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  • Title: Colour: Part One: Colour-Experience (Erlebnis)
    Matching lines:
    • Any one who, like Goethe, really lives in art, can never doubt that
    • the first we shall say: These red figures in the green meadow enliven
    • is this etheric body which really lives in the plant; but the etheric
    • lives in light and colour must first be grasped as feeling — if we
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Luminous and Pictorial Nature of Colours
    Matching lines:
    • I must also paint by giving the blue a kind of crust: then he lives in
    • by it that it lives on within me, as it were. Just think, yellow makes
    • train ourselves not only to see flesh-colour in man, but also to live
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Phenomenon of Colour in Material Nature
    Matching lines:
    • really never absorbed by the material body, but lives in it, and must
    • expressed in the colour. And one lives in the colour when one is, for
    • That is not living in the colour, but outside it. I live in the colour
    • colour. My soul must live with colour. I must rejoice with yellow, feel
    • live with the colour.
    • body are not to be differentiated from colour, they live in it and are
    • himself with such a method, and lives wholly in it, it is then no
    • since he lives in the colour, he receives from it each time the answer
    • colours into images and lusters. We have to live Goetheanism
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Thought and Will as Light and Darkness
    Matching lines:
    • live in light. We see the external light with physical senses; the
    • light which becomes thought we do not see, because we live in it,
    • us as light because we live within it, and because while we use the
    • light-being. You do not know it, because you live within the light.
    • the most mature thing in us, the result of former lives on earth; what
    • full of light, in which thought lives. But in this thought-filled
    • lives in it, one can in ordinary life perceive it as little as one
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: The Connection of the Natural with the Moral-Psychical. Living in Light and Weight.
    Matching lines:
    • which lived then in them has become external world-thought; and
    • that which lived then in them as thought, so that it would be visible
    • light-realities, and opposite to the light there lives in the darkness
    • which lives in us as will. Just as the outer world can be regarded as
    • in us, in so far as they live in us as thoughts, they are produced
    • during the old Saturn time, lived as human beings as we do today, and
    • does not consciously notice how he lives in light. Awake he does not
    • notice how he lives in weight. But it is so. The fundamental
    • it were, taken away form him. He lives in imponderable light; he knows
    • But it is a super-sensible primeval phenomenon. Asleep, the soul lives
    • in light, and therefore in lightness. Awake, it lives in weight. The
    • body is heavy; this force transfers itself to the soul: the soul lives
    • he has lived long enough without weight, he gets again a strong
    • man is bound to the earth, because his soul, having lived a time in
    • live in the earth-weight. But first he passes through the sphere of
    • of the earth as the preparation for what lives on into the future,
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Dimension, Number and Weight
    Matching lines:
    • man to live as earthly being in these three conditions of
    • We must clearly realize that of earthly beings only man lives in these
    • three conditions. Animals live in an essentially different
    • preferably lives in the memory; when the dream is free-floating
    • inner being coincides with it. Then we live in it with our sympathies
    • fails to reach that element in man which weaves and lives when he is
    • wanders about the world, who lives and moves and is awake; for what
    • could not live at all, for this age of science has never grasped the
    • become. Just think. We have a wonderful Physics; but it lives in
    • product of gold, which lives everywhere in light, and which streams in
    • carries gold. Everywhere in light there is gold. Gold lives and moves
    • in light. And when man lives on earth — you know already that it
    • tradition was no longer alive inwardly in the soul. Now one must take
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • comprehending this full manhood that lived in Goethe. In saying this I
    • Dante lived in a full, rich culture, one which was really alive in
    • lived in human hearts and souls the understanding for a Madonna,
    • everywhere some kind of connection between it and what was alive in
    • Madonnas lived in them. Thus the creations of art appear as an
    • only what is outside. And we really do live at a time when a
    • to look at colours and to apply them outwardly, but to “live
    • this flowing of colour becomes directly alive for us. We can only do
    • does not understand how to live with colour, because for him it moves
    • lives with it, colour does not do this. It radiates, it changes in
    • investigate what lives in the world of form as the productive element,
    • Nature. But that which lives in the elements, that is still dead for
    • arguing against it; for either man will come to live with his whole
    • that lives in our spirit, just as the Madonnas lived in Raphael, so
    • that he could thus become the painter of Madonnas, because they lived
    • symbolism or allegory, what in our whole world outlook lives in us,
    • speech, and in the same way we must look upon what lives in form and
    • those enlivened by our forms. But the ideal of our spiritual science,
    • the human soul, and what will live in it will be more than theoretic
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Artistic and Moral Experience
    Matching lines:
    • live in red and with red and out of red. But we will not be able to
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Colours as Revelations of the Psychic in the World
    Matching lines:
    • lifeless substances are made to live. In the plant are iron, carbon
    • lifeless substances of the earth live plants. Life itself we do not
    • You see the world is beginning now to come alive in colours. The living
    • And think now how one can live in colours! We experience the world as
    • In this way we live in colour; we understand it with our sensibility
    • this manner lives in the luster and the image-character of the world
    • one learns to live in the colour.
    • and thus what lives in the colour reveals itself gradually. We come to
    • gleaming white figure, a figure that lives in the spirit, to reveal it
    • in all of them that at the time they really lived in this way in
    • of the picture which lives in the colour. A man who feels the luster of
    • still lived in the psychic-spiritual.
    • clay, must think in terms of his material. He must live in it, so that
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Hierarchies and the Nature of the Rainbow
    Matching lines:
    • darker. Everything lives in colours. They are a world of their own, and
    • You will ask — But didn't things live before this? The answer you
    • iridescent world became alive. It is not only then that Angeloi,
    • we live today; out of it we fashion the whole of our Natural

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