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  • Title: The Physical-Superphysical: Its Realisation Through Art
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    • Lecture Series: The Physical-Superphysical: Its Real
    • The Physical-Superphysical: Its Realisation Through Art
    • Its Realisation Through Art
    • realistic world-conception art must exhibit all manner of
    • unreality and into it must play many of the illusions of
    • into life what for a certain understanding is unreal, that,
    • It may really
    • that we can fully realise what is experienced in art only by
    • inverted yet in reality the same. What I am wanting to
    • the soul is really infinitely more profound than is generally
    • after the vision, which in reality exists in the soul of each
    • the content of the vision, but we offer it a real work of art
    • mysteries really are in the nature that surrounds us.
    • figure that this figure in its outer realisation in life, is
    • secret is underlying the wide realms of nature everywhere.
    • perceiving this when inwardly we are able really to transform
    • at Dornach, near Basle, an attempt has been made to realise
    • realisation in the human head — then this makes it
    • these the longing of our time really to discover and give
    • possible, however, to experience that something in the realm
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  • Title: The Sources of Artistic Imagination and the Sources of Supersensible Knowledge
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    • come across artists realise the fear, very prevalent among;
    • to understand the real nature of the connection between
    • artistic imagination and seership it is necessary to realise
    • the tendency which makes a man think realistically or
    • the reality takes place in all artistic activity. In artistic
    • perception is quite different. The essential point to realise
    • goes by the name of mysticism. It must be realised that
    • full of reality than ordinary thinking, is born from feeling
    • into the super-sensible reality behind the world of the
    • seer realises: In everything that expresses itself in
    • the soul of the seer penetrates into spiritual reality which
    • experiences that come from music in the realm of
    • the sea than realization of the way in which the human soul,
    • unreal in poetry, that is mere phraseology, and not the
    • poetry, although the imagination has no real link with the
    • to realise that the process used by the painter starts from
    • realise that a seer who is to be taken seriously does not
    • secret of flesh-colour, as the seer realises when he comes to
    • Realisation of the innermost being of another man has as its
    • In reality,
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  • Title: Goethe As Founder of a New Science of Aesthetics: Steiner's First Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • are ever more clearly realising how, in the person of Goethe, a
    • path our civilisation is treading, and realise the goal which
    • productive force to see more in the realm of fact than
    • constituted as to find satisfaction in the reality that
    • come to us from any other source. The Greeks found in reality
    • this reason mere realism, which offers us reality devoid of
    • man from reality, and he must restore the harmony formerly
    • the ideal with reality, of purpose with attainment — in
    • — a flight from direct reality. This is the exact
    • created within the pale of godless reality, which could satisfy
    • real life, of drawing back into oneself, of creating one's own
    • reality in order to create an abstract thought-world, having
    • nothing in common with reality; he plunges deep into reality,
    • Goethe's conception of the world. If we wish really to rise to
    • that the reality spread out before our senses in no case
    • Only when man transcends this reality — breaks the shell
    • that, to the modern intellect, reality, as the single and the
    • opposing extremes, if it has reality but has not yet the Idea,
    • has the Idea, but no longer the reality. Between both, man
    • present within sense reality; such a world must first be
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  • Title: The Nature and Origin of the Arts
    Matching lines:
    • dream, but in a certain way a reality, although of a unique
    • of a reality which this woman's soul had barely been able to
    • the spirit world: “Indeed, I have a real reason for
    • but thou must soar far into the realms of the hierarchies to
    • side to a base. In this realm — as thou seest me now
    • the first time thou seest my real form.”
    • guessed at my real being. Now I have become the art of dance.
    • do so in order to come into touch with the physical realm of
    • loftier spheres. But I have descended through the realms of
    • goest beyond, thou wilt function as the realm which arouses
    • realized in the distant future. And then, although humanity
    • obliged to function in the realm of the hierarchies known as
    • a wide-flung realm. And inasmuch as I have taken my way from
    • a wide-flung realm to come down into the world I may say that
    • I have come from the realm of Seraphim!”
    • call me Inspiration. I come hither from a wide-flung realm,
    • figure from the realm of the Cherubim freed itself from the
    • a spirit realm, and belonged, with her whole being, to the
    • spirit realm, which is not found in the world of the
    • and all other realms shut out from external experience (for
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