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  • Title: Lecture: The Inexpressible Name, Spirits of Space and Time.
    Matching lines:
    • conception of yourself if you think that you are carrying through
    • better conception of yourself, if you were to think of yourself as a
    • yourself. You pronounce this word “I” very carelessly.
    • During my present visit, I pointed out to you how selfishly modern
    • conception. Our world conception would become far less selfish than
    • weaving spiritual life of the soul which manifests itself so
    • nevertheless only mean their Angel. The selfish note of religious
    • itself. We take it from the preceding epoch and train the human
    • conflict with Roman law, but it cannot assert itself. This, too,
    • obtains eternal life through the church itself. The church sees to
    • the state should limit itself to the juridical sphere. The right of
    • are especially pious. But they are simply selfish, thoroughly selfish
    • itself, then people say that they cannot understand it, and that it
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture I: Historical Requirements of the Present Time
    Matching lines:
    • inner life is reality. What presents itself externally to the
    • itself to the outer senses, is spread over a great part of
    • itself in this terrible fighting has arisen with elemental
    • astronomy itself, what is its ideal? To conceive of the whole
    • the world and education itself are based on human love, love
    • run its course quite by itself until the moment arrives when,
    • of itself, the control of capital passes to the proletariat.
    • itself in the formation of word and sentence in the Greek
    • It was self-evident for the Greeks to educate their youth as we
    • into this reality. It is self-evident that what must speak in a
    • was to take place of itself, not thoughtfully directed. A
    • forces itself today upon the unbiased observer of life. If you
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture II: The Social Structure in Ancient Greece and Rome
    Matching lines:
    • self-evident that there were two kinds of people: those who had
    • shaped itself out of forces descending through the blood. But
    • humanity finds itself in the position of developing a
    • order to apprehend itself as spirit, it does not take hold of
    • they are indicated by human nature itself for definite points
    • believe this, because — it is not self-knowledge that is
    • universities, a spiritual life that governs itself — but
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture III: Commodity, Labor, and Capital
    Matching lines:
    • himself up in a certain sense. You can bring about this
    • self-consumption in one way or another. If you happen to have
    • yourself in sports and use your working power in this way. You
    • work is the joy and love for work itself. We shall only
    • to say, work itself takes hold of their souls because they have
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture IV: Education as a Problem Involving the Training of Teachers
    Matching lines:
    • mostly asked questions for which he could prepare himself by
    • itself in a variety of ways, even to ridiculing and sneering at
    • and that is, that the teacher himself absorb what can come from
    • clothed himself with a body, and wishes to acquire here in the
    • self-knowledge, take counsel with themselves, and not surrender
    • the physical world, to clothe oneself with a body in order to
    • its center within itself, the chest-man has its center at a
    • great distance from itself. If you were to imagine this as a
    • why is it that the human head appears self-enclosed? It is
    • three-membering through strong concentration upon one's self,
    • observe his head, how it carries death in itself. You look at
    • firmly on the ground. The whole Fichte-ego expresses itself in
    • being as an entity in himself. As a great ideal the thought
    • every single individual is a being in himself. Unless we learn
    • to acknowledge that everyone is an entity in himself mankind
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture V: The Metamorphoses of Human Intelligence: Present Trends and Dangers
    Matching lines:
    • through metamorphoses and transforms itself. In the
    • entered into the Greek intelligence man's reflecting on himself
    • the good through mere intelligence. Mankind finds itself today
    • that it has to protect itself against this one-sided
    • sick in some way, and the illness expresses itself in
    • find the spark of Christ in himself if he exerts himself in the
    • this re-birth, this finding of the Christ-spark in oneself, in
    • being able to say sincerely and honestly to oneself, “Not
    • proclaiming itself. One should not look superficially at the
    • re-birth within himself.
    • is what I find in myself as the Christ-impulse.”
    • to the Mystery of Golgotha which can reveal itself to his
    • itself, travels on the path toward the Ahrimanic; that it can
    • seriousness of this truth into himself will also carry the same
    • evolution of mankind itself. One could wish that the sleep
    • itself and moving in an Ahrimanic direction. This should be the
  • Title: Education as a Social Problem: Lecture VI: The Inexpressible Name, Spirits of Space and Time, Conquering Egotism
    Matching lines:
    • true nature. You do not visualize yourself properly if you
    • thought of yourself as a corpse with your ego, astral and
    • yourself. You may say it without any great respect. But in
    • after realizing this, ask yourself who is the person who
    • dead, he occupied himself with the life, the growth, the
    • creative flow of life which shows itself so wonderfully after
    • mankind as a whole, if one concerns himself intensely with what
    • begin to elevate itself to the Archangel.
    • is good if man by such means places before himself these three
    • occupying himself with what I have just explained. I must
    • enough. The State would not like to devote itself to the tasks
    • may receive into itself, through activity, the Divine, the
    • all this. It is true nevertheless. Saying to oneself, “It
    • building itself. Because, my dear friends, we are justified in

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