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  • Title: Lecture: And The Temple Becomes Man
    Matching lines:
    • Architecture were created by the forces which ray down from the
    • forces stream into the unconscious or subconscious life of the soul;
    • themselves worthy to receive the forces streaming to them from above.
    • the sense that we must work with forces differing altogether from
    • in line and harmony with the evolutionary forces operating in mankind
    • dynamic power, of inner forces weaving in the forms, it is whole and
    • of the downstreaming spiritual forces and be united with them. This
    • mysterious world within himself but able to let the forces of this
    • forces of the universe.
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture I: The Acanthus Leaf
    Matching lines:
    • much closer to primordial forces of artistic endeavour which
    • back and generate with my own form the forces which make me,
    • force which man has to develop in himself, arose the lines
    • relationship between the earthly forces and the sun forces.
    • forces to the sun forces? By feeling it in the same way as,
    • only to be thought of in the sense of force) it runs to a
    • working of forces, he said to himself: ‘I feel myself
    • the lines of forces in this way. The sun, in its apparent
    • forces; bud-forms running upwards to a point, the earth
    • forces.
    • forces, they began to think that the ancients simply imitated
    • the sun forces. Thus has all true artistic creation arisen,
    • from a ‘superabundance’ of forces in the being of
    • man — forces which cannot find expression in external
    • it was always a question of portraying living cosmic forces,
    • form of a plastic figure and you have the human force bent
    • forces working and moving in man. Rigl remonstrates with the
    • Spirits who work in nature, create according to these forces;
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture II: The House of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • highest forces of soul, heart and mind to create something
    • by its own forces which balance each other; just as when, in
    • Therefore, by means of the forces in the earth given to man
    • the Greek Temple man controls the force of gravity and
    • concerned with the pure force of gravity. Here, man himself
    • man makes use of the force of gravity, he overcomes it. In
    • with the pure working of the force of gravity; in the Gothic
    • at rest within itself, at rest within the earthly forces. All
    • the forces of these edifices rest within the earthly element.
    • The Greek Temple everywhere indicates the force of gravity
    • everywhere observe some manifestation of the force of
    • we leave the doors we concentrate with all the forces of our
    • earthly forces and forms arise and pass away in the course of
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture III: The New Conception of Architecture
    Matching lines:
    • he learns to control the forces which make him able to stand
    • and walks? The forces that work from the Earth out
    • forces. To-day physicists only speak of purely physical
    • forces of the Earth — forces of attraction, of gravity
    • uniting ourselves with the forces of Will rising out
    • position, forces (from the cosmos) are working in from all
    • sides and we come up against these forces that are pouring in
    • the outer will-forces somewhat in the way a locomotive works
    • will-forces of the cosmos and his soft skull formation
    • forces streaming in from all sides of the cosmos. Thus, when
    • man builds up two lines of force and works against the forces
    • of different forces which pass upwards. So that when we have
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture IV: True Aesthetic Laws of Form
    Matching lines:
    • with solar essence, that is to say, with the spiritual force
    • representing the interplay between the forces of Sun, Moon
    • hierarchy of forces) and the brain as the microcosm of the
    • tint — that is to say if primordial forces were at
    • heavenly forces rising and descending,
    • cosmic force. At that time he had to translate into form what
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture V: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • them with the ego) and into the astral body flow the forces
    • but to live with colour, to experience the inner life-force
    • to the form but to the forces and weaving being round about
    • inner driving force of the soul can become part of our very
    • unconsciously malicious — do the opposing forces

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