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  • Title: The Foundation Stone Meditation
    Matching lines:
    • The bright light of day
    • Steiner on the last day (January 1, 1924) of the Christmas Conference
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 1: Introduction to the Eurythmy Performance
    Matching lines:
    • Today our
    • kind. But the present-day view of art arises in the main from
    • of feeling, to what has been said so far today.
    • and also of today's meeting — and I hope similar meetings
    • day I was asked what I myself expect from this meeting. I had
    • has emerged, the situation we have been speaking about today
    • was not forthcoming from the delegates meeting. Today's
    • outside. Something great could come about today if those
    • you, my dear friends, not to break up today without a result.
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 2: The Opening of the Christmas Foundation Conference, by Rudolf Steiner
    Matching lines:
    • place over the next few days. To you come the warmest thanks
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 3: Rudolf Steiner's Opening Lecture and Reading of the Statutes
    Matching lines:
    • few days, a smaller group of us have also had to take stock
    • we have hurriedly put up over the last two days after it
    • yesterday that our friends felt the cold dreadfully in this
    • doing which we shall need here over the next few days, a mood
    • that one day they may stand before the world as fully matured
    • our starting point today from something we would so gladly
    • coming days must be accomplished within all your hearts, my
    • and in no less a manner also led to misunderstandings. Today,
    • enthusiasm. Today we want to generate a mood which can accept
    • Today, of all days, let us allow the profoundest call of
    • in which today's youth could feel fully at home, then what
    • today was there that could give them this feeling! Such
    • assertion, is something which nowadays simply no longer
    • soul today feels that anything dogmatic is foreign to it; to
    • if you have a heart for what is welling up into mankind today
    • founded here over the next few days. Ask yourselves whether
    • consciousness of today will, I believe, agree that this
    • present-day consciousness demands that whatever takes place
    • that is on the foundation of present-day consciousness. This
    • among those of you gathered here in these two rooms today
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  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 4: The Laying of the Foundation Stone
    Matching lines:
    • this room today be those which sum up the essence of what may
    • friends! Today when I look back specifically to what it was
    • of thinking and perceiving with his head. Yesterday I
    • Today,
    • Anthroposophical Society, formed today. In all that we shall
    • the remembrance of the Foundation Stone which we have today
    • soil into which we must lower the Foundation Stone of today,
    • Stone of love which today we will lower into our hearts.
    • of good will we have planted in our hearts today.
    • Day-radiant light
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 5: The Foundation Meeting, 25 December, 11.15 a.m.
    Matching lines:
    • today, on the occasion of the Foundation Meeting, the
    • ‘Today,
    • programme for the remainder of today will be as follows: At
    • today's meeting of members till tomorrow morning at 10
    • representatives of other groups who did not speak today. The
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 6: Meeting of the Vorstand and the General Secretaries
    Matching lines:
    • I have had a similar letter. It arrived only a few days ago,
    • consider elections in a gathering as large as ours today to
    • the next few days. We could ask whether the Vorstand I have
    • abilities. Nowadays I agree that in the interest of the
    • case to this day in Paris; and also in Italy there are
    • Medicine is a case in point. It is today not possible to take
    • applications. If you read this cycle today you will not find
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 7: Continuation of the Foundation Meeting, 26 December, 10 a.m.
    Matching lines:
    • yesterday to the names I allowed myself to mention the day
    • dismantling. So today, early on in the Conference, I want to
    • the meetings of members over the next few days there will of
    • today, early on, I want to say the following: As we saw in
    • sympathy we were to decide today to work only inwardly with
    • which does not like us today; if we keep asking ourselves how
    • completion over the next few days, I once more want to repeat
    • to you yesterday in accordance with the will of the spiritual
    • today as we enter into our discussions.
    • inner rhythm what it is during these few days that the
    • applicable to any gathering. Today we have run out of time,
    • become necessary in the next few days to have the General
    • like to mention that from today the upper canteen will be
    • home and put something in it every day. When it is full you
    • only put in 10 Rappen every day — think what you might
    • spend this on each day — by the end of the year you
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 8: Continuation of the Foundation Meeting, 27 December, 10 a.m.
    Matching lines:
    • also in the whole cultural life of the present day in
    • realistic ground. Over the next few days there will be the
    • But today in the general
    • the other day at a delegates' meeting of our Swiss friends
    • the Statutes for more than three days. I am quite sure that
    • and that the civilizaton of today is lacking the
    • general discussion a few days ago, we want to build on facts,
    • Society. Today we are not dealing with principles but with
    • the work here on the very next day, without, as Herr Steffen
    • last few days and of what I mentioned a day or two ago when I
    • able to vote on this Paragraph today. Please understand that
    • We shall gather, as we did today, after
    • begin at the same time as today. This afternoon at 4.30 there
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 9: Continuation of the Foundation Meeting, 28 December, 10 a.m.
    Matching lines:
    • opening today's meeting I must ask your forgiveness for
    • yesterday's unpleasantness about access to the hall and
    • that we can avoid too much trouble in the coming days.
    • My dear friends! Today once again I shall speak the words
    • metamorphose the way they are treated nowadays into something
    • call to mind the beautiful words spoken about it today by our
    • pointed out yesterday. I must of course reserve the
    • DR STEINER: I expressly said yesterday
    • yesterday, after Paragraph 2: ‘The Anthroposophical
    • yesterday. Now, would anyone still like to speak about the
    • next gathering today will be for the eurythmy performance at
    • 8.30 on Saturday morning, as they did last Tuesday at 2.30,
    • today's meeting, I would ask those from countries with really
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 11: Meeting of the Vorstand of the General Anthroposophical Society
    Matching lines:
    • what I hope from today's meeting. Who would like to
    • be discussing today. Everything else should be left to a
    • Today,
    • today, I do believe that a standard figure should be fixed
    • few days, should not come to grief over the bagatelle of the
    • larger payments by some members. In those days, though, the
    • today. I have often described to you the conditions under
    • was produced and sent out in the early days.
