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  • Title: Education for Adolescents
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    • volume containing the German texts is entitled, Erziehung und Unterricht
    • the German texts is entitled,
    • — not only into human beings, but into everything, even into a
    • the human soul, questions of history — so that riddles arise in
    • [A term used to designate all that is sentient in man
    • of the world and its manifestations do not arise in young
    • elements in the human organism at puberty. If young people are rightly
    • this I do not mean that you should make as many mistakes as possible
    • beginning to talk like more than a man. Why, the whole world speaks
    • Young people demand imaginative powers; you must approach them with
    • be diverted from all the teacher's little mannerisms. Here, too, the
    • interest in other human beings is not possible if the right sort of
  • Title: Deeper Education: Lecture I: Gymnast, Rhetorician, Professor: A Living Synthesis
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    • Man
    • is a threefold being not only from the many points of view we
    • focus on the way in which the human being has developed his
    • era in human evolution to a period that still stirs the minds
    • way the whole human being was developed. One
    • to educate human beings in an abstract, intellectual way
    • following the course of human evolution, we find that among the
    • Romans the art of cultivating the soul and the spirit by way of
    • the soul element in ordinary life. Roman education did, in
    • rhetorician. Beauty of speech was from Roman times onward the
    • on the whole human being. The most important principles of
    • had gone right back to the bodily foundation of the human
    • spirit. The Roman concerned himself with the middle part
    • of man, with the sublimated expression of the rhythmic system,
    • [Doktor]. [The German
    • and more prominent as humanity evolved from the fifteenth
    • modern humanity to believe that something is gained by
    • far from adding anything to a human being, it takes something
    • of these three elements of the human being, for this
    • another example of the threefoldness of human nature, and it is
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  • Title: Deeper Education: Lecture II: Forces Leading to Health and Illness in Education
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    • outer life within which human beings stand, making it possible
    • gratitude about our own education, because the human soul
    • in human nature are quickened by it. That is why it is so
    • demands made upon our children from outside in preparation for
    • spiritual is difficult to attain for modern humanity, and this
    • what humanity has lost in this respect, has lost just in
    • What has been lost is the realization that when the human being
    • compared with the actual forces of the being of man, a being
    • of man has been lost from sight. During a certain period of the
    • Middle Ages, certainly, it was believed that the human being,
    • as man on earth, was ill and that his health had to be
    • restored; that the human being as he was on the earth actually
    • to be done in order to make man truly man. This is often
    • understood merely in a formal sense. It is said that the human
    • been raised to a higher level, to the level of the normal human
    • when the human being is born he falls in a certain sense below
    • existence. In comparison with the higher human nature, it
    • is really something abnormal for the human being to bear within
    • today to say that, in comparison with the higher nature of man,
    • human being really lives within four complexes of forces.
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  • Title: Deeper Education: Lecture III: A Comprehensive Knowledge of Man as the Source of Imagination in the Teacher
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    • Comprehensive Knowledge of Man as the Source of Imagination in the Teacher
    • Comprehensive Knowledge of Man as the Source of Imagination in
    • bring our knowledge of the human being to the point where we
    • really can know in detail what is going on in the human being
    • that the first form of activity we perceive in the human being
    • when a man walks or does something with his arms? What is it?
    • Now, the materialistic view will simply be that it is man
    • himself, and, thinking about man in this way, that it is a
    • on, described as man, that moves the limbs! This is the true
    • putting it like that, since man himself is the object in
    • regarding it. Our human movement is really a magical effect,
    • movement as a human being is in truth a magical effect, and our
    • view of man is entirely incorrect if we do not associate
    • The fact that we are physical human beings, made up of bones,
    • blood, and so forth, does not make us into moving human beings;
    • lie permanently in bed. If we are to be able to move, the will
    • is nonsense. In actual fact we have in human movement a magical
    • man passes from the rhythmic system to the metabolic-limb
    • human being to create combinations of carbon and nitrogen. This
    • exists from above downward in the human being a continual
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  • Title: The Three Fundamental Forces in Education: Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • the whole human being, for this whole human being comes
    • human being comprises within itself the ego, the astral body,
    • the nature of man are by no means going through a symmetrical
    • of the astral body and of the ego. The outer manifestations of
    • emanation of rays from the head to this remaining organism, to
    • body, when you realize how the soul emancipates itself in the
    • we simply see that manifesting itself in the child which
    • the child becomes a sculptor, a draftsman, or an architect
    • extra-human world, from the observation of processes in
    • also the case with reference to the human body, but it no
    • longer lives in what is human speech — that is, in
    • year. This also is dammed up again now, in the woman in the
    • whole organism, in the man more in the region of the larynx,
    • manifested that which at puberty appears as the change of
    • outer music-speech forces. Up to the seventh year, man is
    • and this appears at puberty. It is manifest even externally by
    • voices of men and of women over lap: the woman's voice
    • reaches higher, the man's goes lower — down to the bass.
    • the manner set forth in the senseless theories thought out by
    • plastic-architectonic, which emanates from the head and has its
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  • Title: Introductory Words to the First of Four Educational Lectures
    Matching lines:
    • published in German as,
    • give a kind of supplement to many of the things which I brought
    • there are so many things which must be done during these days
    • later, but, as I have said, there are so many things which must
    • necessary to guard many things as a sacred, private possession
    • mankind. When a thing of this kind is said, the question at
    • once arises; Why is it then that humanity has reached the
    • widespread misery in which it is today? Humanity has entered
    • thinking and feeling peculiar to the western man. It is true to
    • composed for future botanists rather than for human beings in
    • future zoologists, not for human beings in general.
    • do as a private man, but not as a teacher), then there comes
    • task to develop this pedagogy. For many things can be common to
    • humanity and many things must be common to humanity if an
    • things which have been looked upon in Germany during the last
    • which have been considered such a great advance, Germany has
    • western man. But we must know how to keep this among those who
    • proceeding from the west, is indispensable in many branches of
    • is important for many people that they should know this, but it
    • the death of a man that this knowledge becomes such a reality
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