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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • accomplish the alternation between waking and sleeping in the way
    • underlies sleeping and waking, this the child cannot yet do. The child
    • sleeping and waking, but he is not able to carry into the spiritual
    • waking life are then worked upon, are metamorphosed. The child is not
    • waking and falling asleep again. Thus in sleep the child still lives
    • waking again. All we can do is to use the time which the human being
    • of sleeping and waking. Needless to say, my dear friends, in our
    • the breathing, or of direct training of sleeping and waking. All this
    • the rhythm between sleeping and waking — what is it that happens?
    • between waking and sleeping in the same way in the spiritual world as
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • feeling and willing. Difference of the two parts of Faust. Waking
    • ordinary life we speak of being awake, of the waking condition of
    • consciousness. But we only have this waking condition of consciousness
    • waking man, by the man of cognition and thought: in so far as we are
    • being completely unless we know that sleep plays into his waking life,
    • between waking and sleeping. You know the feelings in your soul just
    • not only a waking man in that you think and know, and a
    • immersed in three conditions of consciousness during our waking life:
    • the waking condition in its real sense in thinking and knowing, the
    • “dream” and in waking life we only give ourselves up in our
    • waking sleep-condition, his will, in such a way that later on —
    • because all sleeping has a tendency to change into waking — this
    • realise that in the waking human being we have to do with different
    • conditions of consciousness, with waking, dreaming, and sleeping, that
    • when the ego in the morning passes over into the waking condition, it
    • during what is usually called waking consciousness — which
    • comprises: complete waking, dreaming-waking, sleeping-waking —
    • experiences while it is living in the body in the ordinary waking
    • Next the ego, in awaking, also sinks into those processes which
    • feeling in this dream-waking condition? We actually experience it as
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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • of decaying nerve substance is sphere of waking, where man becomes
    • sleeping, memory is waking.
    • waking consciousness, dreaming and sleeping: and we showed how the
    • full waking consciousness is really only present in
    • point of view, by applying the facts of waking and sleeping to man
    • waking, sleeping and dreaming. You learn something, you take it in and
    • it passes into your full waking consciousness. Whilst you are
    • your full waking consciousness. Then you return to your ordinary life.
    • you have no mere verbal definitions. If you ponder over waking and
    • asleep in another sphere, and remembering is only waking up in another
    • falling asleep and waking up.
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • remembering, if we connect it with sleeping and waking, which are more
    • You may say that sleeping and waking are actually even more obscure
    • of sleeping and waking are playing into the waking life. How does
    • the time of falling asleep until waking up, collect force in the
    • so on. There is this quick alternation in vibrations between waking
    • sleeping, not in a waking will and then quickly carries over this
    • waking. For we are constantly weaving moments of sleep into the act of
    • the ego zone of man, and they live there with the help of waking and
    • waking, sleeping and dreaming. The soul in man is grasped by means of
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • waking life and should not be memorised. Judgments carried in feeling.
    • know that, primarily, our life spiritually takes its course in waking,
    • completely healthy when it occurs in fully waking life. This is very
    • full waking life. But judgment can also sink into the depths of the
    • upon the body. The waking soul does not work upon the body. The
    • conclusions should really only hold sway in the fully conscious waking
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • with us during our physical earth life until death. Even in the waking
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XIII
    Matching lines:
    • and waking; the more, too, shall we maintain normal life in the

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