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  • Title: Lecture: The Inexpressible Name, Spirits of Space and Time.
    Matching lines:
    • feel their relationship with the universe. In the present time, we
    • feeling of the successive impulses in the evolution of humanity,
    • modern life. We should be aware of this. We should feel the
    • very remote times. And if we acquire a feeling for such things, we
    • things to come, live in our soul, we are filled by a new feeling,
    • which can transcend egoism in human destiny; it is a feeling which
    • In order to acquire a feeling for the requirements in this sphere, we
    • These truths enable us to gain a feeling for the requirements of
    • friends, I wished to speak of these things, for now we must feel that
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture I: Historical Requirements of the Present Time
    Matching lines:
    • meaning for the East; no concepts or feelings are connected
    • that they think and feel only what is wholesome for him to
    • child's education by doing, thinking, and feeling only what he
    • feeling for authority between the ages of seven and fourteen
    • a pure, beautiful feeling for authority; for what is to be
    • lesser degree of feeling for authority might have sufficed; in
    • future it will not be so. This feeling will have to be strongly
    • the peculiar thing is that they have produced the same feeling
    • a way that lets people feel a vital connection of their soul
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture II: The Social Structure in Ancient Greece and Rome
    Matching lines:
    • of our time will recognize that in our feelings and our
    • for the assembled outer perceptions, because he feels that our
    • imitators, the Japanese. The Oriental feels so because, as he
    • careful, intimately developed feeling for truth. We must become
    • conscious that the feeling for truth has to be gradually
    • our time demand. One does not feel with the times if one does
    • we acquire in our time an intimate feeling for truth in this
    • the very opposite. One gets the impression that the feeling for
    • feeling for truth that we know, for example, that Raphael's
    • aware that we do not feel as those people did for whom the
    • artist painted it; that we have lost their feeling and at best
    • modern man feels when looking at this picture is something gray
    • one is conscious of how drab and lifeless is what man feels
    • that Christianity first eradicated from human feeling the
    • Today he looks back and feels what his childhood was and cannot
    • from the seventh to fourteenth year, thinking, feeling,
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture III: Commodity, Labor, and Capital
    Matching lines:
    • this feeling, be generated in the interrelated spheres of
    • their ideas, their sensations, their feelings. The views that
    • feelingly understood by a science that gains understanding
    • is not permeated by such ideas and feelings as enter the world
    • feelings that have to be transformed. Indeed, we may say that
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture IV: Education as a Problem Involving the Training of Teachers
    Matching lines:
    • When one steps through the door the students feel a certain
    • soul-relationship with him; when another enters they often feel
    • no such relationship at all, but, on the contrary, they feel a
    • thinking, feeling, and willing live. The idea that this ego
    • you must feel that the question of immortality, put in this
    • This kind of feeling has become especially strong in the last
    • habit of thought and feeling cannot be overcome through
    • different feelings when we are aware that here we have the
    • view in our feelings. Whereas the egotistical point of view
    • teacher training; to look at prenatal man, and not only feel
    • higher level of anthroposophy, by acquiring a feeling for the
    • what spiritual science can pour into your feelings, into your
    • you can feel how strong is the test for mankind in our times.
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture V: The Metamorphoses of Human Intelligence: Present Trends and Dangers
    Matching lines:
    • Greek had a certain feeling in using his intelligence. He
    • what we know or feel subjectively. We must know it for the sake
    • We can escape this temptation only if we acquire a feeling for
    • is necessary for a person to feel that everything in relation
    • Thus, if we feel wherein the real meaning of earth evolution
    • actually lies, we also feel that this evolution would be
    • feeling this seriousness we are not true scientists of the
    • about the fine feeling they have gradually acquired for the way
    • progressive culture in order really to feel this seriousness
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture VI: The Inexpressible Name, Spirits of Space and Time, Conquering Egotism
    Matching lines:
    • intensively will we feel a longing to know what is living. But
    • we feel for his soul after death, our thinking about the world
    • Orient feeling as reality what the Occident calls
    • parliaments do not feel the urgency to know mankind's destiny.
    • let us pass on to something else. Let us feel what I have
    • must feel how a time that has passed lives in what man calls
    • we acquire a feeling for this, not only the past affects us but
    • order to gain a feeling for what is necessary in this regard we
    • feeling for what mankind needs, which is, to advance in the
    • to leave again for a few weeks. We must feel ourselves

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