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  • Title: Lecture: And The Temple Becomes Man
    Matching lines:
    • judgment which future times will pass upon us. In the present cycle
    • Passing now to the
    • life of the universe. The seeds of whatever comes to pass in the
    • far less importance — we know that he must have passed within a
    • ‘Place of Skulls,’ passed through death. This is the
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture I: The Acanthus Leaf
    Matching lines:
    • own student days in Vienna were passed during the time when
    • lines and forms which passed over into artistic creation. It
    • seats with spectators; certain human beings are now to pass
    • then passes round inside the circle; others are sitting in
    • in a circle and the actors passed around in a procession.
    • feature of Mesopotamian art and it passed over into Greek art
    • see in this decorative motif a reproduction that had passed
    • painted Doric palmette would thus pass over into the
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture II: The House of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • People pass in and out without in any way growing into their
    • that what passes from mouth to ear can create peace and
    • the Gods of nature. And now let us pass on to the forms of
    • particular arises within us when we pass from the Greek
    • Temple. When we pass to the pillars of Gothic architecture
    • pass over what came next, for it really amounted to a revival
    • the essential thing. And when we pass around inside our
    • (Dr. Steiner here read a passage from a book) ... The author is
    • conception we have our own which passes over from what is
    • the earth with her plant kingdom. We must, however, pass away
    • themselves seem to pass away. The designs must express how we
    • earthly forces and forms arise and pass away in the course of
    • souls arise and pass away in the spiritual evolution of the
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture III: The New Conception of Architecture
    Matching lines:
    • Passing to the
    • environment has passed into the architectural forms and rises
    • pass again in our times and that this is only possible if the
    • above all when we pass from a purely mathematical conception
    • will easily be able to pass on to other things that follow
    • correspondence. Passing from the entrance at the West and
    • simplicity of the thought is no longer there when we pass to
    • all the hierarchies as he passes through the course of his
    • place in childhood but as man passes through seven life
    • of different forces which pass upwards. So that when we have
    • have passed the fiftieth year of life — we have added
    • makes our etheric skull-covering more secure. Man passes
    • souls pass through different, successive incarnations? Not
    • may pass through re-birth, re-naissance, again and again, but
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture IV: True Aesthetic Laws of Form
    Matching lines:
    • support is added to man's being. When he has passed through
    • that when we pass through the building from the West towards
    • a swarm of spiritual beings passing from one heavenly body to
    • the fact that here we have to do with hosts of beings passing
    • passing from a certain “chamber” of the Sun to
    • these beings always return to the Sun after having passed
    • delight in forms that are truly artistic? We are passing out
    • unfit was exterminated. The fit passes down through heredity,
    • astral body, pass into the dimmer consciousness of the astral
    • passionate, fiery. Colour is changed into flowing perception
    • when this old clairvoyance gradually passed away; man entered
    • his way into the spiritual world, when he must pass over from
    • can pass over to the new.
    • revealed each day that passes, will work in such a way
    • impulses of this Spiritual Science can pass over into
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture V: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • living weaving and moving in the element of colour has passed
    • Blue has an element that seems to pass away from us, to leave
    • colour if one cannot immediately pass over from repose into
    • of spirituality passes through the form. If you colour a form
    • not know how to live with colour because it seems to pass
    • pass away. We feel red as something which we want to ward

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