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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture I
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    • WILL begin today with the soul-life of man, and lead on from thence
    • these difficult times one may see people occupied the whole day with
    • things in which they were engaged during the day, and to consider
    • beings, even the so-called thinkers of today in reality only get so
    • throughout the day.
    • Everything which I have described to you today, I have
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • our attention in yesterday's lecture, and investigate the activity of
    • also discussed yesterday we are led in two directions. Memory points
    • explained yesterday, into etheric existence. That which can lay hold
    • impulses pass over into his bodily substance, I called in yesterday's
    • will therefore today consider in the light of spiritual knowledge
    • fragmentary remains which exist today. This wisdom was once the
    • are there today, united with the moon. They belong to the population
    • Today it may interest us to learn how he comes into the sphere of the
    • many of these inherited impulses. This is called today “being
    • see the clouds upon which rests the sunlight. A few days ago you
    • a quite wonderful way. The evening of that same day the moon shone
    • to environment is also, as I have shown today, only an approach to
    • Let us fix that firmly in our minds today. We find
    • and lives in the mist rolling up; so that in those days painters, for
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture III
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    • Experience of Day and Year
    • shall add certain things today to what has been said, keeping in
    • and you can say: “When I pass you by in the daytime I see you
    • Thus, for the practical spiritual life that which today
    • flows in such a way that the course of the sun by day from east to
    • during the day.
    • your midday meal in a pension where the guests were continually
    • outwardly reflected by day.
    • Now days vary in the course of the whole year. In Spring
    • a day is longer, in Autumn shorter; in summer it is longest, in
    • winter shortest. The day is subject to change throughout the year.
    • therefore how the day changes in the course of the year. If you pass
    • on from the day to the year then you come in contact with what meets
    • impression from the day to pass over from vivid inner experiences of
    • picture-form, as in the Akashic Record. That is Day experience. But
    • day.
    • memory of something experienced long ago; the day with its night
    • the day with its interchange of light and darkness. We are related to
    • explained to you today relates to the way in which man, if he is
    • of nature, and is received by the time-forces, the day-forces and the
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture IV: The Ephesian Mysteries of Artemis
    Matching lines:
    • studies we made here on the last occasion leads us today first of all
    • I will describe to you today how this connection of man
    • everyday life of earth. We can indeed understand Goethe quite well
    • the day only that the sunlight is of course too strong for us to
    • perceive them. The stars do not appear by day, but if you have at any
    • the stars even by day. There is a certain tower in Jena, for
    • instance, from which one can see the stars during the day. I only
    • course present also during the day. And it is not a physical but a
    • must have something to rest on. For the truths which concern everyday
    • life. Today I have shown you how the reflected forces of the metals
    • inspiration. Other systems which obtain today depend upon the
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • Nowadays we are accustomed to regard the earth as
    • complete in the form which it presents to us today. We live on the
    • The earth was not always as it is today; it has
    • quite a different condition of the earth from what we have today.
    • go still further back we have to observe something else. Today, we
    • anything like the air we now breathe. In the air we breathe today
    • simply because what the chemist calls by these names today did not
    • exist in this ancient period. If a chemist of today were to meet a
    • It is possible to speak today of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, etc., but
    • as it has within it today. Oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, sodium and so
    • earth, in the place where today we have the atmosphere something
    • atmosphere. The albumen in eggs today is very much denser, but it may
    • ingredients. Today we generally think of things as being formed by
    • one of the chemical elements of today, but chemical elements in our
    • to a certain extent from out of the universe. That is why, today, if
    • deposited as primeval mountains were not so hard as today. This only
    • That which today is present more spiritually and which I
    • in the mineral world today. We find stones, we take them in our
    • algae of today, which are not rooted in the soil, for as yet there
    • picture which is indeed very different from anything around us today.
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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • today man speaks of the “word” he means, as a rule, only
    • Let us therefore today, equipped with what has been
    • mystery of man is today barricaded off from scientific men, for
    • degree what we today have in the rising of the mist and the falling
    • throats today the air rarefies to heat and condenses to water. That
    • resounding Logos the cosmic Thought was added; just as today, in the
    • expressed microcosmically in the man of today that which once was
    • with the cosmos, in unity with the cosmos. Today when man thinks, he
    • very fitting for Anthroposophists to turn their attention today to
    • The pain we feel today must continue to be pain, and will do so in
    • Even today, if we look back on that night of misfortune,
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VII: The Mysteries of Hibernia
    Matching lines:
    • which today can be re-discovered through insight into the spiritual
    • to speak today of another Mystery Centre which also stands in a
    • the next few days why there had to be such obstruction to knowledge.
    • everyday consciousness as strongly as is possible to each one of us —
    • everything asked. The man of today can still learn from these things,
    • which today can no longer be brought perceptibly before the mind in
    • right way today for the student is to go through these things by an
    • next few days in connection with other matters.
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • yesterday had for its object a real insight into the secrets of the
    • of the one, of the male statue. The tests of which I spoke yesterday
    • of yesterday's lecture, the pupil was dismissed with the words which
    • manifold ways. And when we look around in the way in which yesterday
    • show in later lectures. Today I only mention the fact. But all these
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • like the water of today, rather I might say as if gelatinous, like
    • between experience at that time and experience today. Today we feel
    • today as men when we do not think ourselves, as regards the air, cut
    • begins with his stomach. So it is really nonsense for the present-day
    • time, which may be compared with the finger of today, it was as if
    • Today when you take hold of a table you do not feel as if the table
    • than our hard things today. It was not, however, mineral, as the
    • present day emerald or corundum or diamond is mineral, it was just
    • one saw it had been formed organically. Today we should not speak of
    • earth, and who today find themselves in a colony on the moon.
