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  • Title: Lecture: And The Temple Becomes Man
    Matching lines:
    • judgment which future times will pass upon us. In the present cycle
    • from what it was in times gone by.
    • times.
    • to-day. In ancient times, human beings had at their disposal means of
    • forms, the colours and so on. For in those times the Gods themselves
    • first period of time in which the Gods put man's own free,
    • those in operation in bygone times. We have to create out of the
    • Temple which, in its self-contained perfection, is at the same time
    • men of future times: The Temple is — Man — the Man
    • time, is not shut off, inasmuch as wherever we look a challenge seems
    • time one with the weaving life of the Divine. The temple that belongs
    • which — without any element of sentimentality — enshrines
    • come after us. But we shall succeed if, for the first time, we give
    • will set and maintain its own boundaries and at the same time open
    • back to me. On the one side his words seemed to me at the time to
    • characteristic of the times. Ferstel made the strange statement:
    • art. I cannot take you through all that is contained, sometimes in
    • wife he has no son. The time comes for the education of Diocletian.
    • times in succession, The son comes home, but the Empress tells the
    • same happenings repeat themselves seven times over, until the eighth
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  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture I: The Acanthus Leaf
    Matching lines:
    • to be authoritative at the present time. There is now little
    • own student days in Vienna were passed during the time when
    • that time — namely, the tendency to lead everything
    • how many sleepless nights I had at that time over the
    • understand me if you realise that in those times, when there
    • cosmos. In those times it was a question of representing the
    • formed the procession. This was one thing that in olden times
    • was presented to the spectators in those ancient times, when
    • this form the acanthus leaf; in early times, of course, it
    • unable to understand this attitude of mind which in our time
    • strange piece of karma that during the time when I was deeply
    • seems to grow upwards as if from a flower chalice. Some time,
    • time very intimate. Of course there will be forms which are
    • nature herself. The artists were wasting their time in their
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture II: The House of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • indefinable feeling — a presentiment that a mighty task
    • moment of many buildings erected in our times by clever
    • buildings which express all the characteristics of our times.
    • element, sometimes indeed out of the
    • Romans in former times in the same way in which the
    • to speak for a long time if I wanted to show that this is how
    • certain eminent artist of modern times has spoken a great
    • same time the Spirit of true art — then from our
    • love for true art, which is at the same time love for true
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture III: The New Conception of Architecture
    Matching lines:
    • During the time
    • must leave the affairs of daily life, repair for a time to a
    • pass again in our times and that this is only possible if the
    • Temple, we tried, last time, to grasp the purely physical
    • architectural thought which I have described. Up to our time
    • without knowing it and every time getting the same result.
    • acquiring them. In those times man worked in himself against
    • every time we develop these ‘life pillars’
    • clearly to us of new riddles. And just as in the time of the
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture IV: True Aesthetic Laws of Form
    Matching lines:
    • time to explain to you from spiritual-scientific cosmology
    • times a certain primitive, atavistic clairvoyance was a
    • clairvoyance of those times.
    • so that after a certain time it alone remains.’ The
    • that of the sand. Once upon a time there were creatures who
    • of those ancient times — he felt: ‘Yes indeed
    • cosmic force. At that time he had to translate into form what
    • spiritual world and at the same time brings down all that
    • are not a sentimental prayer, but a true one arising from the
  • Title: Ways/Architecture: Lecture V: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • time will have to elapse before mankind will have developed
    • spiritual movement at the present time.
    • expect it from very few people at the present time
    • a culture that penetrated into and at the same time
    • culture of that time — however much it may have fallen
    • understood in our times, that, in Herman Grimm's opinion, as
    • element moreover in which our soul lives. And a time will
    • as man beholds it. At the present time there is no
    • their own language — not in the way they are sometimes
    • in those times and was then outwardly expressed in certain
    • and the craftsmen of his time. That is why he was the true
    • wanted to indicate to-day, in order next time to penetrate
    • times, the falsehood and untruth that is creeping into man's
    • even though it be not before the time Herman Grimm thinks
    • and at the same time to bring the soul to a realisation of
    • for them in the spiritual world. Sometimes we need this
    • confidence more, sometimes less. If we speak of sorrow caused

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