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  • Title: Lecture: And The Temple Becomes Man
    Matching lines:
    • heard how the creations of art and of culture help us to understand
    • symbolic figures of mystery and grandeur stand before us as we
    • needs no human being near it or inside it; it stands there in its own
    • expression of the microcosm, of man. Understanding of the aspiring
    • The human being standing on the soil of the Earth, concealing a
    • ground and raising himself upright; then we picture him standing
    • day, to stand before us. Everything, in a certain sense, must be
    • modern age become mature enough to understand the nature of such a
    • understanding of the Spirit of our age by which alone the true
    • because Spiritual Science tries to open up a certain understanding of
    • very understandable — that an artist recoils from such
    • sensitive to these things, it is only too easy to understand the
    • such splendid understanding on the part of the Johannesbau-Verein and
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture I: The Acanthus Leaf
    Matching lines:
    • technical experts. And then, gradually, we shall understand
    • that all we are striving to attain in this building stands
    • understanding of what was once implied by the phrase
    • artistic back to external technique. The standpoint had
    • their understanding of the finer spiritual connections of the
    • once saw a little basket standing on the ground somewhere,
    • principle, the understanding of the inner principle of
    • understand what is meant and desired in the forms of our
    • — will never be able rightly to understand us.
    • standstill before the portals of the historical evolution of
    • understand me if you realise that in those times, when there
    • standing on the earth.’
    • from an inner perception and understanding of the postures of
    • leaf. Artistic understanding in future ages will simply be
    • unable to understand this attitude of mind which in our time
    • understand their subject, but all artistic creation as well.
    • get a deeper understanding. One can only think afterwards
    • about artistic forms; if one “understands” them
    • my dear friends, we shall understand what really underlies
    • understand what underlies artistic form — that is to
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture II: The House of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • task. The site on which our building stands is pervaded by an
    • greater understanding we shall have. Already now, as we look
    • these works of art and who have learnt to understand their
    • want to add something to this. If we try to understand the
    • stands there, none the less, complete in itself — a
    • Temple to the Church of Christendom. The Greek Temple stands
    • stands or is enthroned as Lord and participates in the work
    • pursuits, pervaded by this unshakable feeling: There stands
    • the land, for the Temple stands there like an altar for the
    • He tells us to think of two panes of glass standing parallel
    • the speech of the Gods. Our age has little understanding for
    • I have said that those who really understand our building fully
    • merely take the standpoint of an observer or spectator: for
    • speak of the real nature of painting we shall understand the
    • are round about us; it is for us to understand the language
    • spoken though these forms.” But we must understand it
    • track. They stand on the same ground as those who interpret
    • symbolism of his larynx. We understand the speech of the Gods
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture III: The New Conception of Architecture
    Matching lines:
    • the spiritual world, was the Temple standing there like an
    • where the altar stands.
    • this requires that we endeavour to understand the Spirit in
    • its forms of expression. In order to understand the Greek
    • way. We shall not understand this any better by interpreting
    • this you will readily understand what follows from it. If the
    • to ourselves points standing at an equal distance from this
    • who really understand it, to great profundities.
    • some of it — to try to understand the following ideas.
    • people go into our building and stand in the gallery where
    • the organ and the singers will stand, their souls will be
    • kinds of ingenious interpretations will Understand our
    • cannot at first stand upright; lie crawls, and at the very
    • he learns to control the forces which make him able to stand
    • alt="Learning to Stand Upright"
    • horizontal being; then he stands upright — in the
    • life. What is it that comes to his aid when he stands upright
    • prayer contains, who really understand the living development
    • Spirits of Form stand the Spirits of Movement.’ This is
    • understand the inner meaning and purport of this existence.
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture IV: True Aesthetic Laws of Form
    Matching lines:
    • there will be little understanding for these deeper laws of
    • understandable one from the point of view of external
    • expansion, and only then will there be understanding of the
    • heavenly bodies (see diagram) stand in a certain mutual
    • merely intellectual understanding, will perceive a cosmic
    • must teach us to understand how art has gradually developed
    • understanding of the spiritual world imparted by the
    • perceive in the aesthetic sense, to establish standards of
    • and in what sense? To understand this we will consider the
    • which must be ours if we are really to understand the
    • into the sixth. If we understand this, we link ourselves with
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture V: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • developed a real understanding of Goethe, placing it about
    • to the point of understanding the real significance of
    • Our age is very far from understanding this full manhood that
    • understanding other souls who specialise in a different sphere.
    • understanding of spiritual life in its totality. True form in
    • art will arise from this comprehensive understanding of
    • better understanding if we start from something near at hand,
    • understanding.
    • understand them. Our age holds fast to the most external, the
    • understanding of these things. Man imagines that if he is
    • standing near a horse, the horse sees him in exactly the same
    • similar order but as one who stands higher than themselves
    • colour. I have already said that our age cannot understand
    • present age is removed from any such living understanding of
    • level but as if we were standing either above or below them
    • That the world has not grown in tolerance or understanding is
    • attacks emanating from a world incapable of understanding the
    • their being, to understand something truly symptomatic of our
    • thing the world must accept if it is to understand us, and
    • understood even among ourselves. The unshakable standpoint
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