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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture I
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    • Education. Union of Spirit and Soul elements before birth. Union of
    • in education, but because from anthroposophical spiritual science we
    • spiritual depths as it were, a perception of what has to be done in
    • civilisation of to-day, even into the sphere of the most spiritual
    • consider with an open mind that domain of spiritual life which
    • spiritual world — where conditions of his life in the spiritual
    • spiritual world. Hence although from his birth onwards we may only
    • death, i.e. to the spiritual continuation of the physical; but we will
    • spiritual, and that we, through education, have to carry on what has
    • In this age when men have lost connection with the spiritual worlds in
    • which in the light of a spiritual conception of the world has no real
    • spiritual to a physical plane. Firstly, we must recognise that the
    • comes down to earth a union is entered into between the spirit and the
    • soul — meaning by spirit what for the physical world of to-day is
    • still entirely hidden, and what in Spiritual Science we call
    • Spirit-Man, Life-Spirit, Spirit-Self. These three members of man's
    • birth we do already stand in a certain relationship to Spirit-Man,
    • Life-Spirit, Spirit-Self. Now the force which proceeds from this
    • the physical world, then you would find the spiritual which we have
    • Spirit-Soul or Soul-Spirit from a higher sphere into earthly
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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture II
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    • the Consciousness Soul, man has not yet reached the spiritual depth
    • accomplish in the spiritual world before birth or conception is
    • spiritual world. All other definitions of mental picturing are of
    • reality of spirit and of soul. Thus when you picture to yourself what
    • will be our spirit-soul reality after death, and picture it as seed
    • later as reality; so that the will is indeed of a very spiritual
    • Spirit-Soul as it unfolds after death in the spiritual world.
    • remain in the spiritual world (and here we come back to what was said
    • everything spiritual so that we radiate back the spiritual, pre-natal
    • is spiritual reality. Here we come to the real understanding of the
    • life of soul and spirit. We create the seed of the soul life as a
    • human being. You must learn to understand the whole man, spirit, soul
    • always has the tendency to become spiritual. But because out of our
    • it never can become spiritual; it loses itself in its bodily nature.
    • wanting to pass over from its material condition and become spiritual.
    • We do not let it become spiritual, and therefore we destroy it in the
    • very moment when it is striving to become spiritual — I refer to
    • which would whirl away as spirit if we were able to remove it from the
    • whirl away as spirit, in order that we may retain it within us as long
    • the tendency to lead our being out into the spiritual. To talk of
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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture III
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    • of man has supplanted older division into Body, Soul and Spirit.
    • to speak in general of the spiritual branch of the social organism.
    • recognise that the teacher of the lower grades, both spiritually and
    • hand and the world of the spirit on the other. In so far as we are
    • the natural world on the one hand and the spiritual world on the other
    • knowledge: the insight that man is divided into body, soul and spirit.
    • said that man consists of matter and soul, or of body and spirit,
    • spirit, are regarded as meaning much the same thing.* Nearly all
    • to a certain comprehension of spiritual life. Without a knowledge of
    • nature in some degree, and without some relation to spiritual life,
    • process exactly like the spiritual process that takes place when you
    • instance, or in any similar spiritual exercise — if this were the
    • case we should not be able to attain this spiritualised sensation of
    • separated in death from what is of soul and spirit. Through the forces
    • now going to say: when man descends from the spiritual into the
    • this body is permeated with forces of spirit and soul. For, after all,
    • the spiritual world in order to unite itself with the physical body of
    • chapter about spiritual activity in my book
    • yesterday: that blood is perpetually on the way to becoming spiritual
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture IV
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    • life, something remains over. The three Spiritual Principles:
    • Spirit-Self — Manas — Manes; Life Spirit; Spirit Man. The
    • intention and resolution which live in the three Spiritual Principles.
