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  • Title: Lecture: And The Temple Becomes Man
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    • raising his body and his countenance upright. He raises his body
    • whole bearing and appearance. When the soul truly permeates the body,
    • the body can become the outward expression and manifestation of the
    • soul. The human body is then revealed to us as a work of artistic
    • perfect in itself as the physical body of man permeated by soul. In
    • that man, as microcosm, is soul within a body, so is the
    • the days when this story was actually written, nobody would have been
    • that the human being consists of physical body, ether-body, astral
    • body and Ego — or Manas and Kama-Manas ... this is really
    • celebrates its resurrection. Nobody will rejoice to find the world
    • being stripped of its mysteries; but on the other hand nobody will
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture I: The Acanthus Leaf
    Matching lines:
    • was fully realised within the human body, and
    • The Ego, when it is within the body, must grow strong if it
    • the human etheric body (for the movement of a line is
    • herself, hovering in her etheric body. Here indeed is a
    • were, around the etheric body that is rising like the sun. It
    • ‘this signifies the physical body, that the etheric
    • body, this or that the astral body.’ When this habit is
    • human body, this is simply due to the fact that higher
    • were different. Just as nobody in his senses would wish to
    • you will understand that they could only be made by somebody
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture II: The House of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • complete in itself even if nobody is within it, for its whole
    • around in the district; if nobody enters the Temple, it
    • is living outside the body. We shall see the way in which the
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture III: The New Conception of Architecture
    Matching lines:
    • not, it is true, but your astral body does; what the
    • geometrician does consciously the astral body does
    • unconsciously. The astral body is a finished
    • contained in your astral bodies; in the astral body you are
    • you know in the astral body can only be brought into
    • Everything is there in the astral body and if those who teach
    • a pump in order to extract what is in the astral body, they
    • the astral body is adding and the sum total is always the
    • merely an affair of his conscious life. The astral body is
    • Our astral body subtracts and is glad that the difference is
    • body experiences the source of the hyperbola.
    • astral body to determine two points — and also other
    • greater distance by the smaller. The astral body, then, must
    • world can be expressed. Nobody who begins to think out all
    • and the like. The Earth, however, is not merely physical body
    • bones. In the etheric body, however, we still build them, for
    • we observe the etheric body, we may say that in his two legs,
    • that proceed from without. The etheric body is densified and
    • the brain there arises in the etheric body, in our age as
    • well, the densified etheric body. This does not only take
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture IV: True Aesthetic Laws of Form
    Matching lines:
    • are sent from one heavenly body to another and are the cause
    • certain elementary or higher beings from one cosmic body to
    • the cosmos flow from one heavenly body to another; in more
    • a swarm of spiritual beings passing from one heavenly body to
    • body, on the one hand through the brain on the other through
    • the rest of the body, returning as venous blood; you also see
    • what lies behind them, but our astral body, our subconscious
    • his astral body. This he may express by saying that he senses
    • his astral body as he is in his ego he would have a deep
    • nature, that every animal has an astral body and that soul
    • processes have their seat in this astral body. The greyish
    • they have an astral body, primitive though it may be. An
    • interplay arises between this astral body and the colour of
    • astral body, pass into the dimmer consciousness of the astral
    • body and permeate the whole being. It is just as if you were
    • body is permeated with the colour of the sand and the
    • light of the sun on the astral body, however, is such that,
    • body. In the very colours of birds' feathers and skins of
    • the astral body and the environment. The living being lives
    • of colour and this only works in his astral body. Otherwise
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture V: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • embody them in painting, but he was not in the position of
    • animal perceives objects with its astral body (as we perceive
    • them with the ego) and into the astral body flow the forces
    • assume their own body to consist of flesh and blood, they
    • certainly have a different conception of the body of man. To
    • the relation between astral body and group-soul, a
    • areas of his body. During the earth period, this living
    • Physical body,
    • etheric body, astral body — these were developed during
    • spiritualise his astral body once again, to permeate it with
    • his astral body and so discovers the path of return, he must
    • the rest of the body to the brain. Two such currents are
    • which surges upward from his own body. By day it happens that
    • reveal to the seer just such colours and movements. Nobody

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