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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • perception the way in which the pupil was directed by the teacher to
    • concentrate on human speech. Again and again the pupil was urged as
    • The attention of the pupil was first directed to the way
    • from the mouth.” The pupil had first to notice how, to a
    • Again and again the pupil was directed to drive the
    • The pupil's attention was then directed even more
    • forth within man. It was made clear to the pupil in the Mysteries of
    • The pupil was then led into the actual mystery of
    • The pupil at Ephesus was made to notice that when he
    • brought before the soul of the pupil by means of his own speech it
    • At Ephesus when the pupil went in at the door of the
    • And the pupil gradually felt as if he, with his own
    • This was brought before the pupil as preparation for the
    • When the pupil had in this manner to a certain extent
    • The pupil of the Ephesian Mysteries could take into his
    • pupil was able to receive this mystery because he had prepared for it
    • Mystery-pupils at Ephesus concerning the primeval Word lies that
    • clear to the pupil at Ephesus: “Study the mystery of man in the
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VII: The Mysteries of Hibernia
    Matching lines:
    • attain to a kind of insight of their own. And there were pupils,
    • of the pupils. All the doubts, all the troubles, all the inner
    • good, all this had to be gone through. The pupils had to go through
    • was to be experienced by the pupils.
    • other hand it was shown to these pupils that man, if he would keep
    • will bring him joy and happiness. Thus the pupils were driven on the
    • difficulties as were the pupils of the Mysteries in Hibernia.
    • When the pupils had been prepared up to the grade
    • Through these statues the pupils experienced the
    • elastic material, compressible in every part. The pupils were made to
    • upon the pupil: Here the macrocosm works through the Sun and forms
    • the pupil fell on something like bodies of light raying inwards with
    • light. And in the midst the pupil then saw a female form, standing
    • pupil was made to press it also. Every pressure he made remained.
    • Only always between one time when the pupil was tested before this
    • So that whenever the pupils were led to the same ceremony before this
    • pupils by what they thus experienced. They were often brought before
    • of pupils were led, at not too long intervals, before this statue.
    • Then came a time when each pupil was taken by himself
    • regards happiness were experienced, there arose in the pupil a
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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • sensations and soul-experiences the pupil was conducted on the
    • possible that after the pupil had gone through all that I have
    • while in his mind. The pupil was simply kept to this, that that which
    • determined by the Karma of the pupil — sometimes longer, in
    • many cases shorter, the pupils were kept above all to feel the echo
    • soul-life of the pupil. Yet the pupil was held in the most intense
    • significance. That which the pupil at first experienced when he gave
    • numbness. In the intervening periods of time the pupil might
    • cannot say that the consciousness was dulled, but the pupil became
    • no use of it. I can make nothing of it.” The pupil really only
    • When the pupil had experienced this kind of numbness for a
    • it was a sufficiently long time — when the pupil had
    • within myself;” when the pupil had experienced this long enough
    • This whole peculiar experience was such that the pupil
    • The senses belong to the winter — this is what the pupil felt.
    • him, out of all this experience the pupil gained a unified condition
    • This was first of all communicated to the pupil through
    • symptom-complexes. The pupil felt as if he were being inwardly
    • The pupil experienced a great anxiety, even to a deep inner distress
    • This (impression) lived powerfully in the consciousness of the pupil.
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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • dreamlike summer landscape. The pupil was prepared beforehand to have
    • I have shown you how the pupil penetrated through to the
    • birth. But something still further happened. Because the pupil had
    • The pupil had learned to revive these conditions in
    • the consciousness of the pupil. It was actually present before him.
    • something coagulated. And the pupil felt himself within it; he felt
    • pupil. He received the impression that the gelatinous fluid was only
    • All this appeared to the Hibernian pupil during the
    • the pupil was instructed differently from today concerning the
    • much attention, but it does not demand much. But formerly the pupil
    • was implanted in the pupil of the Hibernian Mysteries that by the
    • in-streaming. The pupil felt the astral light all around him
    • which preceded the Moon-existence. Thus the pupil could experience
    • pupil had been led to it, to feel himself only in his senses, when he
    • And this experience was gone through by the pupil when
    • Saturn-existence had become active in the pupil.