    • body, soul and spirit. The body, at least the main constituents of it,
    • descends into the body. But the spiritual part of man to-day is only
    • education, we must pay heed to this embryonic form of the spirit in
    • First there is, in embryonic form, what we call the Spirit-Self. We
    • cannot include the Spirit-Self among the constituents or members of
    • a clear consciousness of the Spirit-Self in men who are able to see
    • into the spiritual. You know that the whole oriental consciousness, in
    • so far as it is educated consciousness, calls this Spirit-Self
    • oriental spiritual teaching as indwelling in man. But amongst western
    • is a clear consciousness of this Spirit-Self. And I say deliberately:
    • scientific standpoint connect the Spirit-Self more with man before
    • death, use the singular form, “the Spirit-Self.” The people
    • who speak of the Spirit-Self more realistically from a naive knowledge
    • through the gate of death, he is received by a plurality of spiritual
    • have a spirit who leads us personally, belonging to the Hierarchy of
    • the Angels; over them we have the spirits belonging to the Hierarchy of
    • Spirit-Self, of Manas.
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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • except by way of spiritual science. External science imagines that it
    • has exact concepts, and rejects what anthroposophical spiritual
    • arrived at by spiritual science are by comparison more exact and
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • distinct — the standpoints of spirit, of soul and
    • for we know, from what spiritual science has told us, that the
    • of the spiritual and also of the soul. Therefore to what we have
    • spirit, and finally we shall come to a real “anthropology,”
    • point of view of the spirit.
    • From the spiritual point of view, also, you will find a difference
    • of feeling or felt will. What is this then really from a spiritual
    • Seen from the spiritual point of view ordinary dreamless sleep is a
    • of the soul. Now we view it also from the point of view of spirit.
    • in the spiritual world.
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • Soul apprehended through sympathy and antipathy: Spirit through states
    • Spirit. Body may block Spirit in old age (Kant — Michelet —
    • the soul and then from that of the spirit. To-day we will continue
    • the human being from the spiritual point of view, we must lay
    • ourselves somewhat further and observe with soul and spirit, as we can
    • do in Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition. But spiritual
    • body, soul and spirit if you have the whole course of human life
    • soul, and in old age he is most spiritual. This last statement can
    • objection of materialism to those who speak of the soul and the spirit
    • incapable of receiving what the spirit was giving it. The body was no
    • longer a proper instrument for the spirit. Therefore on the physical
    • his spirit. In spite of the apparent force of the above-mentioned
    • and spiritual and that they come near to the Spirits. Therefore in the
    • and life power for their spirit, we must recognise the beginnings of
    • spiritual qualities. For there are such possibilities.
    • I have stated about the spirit in old age; yet it really is so.
    • pensioned off. We must get away from the words and come to the spirit
    • we look up the derivation of the word Geist (spirit) in Fritz
    • facts, and not endeavour to get a conception of spirit from the
    • entirely wakeful. Now you see that we are proceeding from a spiritual
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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • known, even in the formation of spiritual ideas.
    • spiritual world in order to refresh the physical and etheric bodies,
    • spirit which conduce to such an exertion of the will on particular
    • the soul and spirit. In the first instance when I sum up the
    • thinks and feels and wills, who is thus also a man of soul and spirit.
    • the spirit it is not enough to say, “Spirit! Spirit!
    • Spirit!” Most people speak of spirit perpetually and are at a
    • loss to handle what is given from the spirit. You can only handle it
    • rightly if you treat it as conditions of consciousness. The spirit
    • But we can only speak truly of the spirit if we describe how it finds
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • minds from the standpoint first of the soul, and then of the spirit.
    • We must be clear that a spiritual conception of man makes it necessary
    • know that, primarily, our life spiritually takes its course in waking,
    • conditions. We will try once more to descend gradually from the spirit
    • human being in a spiritual description. This activity as we have
    • knowing process, that is, in the living spirit of man. What is their
    • relation to each other in the living spirit of man?
    • The conclusion can only live in the living spirit of man: only there
    • being; regarding the matter spiritually, it goes down into the
    • spirited manner. He said that even as far back as the 1890's, if you
    • from the world of soul and spirit and receives the garment of his
    • spiritual world. In certain respects the human being before the change
    • devotion that one develops in the spiritual world. It is for this
    • the past of soul and spirit.
