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  • Title: The Building at Dornach (Bn/GA 289): Lecture I: The Goetheanum
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    • But really there are two
    • the real nature of man than does modern science, which does not even
    • to show all that can be accomplished by a really creative conception
    • it is this: The realisation that in this age a new spiritual life must
    • Having ascended that, we then enter by the main door into the real Inner
    • he himself really makes the endeavour — which very few people will
    • and allows himself to be carried into a really organic-artistic, a feeling
    • order to understand an organic being we must realise that a quite special
    • an organism is a very different thing. For when a man really understands
    • if they result from a real living structural thought, bear the nature
    • if we really inwardly and intuitively grasp the principle of metamorphosis.
    • of the cheek from the temple of the forehead might really be taken as
    • a way that they might really have grown forth; and besides that, they
    • really belong to the place where they are. Now in the whole of this
    • a cross with seven roses, far higher than a really artistic motive.
    • and that what is really creative in a conception of the world has been
    • in its different parts you can see what we really intended, how the
    • case; but if a man is able really to understand the human form and how
    • been really felt. If one takes it as a thought-out thing, it will be
    • world, and it is shown that here something really new in the way of
  • Title: The Building at Dornach (Bn/GA 289): Lecture II: Bau Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • the foregoing leaf, then you will realise how the form of the second
    • If you would really get
    • you must realise that this is not to be considered only as regards its
    • motif is really very complicated in relation to the one that has gone
    • repetition, here one has a progressive evolution. This is really the
    • that VT identify ourselves with the real principle of evolution in nature
    • of what evolution really is. The marvellous and significant thing is
    • form); that is if you are really immersed in that which in nature is
    • Then you would get a development which is really modelled from nature
    • really is in nature. You see how we are led in this way to something
    • that when we really grow into the inner form in the way that the metamorphosis
    • realise as most important in every sense of the word. If one is to try
    • in their actual inner reality by means of such simple forms. In this
    • be realised from within. It will be seen then from the moulding of isolated
    • that which you really need in order to build up a vies of the world
    • the task-of humanity is really something quite different from a mystical
    • when we leave our false mysticism behind and really exert ourselves
    • really the satisfaction of a selfish desire for sleep. Well, here the
    • in nature certain realities are born in progressive metamorphosis which
    • is only a work of art if this chimney really fulfils its purpose. Then
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  • Title: The Building at Dornach (Bn/GA 289): Lecture III: Lecture 3
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    • from colour, can really only be at the very beginning of its development.
    • and therefore with lantern slides we do not get what is really essentially
    • out for something else, as not really giving expression to that which
    • is really in these pictures, really wishes to speak to us in a totally
    • detached itself from Reality. That which lay at the bottom of the real
    • the justification for introducing a wholly unreal representation of
    • characteristic of our age. Of the real fundamental character of this
    • What really must enter into the earth-life of humanity will only enter
    • itself, appears from below and approaching man above is the real Being
    • in this rough way of colourless pictures things which have really only
    • that spirituality that must result from the realisation of this dualism,
    • Ahriman alone and Lucifer alone you will really understand neither;
    • only when you have them side by side, because really Ahriman and Lucifer
    • But you must realise that
    • Picture 18: The real man,
    • can suffer, with that which he can enjoy, he who fully realises how
    • who is striving after a real self-knowledge, if he only goes far enough
    • really attain to true knowledge of man without attaining to the knowledge
    • to set out from that which is really there on the wall, not from that
    • i.e. will express in his countenance what he is really worth within.
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