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  • Title: Lecture: And The Temple Becomes Man
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    • dwelling-place of the God. And it is really the case that the farther
    • realise that a Gothic building, with its characteristic forms, is
    • cannot have failed to realise that its progress is based upon
    • Sphinx. What is really at the root of it? Why has it developed in
    • remarkable ... exactly the same, in reality, as the experience which
    • is indispensable. What is a Temple of Asia Minor, in reality? Does
    • of man helps us to realise the sense in which such a temple was an
    • temple of Egypt and of Greece, in reality, MAN!
    • be an expression of the spiritual realities of human evolution. We
    • namely, that the Spirit is the super-sensible reality. Art,
    • however, can work only in the realm of sense, can create forms only
    • indication reach us of the super-sensible reality within physical
    • reality, is an expression of the deepest spirituality that man can
    • invented.” To these words there should really be added: “Styles
    • “found,” but in the real sense only when they are born
    • interpretations because, especially when he is really creative, he
    • a work of art should be taken in hand by the intellect is a really
    • pictures, cannot fail to delight us; we are carried away by a really
    • has been substituted for the work of art in all its living reality —
    • the living reality this is just as abstract and barren as a
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture I: The Acanthus Leaf
    Matching lines:
    • been, will realise that the only fit response is a strong
    • yet — will realise that this building represents many
    • about in the wider future of humanity. We must realise that
    • realise, as a compensation for our sense of responsibility,
    • really become one of ultilitarianism and the artistic element
    • enter more deeply into these things we realize that this is
    • understand me if you realise that in those times, when there
    • be found in external reality. Now spiritual research is often
    • longer realised that palms were used to express the sun
    • realises this.
    • truest sense. Later on man no longer realised that he must
    • into the subconscious realm, of a very ancient dance motif, a
    • was fully realised within the human body, and
    • the decoration something that is really the whole column. Now
    • acanthus leaf has really been a source of joy to me, for it
    • really to penetrate to the essence of art after I had myself
    • Rigl hit upon certain thoughts which are really in line with
    • what is really there in the palmette is the Sun-motif. In the
    • like that of Rigl. He simply could not realise whence the
    • real knowledge in this sphere. He leaves out the most
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture II: The House of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • moved by the thought that our human faculties are not really
    • Spiritual Science are to have real meaning for us.’
    • led here!’ Do we really deserve so sacred a framework
    • the building? This will certainly be our desire if we realise
    • are really creations of architectural genius. Yet they all
    • basic nature of the Greek art of building we shall realise
    • God. Gothic architecture is really only a branch of what was
    • of it within the earthly realm, now rises above it. In that
    • are really crystallised handicraft.
    • pass over what came next, for it really amounted to a revival
    • this with artistic feeling we realise that here is something
    • the art of relief first assumes its real meaning, but I will
    • only give you an indication of what I really have in mind. A
    • trying to form a conception of what relief really is. But the
    • the kind of conceptions that must inspire us if we are really
    • I have said that those who really understand our building fully
    • brought into the third dimension. This is not realised if we
    • speak of the real nature of painting we shall understand the
    • the ways and paths to the realms of the Gods. The work of
    • something that will lead to the realms of the Spirits those
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture III: The New Conception of Architecture
    Matching lines:
    • means of further study, really to become one with what is to
    • buildings of Greece and also of Rome were in their real
    • that a real advance in architectural conception must come to
    • Ego-hood, Selfhood, in the perfect circle. If you realise
    • forms. And the characteristic of really living feeling is the
    • world. If we really live into the form of the second
    • will realise that the basic character of the forms here is
    • accordance with external reality, for the Selfhood in every
    • who really understand it, to great profundities.
    • seems beautiful, what does this really imply? It implies that
    • often so difficult to realise is that man, in his inner
    • lines, but in reality this is not so. The other line is
    • but in the inner sense there is really one line, and when we
    • multiplication process has really three different forms.
    • something very remarkable indeed. When we really try to
    • will be able to realise that when you enter the building from
    • and Johannes Thomasius in the Mystery Plays are really one
    • enters the world, is really a highly complicated being. When
    • prayer contains, who really understand the living development
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture IV: True Aesthetic Laws of Form
    Matching lines:
    • reality but one sees still more — one sees migrations
    • quite another way — those who have real feeling and not
    • myself what it really is,’ something is taking place in
    • in human evolution and to realise that true works of art in
    • found in primitive art can only be understood when we realise
    • when he realises that art is a manifestation of higher laws
    • another perception. What is really happening to us when we
    • is real, outside ourselves. Therefore it is not at all
    • there that colour alone cannot suffice for the real portrayal
    • real nature of the spirit of human evolution.
    • world and it became necessary to resort to a different realm.
    • which must be ours if we are really to understand the
    • there will none the less be a real beginning of a
    • upright hearts and in the real sense — if our labours
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture V: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • developed a real understanding of Goethe, placing it about
    • to the point of understanding the real significance of
    • within. This, however, is really nothing but egotism. From
    • it necessary to express anything in definite forms? We really
    • cannot expect to find any capacity of real thought in people
    • set out to transport the soul into spiritual realms he had
    • confidence is felt in it. The person is faced by what really
    • really connected with art itself — to wit,
    • or the like and are of no importance when we really penetrate
    • manner that really concerns the creative artists, while the
    • reality which transcends all abstract mathematics or systems
    • language — man would realise that it never by any
    • instance, if the flow of the colour really lives — if
    • be the very opposite way of going to work) we really discover
    • can never press onwards to living experience of the real
    • never lead to real experience of colour. We must know how to
    • colour may be realised from what I have already said about
    • movement, realising that a red disc approaches us, and that a
    • begin to realise — if we really believe in colour
    • immediately changes into the realisation that the red and the
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