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  • Title: Lecture: The Inexpressible Name, Spirits of Space and Time.
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    • The explanations which I gave you yesterday on the path which the
    • Let me indicate some of these facts today. You should realize that
    • ordinary way of looking at the world today does not really enable us
    • that of today. The human bodies of olden times, the mummies which you
    • so corpse-like as the human bodies of today. These physical bodies
    • they continue experimenting, they will one day be able to understand
    • This is because the human corpse is, today, the true instrument of
    • yesterday, it brought them in connection with the universe, made them
    • yesterday. But we must resist mere intelligence. We must add
    • in opposition to the science of his days, the law of metamorphosis,
    • concepts. The explanations which I gave you yesterday and the day
    • before yesterday really constitute the path leading into these
    • that today people are chiefly interested in the soul's life
    • it is today, if we were to observe a child's development, the
    • be clearly seen today in public life.
    • What are the questions which people ask today? Do they inquire after
    • painful today to speak to people of general human destinies! People
    • today we may tell people that the war which has been waged on earth
    • Orient designates the ideology of the Occident as a reality. Today we
    • Today nothing penetrates into the human souls, but rebounds, as it
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  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture I: Historical Requirements of the Present Time
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    • able to spend a few days here in this place which is so closely
    • forward in its full humanness. Today there is the most
    • What occupies people's minds today, in the widest circles, are
    • is possible to state today in a simple formula the great
    • that for extensive circles of present-day humanity spiritual
    • today when spiritual life is spoken of. It is all something
    • power from unconscious depths. It can be clearly seen today
    • to the phenomena of nature surrounding them every day. They do
    • today — silent for well-known reasons. The fact, for
    • regard to these outer symptoms mankind is divided today into
    • wants to comprehend the course of mankind's evolution. Today we
    • science and have told you that intelligent people, who today
    • not speak today of man in this connection — you can carry
    • lost but also a third. Today a powerful party puts forward
    • problem of education as present-day humanity will have to
    • How far are people today, how far is modern teacher-training
    • today one visits those countries which have the first
    • out and placed before mankind today are the school programs,
    • principle today, let us say in South Germany where matters have
    • authority. We must realize today how far removed from any sense
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  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture II: The Social Structure in Ancient Greece and Rome
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    • precisely upon such matters as I characterized yesterday.
    • And today, in almost all leading positions, you find people who
    • schools. It has become necessary today to realize that the time
    • I remember vividly the day his letter arrived. It stated,
    • Today the situation is such that many men no longer consider
    • is considered valid. Yesterday I drew your attention to the
    • fact that today there are quite a number of people who are
    • abstract concepts we are so proud of today and that we
    • body. Men still believe today that they should only employ
    • runs industrialism, as I mentioned yesterday. Its chief
    • have already reached the pinnacle of machine activity. Today a
    • Asiatic has to say today, because in him this adaptation of the
    • spirit. Today it is necessary that we make a special effort to
    • Yesterday I gave you an example of the way we ought to educate.
    • I believe many a person will be astonished today if he is told:
    • Raphael who knows that whoever paints today the way he painted
    • We experience today the most abominable things, and people are
    • lived in the truth of those pictures. Today we should not look
    • today in front of such a picture by Michelangelo. We must ask:
    • Judgment could arise. Today there wells up again out of the
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  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture III: Commodity, Labor, and Capital
    Matching lines:
    • WHAT I have to say today will be a kind of interlude. I
    • therefore like to point today to certain aspects of this
    • today, even art, will be of no avail in the social life of the
    • present-day education as they hear such a comparison? Modern
    • strange it may sound to the socialistic thinker of today, it is
    • have to be a dominating element. What men say today about labor
    • mankind we cannot use those hollow concepts proclaimed today.
    • in the sense of those practices people today consider the
    • majority decisions of parliaments today are inspired. The
    • placing it upon its healthy three members. Men today are
    • accustomed to thinking what they have thought for ages. Today
    • do not think this is an easy task. Many people believe today
    • the field of education. You may talk today to very advanced
    • words. In this way people pass each other by today. Words have
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture IV: Education as a Problem Involving the Training of Teachers
    Matching lines:
    • discussion today that of education is the most important. We
    • details in present-day education to appreciate the great
    • difficulties in the way of progress. Those who today consider
    • material is presented in much of our education today is
    • consequence is what we experience with people today. How many
    • members, but this is very uncomfortable for people today
    • most people today who, still on the basis of customary
    • spiritual world before birth. How little do people ask today:
    • For people today, such observation of their fellowmen might be
    • today from the attitude that strives for this goal! We level
    • because, after all, the lady of yesterday and the lady of today
    • the individuality to emerge. Thus, present-day man strives for
    • ordinary science offers today — a homunculus, a veritable
    • them. Today one strives to develop man's activities as subjects
    • from those developed today in teacher training schools will
    • Today I wished to put before you the fact that the science of
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture V: The Metamorphoses of Human Intelligence: Present Trends and Dangers
    Matching lines:
    • discussions yesterday that it becomes increasingly necessary to
    • man today looks back into earlier epochs when people had
    • speak today of intelligence we refer to a soul force of which
    • Today we shall not go back further than the third post
    • Egypto-Chaldean period it was different from today. This can
    • something very, very different. Even today it shows a tendency
    • the good through mere intelligence. Mankind finds itself today
    • definitely seen today: People who are very intelligent and have
    • discernible. This comes from the fact that souls today do not
    • into their consciousness. Children today are different from
    • offers. The pride that man takes today in his intellect might
    • conviction if, today and in future, we wish to do something
    • today from such views. Therefore, nothing is more necessary
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture VI: The Inexpressible Name, Spirits of Space and Time, Conquering Egotism
    Matching lines:
    • WHAT I said yesterday about the path of the human
    • Today we shall deal with some of these facts. You must be
    • physical body. We see it as it usually is today only because it
    • bodies had a constitution different from that of today. Those
    • constitution than present-day human bodies. They were much more
    • were akin to plant nature, whereas the present-day physical
    • age. Today we find tumorous formations in the body which are
    • real knower today; the dead can only recognize the dead. Today
    • what is known today in botany about substances for medicinal
    • know today what it is that man has lost. When he passed over
    • could not do that he can do today. Since a certain time in your
    • stated yesterday, brought men into connection with the cosmos.
    • Today we can say “I” — we can say anything
    • intelligence follows the path I mentioned yesterday. We must,
    • concrete. What I said two days ago and yesterday is basically
    • world view at the present time. I have described how men today
    • would be much less egotistical than it is today. But this
    • Here I come to a point where men today must become ever more
    • the more they reach their goal. People today have little
    • most people mean today if they say “God?“ What kind
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