    • pupil was led into the past existence of our own earth-planet. He
    • That was the first condition, and the pupil again, by
    • roundabout way), this sensation when the pupil experienced that inner
    • another world, was the pupil of the Hibernian Mysteries brought to
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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture X: The Chthonic and the Eleusinian Mysteries
    Matching lines:
    • Initiates with their pupils; and there, without any means for the
    • Now for these Initiates and their pupils in the
    • number of pupils through whom, in the silent places far removed from
    • The pupil of those
    • It was always a great moment when a pupil, such as the
    • Greek pupil of the Chthonic Mysteries, after having learnt all this,
    • It was a powerful impression that the pupil received,
    • the power of memory. The pupil then learnt that against the Saturn
    • a moment of special ceremony when the Greek pupil was led to see this
    • was made clear to the pupil: “Look up to Saturn surrounded by
    • the pupil had received such insight, and such illumination had
    • Hibernia. The pupil was led before two statues. One of these statues
    • to him shining Saturn, but so radiant that the pupil was reminded of
    • Then the pupil was told the following: Here stands the
    • In the vision seen by the pupil, the female statue received that
    • The pupil saw this wonderful process, this wonderful
    • the metallic mass, as the pupil now saw in a symbolic way; and that
    • Father-statue made a great and mighty impression on the pupil, for he
    • Through all this there was stirred up in the pupil of
    • To the Greek pupil was given a different natural
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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XI: The Secret of Plants, of Metals, and of Men
    Matching lines:
    • which Aristotle gave to his pupil Alexander the Great. I will try and
    • upon his soul two polarically opposite feelings. The pupil who sought
    • around him. The pupil was told: “See how thou breathest the air
    • These were the two polar opposites with which the pupil
    • When the inner experience of the pupil had been deepened
    • knowledge was that to which the pupil was led next. “Look into
    • When the pupil with
    • indications the pupil was led by the teacher to discover within
    • into the being of the plant. Thus the pupil was gradually led to
    • pupil answered: “These plants tell me that they are compelled
    • The pupil was led to say: “It is really the
    • thing to the pupil every night. When the moon was in the
    • truth, through all this that was revealed to him the pupil said out
    • The pupil could feel this because he had previously
    • When the pupil had been made sufficiently acquainted
    • the blossoms revealed their secret to the pupil, so now he learned
    • system by means of the different metals, and the pupil, who did not
    • secret which was revealed to the pupil.
    • The third secret was to rise before the pupil when he
    • While the pupil was thus guided, again there arose in
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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XII: The Mysteries of the Samothracian Kabiri
    Matching lines:
    • sense aroused into the full life of consciousness in the pupils the
    • to the Mystery pupils in Northern Greece — between the lesser
    • Then after a majestic impulse was awakened in the pupils
    • the soul. Then the pupil understood why on the altar there were
    • vessels. While the pupil learnt to read in this way what was written
    • When the pupil of the Kabiri Mysteries in Samothrace
    • magical powers of this celebrant Father reveal to the pupil? Through
    • Therefore the pupil, when he approached the temple of
    • Thus while the initiating Father led the pupil before
    • which he learnt to feel while speaking, and while the pupil
    • his body and what the pupil formerly knew as the content of his head
    • great Gods desire you to be.” From that moment the pupil knew
    • in the external world that were brought before the pupil in these
    • secret of these Samothracian Mysteries, that the pupil received this
    • consisted in the fact that it was made clear to the pupil, not in an
    • When the pupil felt that that which characterized this
    • abstraction.” The Rosicrucian pupil felt — that is, the
    • true Rosicrucian pupil felt as if the master had struck him a blow in
    • is not adapted for entering the spiritual worlds, and that the pupil
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XIV: Human Soul-Strivings During the Middle Ages the Rosicrucian Mysteries
    Matching lines:
    • twilight at a certain definite time of the day. The pupil had been
    • which the sun makes as a special impression. But the pupil in these
    • a quite definite one. A man who, as a pupil of the Initiates of the
    • With this impression the pupil also gained something
    • the pupil had been prepared through the majestic and magnificent
    • sun-preparation, the pupil was led to a deep understanding of the
    • dimmed direct light of the sun, prepared the pupil to understand the
    • which man really has his life, made a deep impression on the pupil of
    • directly approach life. Then the pupil was gradually led to the fact
    • perceived by the pupil of these ancient Mysteries of which I have
    • And in a similar way, the pupil of these ancient
    • so another preparation was necessary for the Mystery pupils besides
    • period of time lasting for weeks the pupil had to open his psychic
    • the moon adopted by night. Thereby the pupil received a quite
    • impressed on the pupil was the knowledge that any substance, however
    • pupil obtained in these ancient times. Now that is not to be found at
    • with the secret of the sun; and through the fact that the pupil
    • Now the pupil learnt to know these Intelligences of the
    • knowledge, the cognition acquired by the pupil in ancient times.
    • pupil could receive impressions from the sun or from the moon, so by
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