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  • Title: Lecture: And The Temple Becomes Man
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    • us pictures of happenings in the spiritual life of the Cosmos and in
    • changing styles. He gives us pictures of happenings in the spiritual
    • aspirant for spiritual knowledge — is called Johannes
    • would be worthy of the spiritual grandeur of the Plays and the
    • IN the Building that is to be a home for Spiritual Science, full
    • we have a deep responsibility to the laws of the spiritual life, the
    • spiritual Powers and the conditions of human evolution of which we
    • spiritual activity to the test. True, the Gods do not refuse their
    • Soul, the Spiritual Soul. And if the future is to receive from us
    • spiritual impulses our work must be grounded, only if what we do is
    • the dwelling place of the Divine-Spiritual; but the outer structure
    • of the downstreaming spiritual forces and be united with them. This
    • Spirit we are able to look behind this countenance into the inner
    • The spiritual picture given by Anthroposophy of the physical nature
    • that early Art of Building. Man as a physical being has his spiritual
    • be an expression of the spiritual realities of human evolution. We
    • described by Psychosophy; and as Spirit, the human being can be
    • described by Pneumatosophy. Can we not then picture man spiritually
    • Spirit and receives the Spirit! To say that the Spirit is spiritual
    • namely, that the Spirit is the super-sensible reality. Art,
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture I: The Acanthus Leaf
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    • which a spiritual transformation of artistic style must come
    • are revealed when the eye of the Spirit is directed to the
    • their understanding of the finer spiritual connections of the
    • be found in external reality. Now spiritual research is often
    • seen, was created purely from the spirit and only in its late
    • extraordinarily spiritual, though not virginal Roman woman,
    • say, we shall either have direct perception of true spiritual
    • must live there is the speech of Spiritual Science, in its
    • its primordial import, proceeding from our living Spiritual
    • decoration is the plastic vesture for the Spiritual Science
    • Spirits who work in nature, create according to these forces;
    • ox for instance! It is Spiritual Science that must
    • be impressed into the interior decoration; and Spiritual
    • instead of a rising cake, it is filled with Spiritual Science
    • absolutely natural and necessary, in a spiritual sense, for
    • understand all that lives in the Spirit — the Spirit
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture II: The House of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • edifice, dedicated as it is to the cause of Spiritual
    • Spiritual Science — to the extent to which our epoch
    • the soul and spirit will hover around us, whispering of the
    • deep spirituality which we pray may flow like purifying waves
    • Spiritual Science are to have real meaning for us.’
    • new style and are not permeated with any new spirituality,
    • fulfil the tasks set us by the higher Spirits) and develop
    • is able to pour a spiritual fluid into the hearts and souls
    • The spirits of nature have given us the larynx and we make
    • for our spiritual movement that this aim may gradually be
    • and activity, the worship he performs in his spiritual
    • spiritual need of man, and they can only be understood in
    • Spirit.’ The service of earth and the service of heaven
    • of the universe comes into being; the Spirit speaks to those
    • who seek for the spirit, in precincts where they are enclosed
    • to the word of the Spirit proceeding from the chancel, but
    • do not live, but etheric walls, spiritual walls are indeed
    • the community who would fain be united with the Spirit. What
    • tried to make the spiritual predominate.
    • This very form expresses aspiration to the Spirit. Every single
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture III: The New Conception of Architecture
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    • the Greek Temple save the spiritual presence of the God and
    • but united with the spiritual world. And the token for the
    • the spiritual world, was the Temple standing there like an
    • raised himself to the Spirit were separated from each other.
    • land; it serves the Spirit, apart from the countryside, and
    • expresses the fact that when man is to rise to the Spirit he
    • place set apart and there be united with the spirit. The
    • upwards to the Spirit which comes to him from the chancel
    • to the Spirit like a prayer, a folding of the hands.
    • nearness to the Spirit which was achieved to an
    • complete union with the Spirit. This means that buildings
    • Spirit must in their very form express inner
    • correspondence with the Spiritual. We can indeed say —
    • Spiritual Science implies an actual penetration into the form
    • that is created. The Spirit is revealed in freedom, having
    • present, are placing a true expression of the Spirit in the
    • land as the result of what the Spirit expresses in its
    • this requires that we endeavour to understand the Spirit in
    • qualities of space and of gravity. But the Spirit does not
    • energy. The Spirit is living, hence it must be
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture IV: True Aesthetic Laws of Form
    Matching lines:
    • lecture we spoke of the Spirit which should pervade the forms
    • the spiritual world of which man is an integral part and of
    • his knowledge of Spiritual Science. I want to remind you once
    • time to explain to you from spiritual-scientific cosmology
    • epoch, where there is no knowledge of Spiritual Science,
    • spiritually, the whole universe seems to be pervaded
    • through and through with the interplay of the spiritual
    • a swarm of spiritual beings passing from one heavenly body to
    • to and fro. We can see such a stream of spiritual beings
    • with solar essence, that is to say, with the spiritual force
    • of hosts of spiritual beings who are flowing around and
    • understanding of the spiritual world imparted by the
    • therefore believe that some spiritual being or other has
    • spiritual sense, so that blue, for instance, becomes
    • real nature of the spirit of human evolution.
    • consciousness soul (spiritual soul) and has then gradually to
    • rise to Spirit-Self or Manas. In the ages preceding the birth
    • direct inspiration which flowed into man from the spiritual
    • there is a connection between earth, sun and moon. Spiritual
    • world of sense. Nothing flowed into him from the spiritual
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture V: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • understanding of spiritual life in its totality. True form in
    • spiritual life. We need not enter upon a very far-reaching
    • spiritual movement at the present time.
    • think it superfluous for a spiritual current to be expressed
    • set out to transport the soul into spiritual realms he had
    • spiritual life. This quality came to light again in Goethe as
    • spiritual being. The horse is possessed of a certain order of
    • facts of Spiritual Science remind us that it is man's task to
    • spiritualise his astral body once again, to permeate it with
    • all that the ego has won for itself. And as he spiritualises
    • into the spiritual flow of the powers of of nature —
    • that is to say of the spiritual powers behind nature —
    • of spirituality passes through the form. If you colour a form
    • world of the elements, and absorbs into himself the spirit
    • eyes that have been opened by Spiritual Science —
    • colours here and the spiritual knowledge that moves innermost
    • Spirit in the same way as the Madonnas lived in Raphael, so
    • many people so much abstract conception in Spiritual Science
    • of the wholly groundless idea that spiritual knowledge might
    • and colours when they are living organs of the spiritual
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