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  • Title: The Physical-Superphysical: Its Realisation Through Art
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    • certainly out of a profound understanding of the world in
    • is, of what belongs purely to the world of the senses. The
    • or what is given in any other way by the sense world alone.
    • world-conception poetically, or through pictorial art, is not
    • realistic world-conception art must exhibit all manner of
    • ordinary physical existence met with in the world of the
    • external things of the sense-world, has a feeling that they
    • outside ourselves — step out into the world. This
    • wide understanding of the world, words with which I began
  • Title: The Sources of Artistic Imagination and the Sources of Supersensible Knowledge
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    • approach to conscious experience of the super-sensible world
    • experience of the super-sensible world as is striven for in
    • instreaming from the super-sensible world, do experience
    • into the physical world, know how figures, but wholly
    • spiritual world with knowledge. Nevertheless, many people
    • assimilated of the spiritual world. This attitude ignores the
    • clairvoyant vision of the spiritual world. For what we mean
    • world. I want only to say at the outset that the
    • world of sense. He will change it, idealise it — no
    • creation, perception of the external world remains alive and
    • world. In his artistic creation there remains the image of
    • penetrates to the spiritual world through super-sensible
    • is that a man can only penetrate into the spiritual world
    • desires to penetrate into the spiritual world as an
    • world which it tries to penetrate consciously; no trace of
    • world is connected with definite periods of time. There is
    • world. While in this condition the soul is able, through its
    • absent. Perception of the spiritual world proceeds, indeed,
    • him from the external world, everything that wells up from
    • of remembrance of the external world — not, however, in
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  • Title: Goethe As Founder of a New Science of Aesthetics: Steiner's First Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • is tabooed. For mere observation in the world of the
    • conception of the world. Mere philological and critical
    • Art a world that should offer satisfaction such as could not
    • the world that surrounds us. The Greek did not grow out of and
    • which was of at least equal standing with that outer world
    • away from her, that he had created a new world within himself,
    • and it is in this world that the source must now be sought from
    • The subsequent conception of the world finds nothing at all in
    • world in which we feel ourselves placed, we can never find the
    • with Goethe's views. He sees in the world one great whole
    • inner world, and in this way of giving the most excellent
    • reality in order to create an abstract thought-world, having
    • the objective world with a non-receptive spirit, it does not
    • Goethe's conception of the world. If we wish really to rise to
    • the world holds together in its innermost recess. Nevermore can
    • universal and the necessary. Such a world, however, is not
    • present within sense reality; such a world must first be
    • created by man, and this world is the world of Art — a
    • brought forth, once it stands before the world in its ideal
    • inpouring outer world. A rich gift presses in upon us, but
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  • Title: The Nature and Origin of the Arts
    Matching lines:
    • from the higher worlds, who stands before the women and
    • the world of the physical senses. The only manner in which it
    • called to mind the world of the physical senses was by its
    • the spirit world: “Indeed, I have a real reason for
    • on the other side of my life, in the physical world where at
    • Spirit answered: “Over yonder in the physical world men
    • offspring. They have torn him from me into the other world,
    • figure from the spirit world replied, “Thou canst only
    • the spirit world. And in becoming one with it she became
    • from the spirit world. Now I have become that which I can
    • of the spiritual worlds. Thy spiritual dance would be
    • world of the senses!”
    • the figure from the spirit world. “Thou mayest only
    • of astral imaginative world. And it's aspect disclosed that
    • of the picture in the astral world.
    • world of imagination. A figure now drew near concerning which
    • faculty is torn to bits in the world of men the whole of it
    • from the spiritual world, such as the Pyramids
    • soul of this woman continued to live on within the world of
    • spiritual world. They understand how to apply only my name
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