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  • Title: Lecture: And The Temple Becomes Man
    Matching lines:
    • the life of the human soul which express themselves in the forms of
    • motifs of the windows in the Goetheanum expressed in the form of
    • life of the Cosmos and in the life of the human soul which express
    • finally come to expression in accordance with the stage of culture
    • from the spectators an urgently expressed wish for a building that
    • were responsible for the impulses and aims expressed in the
    • the human soul in the different epochs came to expression in the
    • that was striving to express itself in the façade.” He
    • itself indicates a further stage. In its wonderful expression of
    • embodied, within Earth-existence. This is expressed in the whole form
    • as an expression of all that is most precious to man, is embodied in
    • have before us the expression of an altogether new impulse, whereby
    • the Temple of Christianity, for Dom expresses a
    • trying to express something that is never as separate and complete in
    • its own boundaries, to express the aspirations and searchings of
    • symbolic expression of what we may feel at the sight of a human being
    • should find, inasmuch as the countenance expresses the inner man,
    • — that is what the early temple of Asia Minor expresses, not as
    • expression of the microcosm, of man. Understanding of the aspiring
    • deeply concealed in man as to be unable to find expression in his
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture I: The Acanthus Leaf
    Matching lines:
    • humanity as expressed in the origin of this acanthus leaf as
    • Corinthian column. The expression is a good one, for what,
    • to the third Post-Atlantean epoch, all that was expressed in
    • within themselves what they must bring to expression in their
    • expressed in a form with a wide base, running upwards to a
    • works in upon the earth and man expressed this by portraying
    • the plants as a means of expression. He used plants instead
    • longer realised that palms were used to express the sun
    • man — forces which cannot find expression in external
    • which expressed man's living experience when he
    • order to express how man, from his conception of the course
    • expressed in all its fulness, there was a union of what came
    • therefore this motif could find expression in Greek culture.
    • his Ego in the fourth Post-Atlantean period, expressed in the
    • with the thing portrayed as the expression ‘wing’
    • conception of our building and what must be expressed in it,
    • nature is expressing the same things as we are expressing
    • nature, but of the expression of what is there as pure
    • that will express my inner being in forms?’ I am sure
    • two incomplete domes. And I cannot express this any more
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture II: The House of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • of a feeling which I may perhaps express as follows:
    • The building demands a great deal more than the expression of
    • buildings which express all the characteristics of our times.
    • ought to be expressed through the forms of art has to-day to
    • to take what is expressed in our building (in so far as we
    • express the fact it is a dwelling place of the God. To-day I
    • expresses in the decorative forms of these dwelling- places
    • architecture gradually come to express this individual,
    • This very form expresses aspiration to the Spirit. Every single
    • detail must express this aspiration to the Spirit, inasmuch as
    • the whole form expresses the fact that this building must be
    • various positions in the building. This expresses the
    • And the single coloured window will only express this harmony
    • connection between spirit and matter will be expressed in the
    • themselves seem to pass away. The designs must express how we
    • expressed by the forms of the walls have proceeded. Then each
    • express the feelings of our hearts and souls to-day when this
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture III: The New Conception of Architecture
    Matching lines:
    • expresses the fact that when man is to rise to the Spirit he
    • their individual work, and this is expressed in the forms of
    • Spirit must in their very form express inner
    • present, are placing a true expression of the Spirit in the
    • land as the result of what the Spirit expresses in its
    • its forms of expression. In order to understand the Greek
    • expressed in our building in a living way, a truly living
    • expression of the highest, and on the other, in its Luciferic
    • expresses the fact that the Self, the Ego has entered into
    • in variation we can no longer feel that what is expressed by
    • expresses a struggle, a kind of interplay with the outer
    • onwards to the East. This is expressed in the forms. At the
    • all impressions is that of the Self, the Ego, as expressed in
    • must pardon this expression but it is permissible to-day
    • expression.
    • form expresses — not in any symbolical sense but in its
    • complete man. The forms themselves express a
    • world can be expressed. Nobody who begins to think out all
    • strive to be united with the Spirit—expressing this
    • a building which is a direct expression of the living, inner
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture IV: True Aesthetic Laws of Form
    Matching lines:
    • the first two pillars we have the expression of the supports
    • are an expression of the supports he has added after the
    • cannot express the dimensional proportions and distances of
    • expression of all the great cosmic connections. Now you need
    • copied from the cosmos and expressed in some motif — we
    • few of these lines are expressed and the others drawn in
    • ‘What is it that this form expresses? I do not actually
    • know, but I feel that it expresses a mystery.’ It is
    • his astral body. This he may express by saying that he senses
    • expressed in a feeling, ‘Ah, how beautiful this form
    • bodies as living movement, tried to express it in a kind of
    • — to use a radical and therefore paradoxical expression
    • the expression of rest; red the expression of all that is
    • designs upon it he has an expression of something. If a
    • surface is covered with blue or red it does not express
    • produces an impression which may be expressed in the
    • is somewhat radically expressed, but the whole colour scale
    • contours express something definite, so does colour place
    • world, and all the different forms in art were an expression
    • in the cosmos by expressing through his hands and with his
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture V: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • — that is how people express it. In certain circles
    • think it superfluous for a spiritual current to be expressed
    • it necessary to express anything in definite forms? We really
    • creations seem to be expressions of a general, uniform
    • expression — riddles which can only be solved if to
    • could never find expression” are wholly unintelligible
    • in those times and was then outwardly expressed in certain
    • essentially the expression of the ego, of absolute neutrality
    • Hildebrand, an excellent artist, who expressly states that a
    • case of form which expresses distance, for example. Colour
    • expresses more than mere distance and we cannot help finding
    • another. And if we were to express this in some form,
    • this is something that could find expression in the blue.
    • principle in his head, while all that finds expression in the
    • to express in another form all that can be observed by this
    • is dead as is expressed in modern sculpture. A new art will
    • man’ can also be expressed in outer forms of the
    • expression in the outer world in such way that its core and
    • expressions used in the German seem to indicate this.

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