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  • Title: Colour: Part One: Colour-Experience (Erlebnis)
    Matching lines:
    • relationship as that of our ego to the world, yet, again, not the
    • same; for we cannot say that when the light fills us we gain the ego.
    • Nevertheless, for us to gain this ego, light is essential, if we are
    • Our ego, that is, our spiritual entity, is connected with this
    • light and that which manifests itself as spirit in the ego, in the
    • that by means of the light the ego really experiences itself inwardly.
    • If we sum up all this, we cannot but say that the ego is spiritual and
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Luminous and Pictorial Nature of Colours
    Matching lines:
    • vitality of soul. We are therefore more attuned to the ego through
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Phenomenon of Colour in Material Nature
    Matching lines:
    • conceives an inexact picture of the Ego — that there is some
    • external objective inclination which affects us, our Ego, it is
    • rubbish; the Ego itself is in the colour. The Ego and the human astral
    • effect of an objective on a subjective colour is nonsense; for the Ego,
    • Colour is the conveyer of the Ego and the astral body into the physical
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Thought and Will as Light and Darkness
    Matching lines:
    • sensuous experience of their Ego and of the worst egoism, believe they
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: The Connection of the Natural with the Moral-Psychical. Living in Light and Weight.
    Matching lines:
    • in his ego and his astral body from the physical and etheric body.
    • diagram. Imagine physical and etheric body, astral body and ego bound
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Dimension, Number and Weight
    Matching lines:
    • every time he sleeps, his ego and his astral body are outside his
    • our own astral bodies and our ego belong to the outer world. And here
    • up, his ego and his astral body are in a different condition. Then the
    • measured. As an ego and an astral body one could not use a measuring
    • He who now becomes conscious in the ego and the astral body, outside
    • begins, as is the case when you are out there with your ego and your
    • returns again to himself, his ego and his astral body keep as it were
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • ego, though all the time having no other than egoistic ideas in view.
    • hotch-potch and this misty dreaming about the divine ego in man. Why
    • abstract-theosophical concepts, at the most it would be an allegory of
    • having to perfect his ego in the course of earth's evolution, has
    • risen from this flowing sea of colour to a pure Ego perception. Man
    • raises himself from this sea of colour with his ego; the animal-world
    • astral body (as we do with the ego) and there flows into this astral
    • for he would never have been able to perfect his ego if he had stayed
    • his earth-period, so that he could develop in his ego his own
    • essentials the expression of the ego, the expression of absolute
    • respectively, the ego during the earth-period. Man must find the means
    • ego gains for itself by working upon it. And in spiritualizing the
    • to develop the ego, just as when he rises out of the ocean, he sees
    • symbolism or allegory, what in our whole world outlook lives in us,
    • It has certainly killed much in many people; all the dead allegorizing
    • allegories, as long as we represent myths and sagas allegorically and
    • silly nonsense about the “higher Ego,” all the sentimental
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Artistic and Moral Experience
    Matching lines:
    • selfishness — a stimulus of the inner egoistic forces.
    • world with the desire, as one proceeded, to overcome the egoism, to
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Colours as Revelations of the Psychic in the World
    Matching lines:
    • the soul occupies the physical body too markedly in an egoistical way,
    • our ego. For this we need light between us and other objects. We need
    • effect on us from the distance. Our ego-feeling lights up in us if we
    • light. And the limitation of ego-energy which is present in the blind,
    • feel the ego stimulated in a room by whiteness to its inner strength,
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Hierarchies and the Nature of the Rainbow
    Matching lines:
    • can learn from man himself. Your ego and your astral body have not

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