which they stood to them in the ancient Mysteries. I am
    • natural phenomena, natural events, were for the ancients directly
    • as little did it occur to a human being in that ancient time to
    • was to the ancients just as much the skin of an earthly divine being
    • initiated into the ancient Mysteries had been asked whether by means
    • to one of those ancient men just as absurd as it would seem today
    • secret of another human being. For these ancients knew that the Gods
    • know. If we had gone to an ancient Egyptian, and especially to a
    • Chaldean of very ancient times, he would have told us: “I use
    • simply a decadent product. Everything which in ancient times was
    • of Christianity this ancient Astrology, that means, intercourse with
    • more ancient times humanity had had intercourse with the Cosmic
    • Cosmic Intelligences to whom the ancients had access, but man could
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XIV: Human Soul-Strivings During the Middle Ages the Rosicrucian Mysteries
    Matching lines:
    • ancient days.
    • The most ancient form of human knowledge, which was so
    • most important chamber in many an ancient Sun Temple was that in the
    • ancient Mysteries received this impression of the darkened solar orb
    • this or the other ancient philosopher allocated gold to the sun or
    • the ancient Mysteries. Thus he received the impression that gold
    • That was one of the secrets of these ancient Mysteries;
    • perceived by the pupil of these ancient Mysteries of which I have
    • And in a similar way, the pupil of these ancient
    • carbon played an enormous part in the ancient Mysteries. On the one
    • ancient Mysteries in such a way that it was called the Stone of the
    • in the ancient Mysteries, men learnt to understand that there existed
    • ancient Sun Mysteries, we find there in addition to what I have said
    • secret possessed in these ancient Mysteries. Carbon on the moon is
    • What in the ancient Mysteries was so profoundly
    • pupil obtained in these ancient times. Now that is not to be found at
    • does lie at the basis of the true ancient alchemy. And this ancient
    • olden times be learnt of the stars; and this ancient wisdom, this
    • moon as those great Teachers who existed on the earth in very ancient
    • knowledge, the cognition acquired by the pupil in ancient times.
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