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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture I
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    • Foundations of the World
    • higher. We begin by letting the external world work upon us —
    • which the outer world has brought to us. We are really human beings
    • in that we allow the impressions of the outer world to live on
    • creating a world of mental pictures, which in a certain way reflect
    • thoughts as to how the outer world is reflected in our soul, for in
    • world of ideas in our inner being. We really practise better
    • thought, without looking at the outer world, and follow further in
    • thought what has come to us as impressions of the outer world. One
    • abstract thinking. He may create world-systems, or he may make
    • schemes about all imaginable things in the world, and so on. Another
    • for us when we withdraw in regard to our senses from the outer world
    • sense-world; and then they say: perhaps there might come into a man's
    • thinking something of a super-physical world, but it would have, to
    • world in which he was previously, but he is living in the etheric
    • world. He is living in a world of which he knows: it is not
    • wants to grasp the things of the world with his thinking.
    • just characterised, it is no longer the world we should grasp. Man is
    • when he realises: formerly you always comprehend the world; now that
    • memories which carry us out into the world, in spite of the fact that
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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual world he can come to no conclusion about such things. We
    • the realm of the planetary world which belongs to our earth. We have
    • through an Ahrimanic world has in the case of certain human beings a
    • into their own world.
    • when he is developing his relationship with the outer world. They
    • entangle the human ego in the outer world; and in so doing they often
    • Karma; for that which comes from the outer world by no means always
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • is subject to the influences of the outer world, to adaptation to
    • sense, is comprised in adaptation to the external world is connected
    • is far more united than he realizes with the outer world of nature,
    • that is, with the spirit which rules in the external world. These
    • when it comes into the world depends on whether the inherited
    • the outer world in a child of seven years (as you know it is only
    • a human being who has an active interest in the world, who is
    • being who has an intensely active interest in the outer world, who
    • who goes through the world bored or without interest in the outer
    • world remains throughout his whole life with an unchanged
    • the etheric world there exist reproductions of our memories, both
    • those beings into whom we penetrate with our world of gesture; but we
    • also find the world of the Angels, Archangels and Archai, and grow
    • of the angelic world through what we have imprinted in ourselves as
    • world that which we have just described, we must say: This stream
    • Copernican world-conception does not hold good, but this stream
    • and more strongly: There in the spiritual world which you enter in
    • the case that we go forth in sleep into the spiritual world in a
    • With world-creative powers.
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture IV: The Ephesian Mysteries of Artemis
    Matching lines:
    • in the cosmos. Once more the world of the stars stands before the
    • world are contained in the fact that something which on one niveau of
    • the world is harmful and brings about disease, on another niveau is
    • get its bearings in the world is really the most wonderful thing we
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • in the mineral world today. We find stones, we take them in our
    • that ancient world we should see all round us, over there a
    • itself, how the plant-world comes down to the earth from out of the
    • plant-world is something which arises and passes away in the
    • plant-animal world. And inasmuch as he separated this off from
    • the plant-world arise which suck themselves full of the soft
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • and he who, equipped with Imaginative insight into world history
    • world's history are inscribed.
    • the evolution of the world.”
    • the evolution of the world.”
    • “The evolution of the world is revealed through
    • world is heard.
    • lives and weaves world-happenings.
    • What is it then that man hears? These world-happenings,
    • this universe, when it rang forth as the mystery of the world, rang
    • which lived in the world rose from water to air. In primeval times it
    • this mystery of the world in miniature. When this mystery was the
    • great and mighty maya of the world it was one stage lower. The earth
    • Thus the great world, the macrocosmic Mystery became the
    • Mystery, the translation into maya, into the great world, that the
    • the world. We can now go a step further.
    • and weaving of the world.
    • World. Man looked up from what he heard, but he looked up from within
    • this case the plants, supply the answer. The whole world becomes
    • spiritual all that takes place in the physical world must at the same
    • Man is the microcosm as contrasted with the world which
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VII: The Mysteries of Hibernia
    Matching lines:
    • world. In order to amplify the theme already treated, I should like
    • truth which then leads into the secrets of the world. For even if the
    • actually led in this question form to the Spiritual world. In actual
    • the threshold of the spiritual world. I know why this spiritual world
    • I am the Image of the World
    • I am the Image of the World
    • I am the Image of the World
    • threshold of the spiritual world. Here in this physical world there
    • spiritual world. And the difficulties which we have in the physical
    • world with regard to knowledge are only the physical reflection of
    • the worthlessness of the knowledge which in this physical world one
    • can gain of the super-sensible, of the spiritual world. So he had the
    • feeling: Many say to me here in the physical world, ‘You must
    • asceticism in order to enter the spiritual world,’ but that is
    • soul, of mind, shutting out that which here in the physical world
    • disappointments in the physical world. But there were also feelings
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • world and man, for the inner soul-experiences of which I had to speak
    • the spirit-world, so that by means of specially impressive inner
    • another presses through into the spirit-world.
