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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • clothed with the physical and etheric body. What he has to receive by
    • being clothed with the physical and etheric body he could not receive
    • look upon the child with physical eyes, we will all the time be
    • death, i.e. to the spiritual continuation of the physical; but we will
    • be conscious that physical existence here is a continuation of the
    • Beings who stand above the physical. It is to them that we must leave
    • child becomes a true member of the physical world — and that is
    • Now when the child has come forth on to the physical plane, we must
    • spiritual to a physical plane. Firstly, we must recognise that the
    • soul — meaning by spirit what for the physical world of to-day is
    • the physical world, then you would find the spiritual which we have
    • of physical inheritance. And now the Soul-Spirit or Spirit-Soul meets
    • trinities are united with one another, and descend into the physical
    • Etheric body and Physical body. But these in turn are united —
    • first in the body of the mother and then in the physical world —
    • with the three kingdoms of the physical world: the mineral, the plant
    • is born into the physical world, they do not as yet fit one another.
    • the physical world. Breathing in the mother-body is still, if I may
    • threefold system of physical man. You know that amongst the members of
    • the threefold physical human system we reckon, in the first place, the
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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • boundary. This boundary is the whole life of the physical man himself
    • yesterday) we are brought down into the physical world. In being
    • brought down into the physical world we develop an antipathy for
    • physical man you do not do it with a force which is in you, but with a
    • undisguised. I have been describing the soul-man who, on the physical
    • other physical agencies — an impossibility while it is bound to
    • in our physical body. We have, as it were, three centres where
    • cognition in the physical organism.
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • human beings on the earth, on the physical plane, fulfilling our
    • equivalent in English. Körper is equivalent to physical
    • from a misconception of a really great achievement of physical
    • example, when you take hold of a piece of chalk this is a physical
    • physical world he receives his physical body as a garment. But
    • physical body. And what has happened could only come about because
    • the spiritual world in order to unite itself with the physical body of
    • streams through him from the super-sensible world into the physical,
    • be-dewing of the physical sense world by the super-sensible. You can
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • The three Bodily Principles: Astral, Etheric and Physical. How Will
    • works in these. In physical, as instinct — animals act according
    • to their physical bodies. In etheric, as impulse. In astral, as
    • the astral body), the etheric body and the grosser physical body,
    • Now you know that the physical body as we have it belongs also to the
    • with a physical body the animal also is clothed with a physical body,
    • The physical body of man is not really more perfect than that of the
    • build up his own physical body in the construction of his dam. His
    • physical body itself is, in this respect his teacher. We can observe
    • find something inherent in the form of their physical bodies which is
    • not in the physical body of man to the same degree of intensity. This
    • of the physical body. If we study all the different species of animals
    • physical bodies always give us the clue to the study of the different
    • the physical bodies of the various animals. If we were to look at the
    • draw the different spheres of instinct. The form of the physical body
    • Now in our physical body, forming and permeating it throughout, there
    • just as the etheric body permeates the physical body so it also takes
    • hold of what in the physical body manifests as instinct. And then
    • instinct becomes impulse. In the physical body will is instinct: as
    • animal has also these three principles, physical body, etheric body
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • the blood in its physical form penetrates into the eye, and it is only
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • purpose if we pass straight over from the psychical to the physical,
    • physical can only be understood when it is looked upon as a revelation
    • in the external physical world.
    • physical men. Indeed our physical bodies are so constituted that we
    • knowledge. With our physical body we can pass through the world in
    • psycho-physical parallelism and many other things. All these are in
    • enters into the body, but not into the physical processes of the body,
    • reason it is dulled, and so it is not experienced as a physical
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • and muscle. Physical-chemical processes in both. Intermediate sphere
    • world, if you observe his physical form, his movements, his
    • conscious in his physical life. But in old age the body became
    • longer a proper instrument for the spirit. Therefore on the physical
    • of sensation they say: in the external world a certain physical
    • which is caused by the physical process (for example by the vibration
    • even in a spatial way, and by relating this to his physical form so
    • real process is at work, a physical-chemical process is taking place.
    • indeed into that inner part where, once again, physical-chemical
    • physical-chemical processes arise, which are continued into the muscle
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • and the astral body, when outside the physical and etheric bodies from
    • spiritual world in order to refresh the physical and etheric bodies,
    • human being even in the physical body.
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • in the physical world what he has lived through in the past in the
    • a physical being man has the tendency at birth to proceed from the
    • revealer of the pre-natal past — not of the physical past, but of
    • physical world out of higher worlds the Past descends with him; that
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • self-enclosed thing. The head form reveals, physically, that it is a
    • that the limbs themselves are physical body, but the physical limbs
    • you owe to the circumstance that you let your head, in its physical
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • to physical growth.
    • capable of fullest physical development. The manner of the soul's
    • that can be brought into the physical earth existence through birth.
    • or too slowly, not only by watching the outward physical growth, but
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • When we consider the human body, we must relate it to the physical
    • constant interplay between the physical body and the world, through
    • which it is sustained. When we look out into the physical sense-world
    • Our physical body is related to the beings of the minerals, plants and
    • When we regard the human being as physical body, what we first
    • head right down into the physical form; and the head continues its aid
    • interchange with what takes place outside in the physical sense-world
    • sense physical world around us; for outside there is the kingdom of
    • physically in his relation to the outer world, what part do the bony
    • with us during our physical earth life until death. Even in the waking
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XIII
    Matching lines:
    • impermeable for the spirit. The dead physical element is permeable for
    • physical matter, material nerve substance lets the spirit through.
    • physical, that is, to physiological gymnastics, where we simply
    • Eurythmy. The more we make the child do purely physical gymnastics the
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XIV
    Matching lines:
    • also and makes it take on a more physical nature. Perhaps you think of
    • are then checked by the physically developed head.
    • physically, i.e., towards the seventh year when the change of teeth

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