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • Limb man Body, Soul and Spirit. Council of 869 A.D. and its
    • and spirit. We have at least thrown some light on these two aspects.
    • point of view of the body with that of the spirit and of the soul so
    • man. Body, soul and spirit are in the limb system of man. The body is
    • part; and there is within them, too, the spirit part which embraces
    • yourself with your spirit inside your own head; you can get a picture
    • by the spirit.
    • consider him in the first place as limb man he reveals spirit, soul
    • (see drawing): spirit, body, soul. The smaller sphere: body and soul.
    • soul only, spiritual characteristics being merely a quality of the
    • soul. One part of the soul, it was held, was of a spiritual nature.
    • there has been no spirit. But when relationship to the spirit was
    • age when once again, if I may say so, from a spiritual observation we
    • must learn man's relationship to the spirit, and through it to the
    • abolished the Spirit. What actually came about at that time? Consider
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • Relation of head to Body, Soul and Spirit. In first period of
    • childhood Soul and Spirit are dreaming and sleeping outside child,
    • Breast and Limbs to Body, Soul and Spirit. Head perfected but
    • standpoint of spirit and of soul, and if you understand this survey
    • further light on the subject from the side of soul and spirit.
    • relationship to the world of soul and spirit.
    • man body, soul and spirit. But of course it is not an exhaustive
    • may equally well say that the head is also soul and spirit, but in a
    • is principally body. That is to say the soul and spirit of the head
    • of the human soul and spirit. What relation has the bodily head to the
    • soul and spirit? Because the head has reached something like
    • years the child's soul is dreaming in the head; while his spirit in
    • Thus we find body, soul and spirit related to each other in the human
    • and a spirit that is still asleep. Now we must see how we can bring
    • head spirit is asleep. Hence in his head spirit he can dwell outside
    • the head body. He can remain in the environment. For man's spirit and
    • soul are outside his body in sleep. The child in spirit and soul, in
    • his sleeping spirit and dreaming soul, is outside his head; he is with
    • spirit is still dreaming and outside of itself. When we observe a
    • life spirit, soul and body are intimately connected; they all flow
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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • by preserving the form, by ensouling it, by spiritualising it.
    • must raise above him, that is, must spiritualise, the animal kingdom.
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XIII
    Matching lines:
    • in-rushing Soul and Spirit. Balance between destructive activity of
    • Spirit, decaying let them through. Blood opaque to Spirit, Nerve
    • transparent. Spirit active in bodily work, Body in mental. Relation of
    • spiritual-soul element in man.
    • This spirit-soul element, as you now see, is a stream. The spirit-soul
    • And what is man in respect to this soul and spirit? Imagine a flowing
    • back on itself. So does the spirit and soul gush over in man. The
    • human being is like a dam for the spirit and soul. They might flow
    • spirit and soul to be dammed up within him. Now this process, which I
    • active flow of spirit and soul through man to a stream. But actually
    • the external world. Spirit and soul are continuously striving to
    • and bits of ourselves. And if the spirit is not strong enough to do it
    • because the spirit, coming from without, seeks to devour and destroy
    • them. The spirit destroys everything, and the body checks this
    • destructiveness of the spirit. And in man a balance must be created
    • between the destructive spirit and soul and the continually
    • throws itself against the destructive onset of spirit and soul, and
    • beyond the chest abdomen system are really the most spiritual thing of
    • are spirit to a high degree, and it is the limbs which consume our
    • being born of spirit and soul. It permeates what he ought to have with
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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XIV
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual head which continually devour man from without. Upper part
    • the lung as less spiritual than the nose? This is a mistake. The lung
    • is more of a work of art. It is more permeated with spirit, or at
    • spiritual head, but one that becomes a little material so that it can
    • the yawning jaws of our own spirituality. The spiritual perpetually
    • the spirit in the relation of the limbs to the rest of the human body.
    • mental pictures, won from the spirit it will take wings. Such
    • primary schools but for college life — but alive with the spirit

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