    • my sense of life. I am really split up in the world.” From this
    • outer world, and to say of this outer world as a permanent truth for
    • the Future: In this world which surrounds us, in this world from
    • which we derive our corporeality, in this world something continually
    • born. And nature-dreams contain the germs for the World future. But
    • World death and World birth would not meet if man did not stand
    • an actual world death, and the dream would not follow the world
    • World-Being first vanishes
    • World-Being first vanishes
    • tendency to be contented with a relationship to the world which does
    • carry out into the world that which as creative Phantasy arises in
    • confronts me in the outer world I can cause to arise out of the
    • This two-fold connection with the world is something
    • from the spiritual worlds to Earth, before the earthly conception of
    • senses, and found himself as if split up into the sense-world. For
    • Initiation entrance into these hidden worlds, worlds to which,
    • different Mystery Centres the vision into the super-sensible world is
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  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • being taken up into world-spaces, through floating out into the blue
    • off from the outer world. We are everywhere where the outer air is;
    • as if at the boundary of the world of space, something pressed in to
    • would feel in his consciousness a mighty world, a world of which he
    • commonplace in the sylph-world. Those are expressions which we do not
    • Not indeed in this earth-world but transported into
    • another world, was the pupil of the Hibernian Mysteries brought to
    • the World-understanding Word, as the Word-world understanding Word.
    • the island of Hibernia, for the rest of the civilized world, but
    • historically into the ancient world of the East, when he looks back
    • place in the physical-sense World through the God Christ.
    • illumination from the Spiritual world, from the Spiritual world even
    • sense world, not a Hibernian art, but an art — and even
    • physical-sense world as model, whereas the Hibernian art was founded
    • The Organisation of the World,
    • Organisation of the World,
    • the physical world below, when men more and more only believe in that
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture X: The Chthonic and the Eleusinian Mysteries
    Matching lines:
    • physical world.
    • the world and its civilization, that which had been initiated in
    • spiritual world, towards the actual guidance and direction of the
    • world in spirit, while the other investigated the mysteries of nature
    • that man is a small world, a microcosm; yet it would appear that man
    • an ego as regards receptivity to the outer world, which lives in him.
    • external world, and not merely in a transient way. Thou owest it to
    • Father of the world before Thee. The Father of the world carries the
    • said Plato, “and will leave you to yourself. In the world of
    • become the thought-world of humanity for many centuries, try to build
    • put before the world by the Christian painters; the Mother with the
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XI: The Secret of Plants, of Metals, and of Men
    Matching lines:
    • that anyone who can follow such things as world-views and
    • into the world of nature in the very widest sense of the words. This
    • through which man can feel himself fitted in to the world with the
    • qualitatively, and felt his relation to the world qualitatively. He
    • modest mien and yet proud standing in the world, he actually felt how
    • The pupil thus developed in reference to the world of
    • of feeling he stood with the whole of his being in what the world
    • of the immediate world which he experienced, but he experienced it
    • only as the half of a whole world. “That can only be half of
    • the world,” he said to himself. “That can only be the
    • and damp, but that, to him, was only one half of a world-feeling.
    • fashions a man and that which he does when he stands in the world and
    • Mysteries signified the world. A knowledge of the world was the
    • the world which was known. It was absolutely the search of a personal
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XII: The Mysteries of the Samothracian Kabiri
    Matching lines:
    • say that as in the world of external nature the different regions of
    • world, and these worked upon mankind.
    • me what the planetary worlds desire to say to me.”
    • in the external world that were brought before the pupil in these
    • can only enter the world of ideas; but in so doing you lose the
    • is not adapted for entering the spiritual worlds, and that the pupil
    • spiritual worlds. That was one mighty preparatory moment, in what we
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XIII: Transition from the Spirit of the Ancient Mysteries to the Spirit of the Mysteries of the Middle Ages
    Matching lines:
    • world on the stage of history; whereas the ancient Mysteries operated
    • impulses were sent out into the world.
    • its impulse out into the world. Whoever really understands the
    • of the world, for that will lead me finally into the Light-region of
    • for one who then sought cognition in the higher worlds. It is a fact,
    • into the spiritual world in the Middle ages, no longer had, in truth,
    • world is spread. Now, of course, radically speaking we find oxalic
    • reality oxalic acid is spread out everywhere in the world of
    • man or the divine in the great world of nature, the following demand
    • and spirit to the divine spiritual element of the world. It was
    • on the other into the investigation of the great world of nature.
    • alone knew the secrets of the stellar world: the Gods, or as they
    • know the secret of the stellar world, and they alone can tell it.
    • of the great world of nature, this medieval investigator would have
    • through their laboratory experiments about the great world of nature
  • Title: Mystery Centres: Lecture XIV: Human Soul-Strivings During the Middle Ages the Rosicrucian Mysteries
    Matching lines:
    • on the thought-world of the ego-organization, in the same way what
    • observation to Venus, he came to a spiritual world, a purely astral
    • world. What we see as the physical Venus is in a sense simply the
    • from Venus shines out from the spiritual world. If the pupil exposed
    • takes place in the spiritual world, but which only appears in its
    • has been under the influence of the spiritual world, to him

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