    • him which again permeated him, which we today should call the astral
    • counterpart can be perceived today. This astral element united itself
    • living way than today. It may be compared with the way that a feeling
    • today that such things are so little known. If there were not this
    • lack of observation in man at the present day they would actually be
    • the pupil was instructed differently from today concerning the
    • interior of the human organism. Today corpses are dissected and from
    • To compare with something of the present day we might
    • smell the living divine goodness in the planet.” If a man today
    • much differentiated as today. The perception of heat against heat, of
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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture X: The Chthonic and the Eleusinian Mysteries
    Matching lines:
    • of today. Even though not present in the general civilization, yet,
    • which today is but little noticed; the fact that man carries certain
    • instructed by being told the following: Observe how the earth today
    • man today shares in the forces of iron. But with those
    • today with the earth, which is infinitely rich in iron, and I a
    • think, thou art a human being only through the fact that today thou
    • today and then forget the objects thou beholdest, but canst retain
    • before thee shows thee in the metals which cannot today exist within
    • earth was not always as it is today. If the earth had been always as
    • it is today thou couldst not dwell upon it as a human being. For the
    • earth carries today in itself, even in a lifeless condition, the lead
    • it. But these metals which the earth carries in its body today are no
    • That which thou hast today in the dense metallic ores of lead, tin,
    • thou knowest them today on the earth are the corpses of the erstwhile
    • Look around at the metallic nature in the earth today.
    • If the man of today observes these processes, these
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XI: The Secret of Plants, of Metals, and of Men
    Matching lines:
    • what I gave out in my lecture yesterday it may perhaps be
    • the outer powers of observation of man. What we today regard as
    • knowledge played no important role in those days, even in the time of
    • Aristotle. If the historians of the different sciences today wish to
    • Cosmos. Today the chemist investigates hydrogen and ascribes to that
    • coarse as they are today. When he approached the metal lead it did
    • valuable on earth. Really, nothing is too stupid for the man of today
    • think about these things as intellectually as we do today, conceived
    • Actually the metals which are today in the earth came
    • taught today. Just think of how a prince is educated and trained for
    • such examples you can see very clearly how far removed today is the
    • Ancient history is taught in the schoolroom (today) but
    • living secrets must themselves be found again today. The necessary
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XII: The Mysteries of the Samothracian Kabiri
    Matching lines:
    • find there many other kinds of Mysteries; but today, as all our
    • will today take these middle stages of human evolution, which appear
    • Imagination; these we will place before our souls today and study
    • Asiatic races — what we today call matter simply did not exist.
    • substances, let alone those abstractions which we today describe as
    • revealed themselves in the whole of nature. Today we can go out into
    • our consciousness today there is nothing in any way similar to what
    • When we confront a human being today and take hold, let
    • object as it would be to us today; it was not for them just an
    • skin. If today we approach a human being, and through something or
    • man of today. It meant a great deal to look at the earth as a divine
    • which today has quite disappeared. Man is today capable of saying,
    • like, what silk or velvet feel like. Man is today capable of that. He
    • that substance which we today call copper, he could not say as one
    • does today: “That is copper; that is a constituent of the
    • imprinted into the earth. Just as little as we today are able to say
    • We today describe the earth with the substances in it,
    • Indeed it is infinitely childish when people begin today
    • on them; only the actual present day quicksilver still takes the
    • transcended the mercurial form and so today they are crystallized in
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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XIII: Transition from the Spirit of the Ancient Mysteries to the Spirit of the Mysteries of the Middle Ages
    Matching lines:
    • historical lectures in the next few days I shall have to characterize
    • divine processes. It would never occur to anyone today to regard the
    • of today. One does not understand the mood of soul of such a man of
    • But man of today has no longer a true idea to what
    • easily made by any chemist of today. Let us take a retort and pour
    • characteristic of these medieval scientists which to the man of today
    • is quite immaterial. It is thought today that anyone can work in a
    • make analyses and syntheses. Anyone can do it. But in those days when
    • days something of what was known as Astrology. Traditionally
    • nothing today — and even in the 12th to 15th centuries very
    • empirical research, as it is called today. If those who were
    • to one of those ancient men just as absurd as it would seem today
    • true Alchemy did not then depend as it does today on a man's
    • not say that one should use them today, because naturally things
    • become the abstractions which meet us today in our modern physics and
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XIV: Human Soul-Strivings During the Middle Ages the Rosicrucian Mysteries
    Matching lines:
    • ancient days.
    • calculated and observed today; at that time each planet, as all else
    • skylight, so that at certain definite times of the day the sun could
    • twilight at a certain definite time of the day. The pupil had been
    • of course, many people today look up at the sun through smoked glass,
    • the basis of that fraudulent alchemy which is spoken of today, but it
    • today. Today we observe or think about things, but alchemy could not
    • be attained in that way. Today man directs his telescope to a certain
    • same Teachers who today, I would say, send down their forces, their
    • earth and today constitute the moon Intelligences. Such was the
    • is today studied through the telescope, and is regarded as being like
    • they are investigated today as though they were both alike.) So a

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