    • cannot be brought back today. So all in all, so far as I can
    • days. But it was most interesting to look back and experience
    • myself in those days.
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 12: Continuation of the Foundation Meeting, 29 December, 10 a.m.
    Matching lines:
    • Today our
    • break before continuing with yesterday's meeting of
    • DR STEINER: My dear friends! Let us hear again today the
    • you. In the next few days there will still be the matter of a
    • days.
    • few days ago. Dr Lehrs has understood me entirely correctly,
    • mean that what was suggested then no longer applies today. I
    • consider Dr Lehrs' interpretation of what I said a few days
    • in mind that we must make the most fruitful use of the days
    • followed by the continuation of today's meeting which we have
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 13: Continuation of the Foundation Meeting, 30 December, 10 a.m.
    Matching lines:
    • point on the agenda today is the pleasure of a lecture by Dr
    • friends! Let us begin again today with the words of the
    • Today, my
    • Day-radiant light
    • DR STEINER: My dear friends! Yesterday's
    • completes what Herr Pusch had wanted to say the day before on
    • well, so well that I only wish he were here today so that we
    • experience play its part. The other day I ventured to make
    • Today,
    • all those friends I mentioned the other day, and also a
    • once a week, or even every day. Things go through one's mind;
    • so one day they sit down and simply write down what has gone
    • for me. I anyway enjoy reading several newspapers every day,
    • friends. It will still be possible in the next day or two to
    • School after the Christmas holidays. So I should like to ask
    • tickets today so that what remains can be available for
    • today's meeting. I would ask you to let us begin with the two
    • day, I shall take the liberty of speaking briefly on the idea
    • bring forward very briefly tomorrow and the next day about
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 14: Meeting of practising doctors, 31 December 1923 at 8.30 in the morning
    Matching lines:
    • Day-radiant light
    • which were spoken on the first day:
    • announced yesterday. Would Herr Maier please give his report
    • Today there
    • needed today. But in the present situation of the
    • today more urgently than can be said. Yet if we continue to
    • no idea today how deeply all these things can affect
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 15: The Idea of the Future Building in Dornach
    Matching lines:
    • out yesterday, especially on the part of the young people:
    • Today I want
    • whole space with daylight, so that we can alternate between
    • daylight, when it is there, and artificial light when we need
    • are still people today who represent the threefolding of the
    • days and I only wish that even more had happened, but I hope
    • friends, is what I wanted to say to you today. It was not in
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 16: Open Discussion of Swiss Delegates
    Matching lines:
    • Programme. But this is a matter of the agenda each day. You
    • following day has always been announced in detail the day
    • ask someone who was here yesterday. Any member would have
    • be done today. It would perhaps be better to have a thorough
    • small today might grow large later on. We do need a figure to
    • today.
    • account: Yesterday evening someone had arrived in Dornach who
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 17: The Envy of the Gods - The Envy of Human Beings
    Matching lines:
    • today under the sign of a grievous memory and we shall by all
    • means place what is to be the content of today's lecture
    • this your physical body lives your etheric body. The day will
    • those days, from their teachers. And out of the peace in
    • stands today with the memory, which can only be called up in
    • during these days, that statue which called to him in words
    • without effect — that which had worked since the days
    • In our day
    • longer quite comprehensible to mankind today, the pupils of
    • permitted to build that Goetheanum if today in remembering it
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 18: Continuation of the Foundation Meeting, 1 January, 10 a.m.
    Matching lines:
    • Today we shall inscribe a simple rhythm into our
    • down for you over the course of these last days, having taken
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 19: The Rebuilding of the Goetheanum
    Matching lines:
    • remarks to what I said yesterday, after which I shall invite
    • attempted to describe it to you yesterday, the impression is
    • circumstances which I described to you yesterday. Now, since
    • day of the General Secretaries of many different countries
    • day! But we cannot manage without these 12 Schillings
    • bring up this point at the end of today's agenda, but it has
    • afternoon, on the very day on which we saw for the first time
    • on this very anniversary of that terrible day we shall meet
    • for such a gathering on this very day can be particularly
    • such as will seem suitable for this very day of mourning and
  • Title: Christmas Conference: Lecture 20: On the Right Entry into the Spiritual World: The Responsibility Incumbent on Us
    Matching lines:
    • out into the world today we see something that has already
    • amongst mankind today there are some inklings that things are
    • the last few days, be an impulse arising not on the earth but
    • most significant picture meets us today: There stands the
    • the concepts passed on to them by today's schools, today's
    • education, today's civilization; with all those concepts and
    • ideas with which human beings have to grow up nowadays from
    • have become with them through present-day civilization and
    • today's human souls but were to let them step over into the
    • abstract ideas which human beings today attach to everything
    • this scene, which is experienced today by more souls than you
    • spiritual world with today's thoughts, you then cannot leave
    • present-day civilization can be founded on the kind of
    • barbarism by the time those living today return for a new
    • of present-day scientific theory. Instead I had to draw your
    • work of the kind needed by mankind today, so that in their
    • today's civilization with that of former times. In all former
    • seen the super-sensible world. Nowadays human beings elaborate
    • that can stand the scrutiny of present-day clinical
    • someone who today becomes a doctor longs for impulses from a
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