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  • Title: Education for Adolescents
    Matching lines:
    • spoken about during these years, this is in itself something that
    • self-occupied in this way is during the ages between 14, 15 and 21
    • best remedy for the overcoming of pain is to bring yourself, if you
    • towards self-preoccupation, unless we are sufficiently directed away
    • fool of yourself ...
    • inwardly, the teacher must be capable of doing this himself, so that
    • of him.” Those are the latent inadequacies, the self-exposures
    • itself. If we have children of six or seven, then the course is
    • It is important for oneself as a teacher to exercise a certain amount
    • of self-observation and not give in to any illusions; for it is fatal
    • This moral attitude must show itself in that we do not give all too
  • Title: Deeper Education: Lecture I: Gymnast, Rhetorician, Professor: A Living Synthesis
    Matching lines:
    • This threefoldness reveals itself quite specifically if we
    • spirit. The Roman concerned himself with the middle part
    • one does not have it oneself, even if one only carries the
    • watch itself. The same sort of thing is true if, regarding
    • human nutrition, a person limits himself to the knowledge that
    • strive continually to bring to life in himself what in the
    • with ourselves and then look at nature itself in this way. A
    • inexplicable urge of the moth to sacrifice itself. We shall
    • themselves into the sun. The moth can hurl itself into the
    • light. The caterpillar has the same urge to give itself up to
    • caterpillar develops this urge, goes out of itself, passes into
    • the radiating light, gives itself up, spinning physical
    • caterpillar sacrifices itself to the rays of the sun; it
    • desires to destroy itself, but all destruction is birth.
    • wholly into the light. The light itself is the cause of the
    • spinning of the chrysalis. The caterpillar cannot hurl itself
    • into the light but gives itself up to it, creating the chamber
    • forms itself from the chrysalis and is born out of the light
    • concern the teacher himself, for the educational problem is in
  • Title: Deeper Education: Lecture II: Forces Leading to Health and Illness in Education
    Matching lines:
    • perhaps, something that the child cannot acquire by himself; it
    • yourself in your own heart whether this gratitude is always
    • eliminated. Actually, it may also express itself in artificial
    • substances that he absorbs into himself; in the widest
    • himself. Whereas in the remedy are contained the outer and
    • oneself as a teacher. It may be said that engendering this
    • that he needs nitrogen and oxygen not only for himself; it is
  • Title: Deeper Education: Lecture III: A Comprehensive Knowledge of Man as the Source of Imagination in the Teacher
    Matching lines:
    • himself, and, thinking about man in this way, that it is a
    • putting it like that, since man himself is the object in
    • to say to ourselves that it is the spiritual itself that must
    • the digestive process itself, and especially the excretory
    • see, therefore, every time the human being brings himself into
    • only if the child feels himself in the presence of a beloved
    • importance of the work, and this will reveal itself even in
    • deal before 1914. Then he went to India itself and instituted a
    • of a human being who has devoted himself to the highest service
    • unite himself with Michael in a particularly close way, for to
    • means to unite oneself with Michael. We must unite ourselves
  • Title: The Three Fundamental Forces in Education: Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • human being comprises within itself the ego, the astral body,
    • proclaims itself clearly in the female, though in a different
    • body, when you realize how the soul emancipates itself in the
    • itself come newly into being as soul-forces begin to be
    • we simply see that manifesting itself in the child which
    • of will expresses itself from within in conflict with a
    • remaining organism that forms itself out of the conflict of
    • the head as a passage, and spreads itself into the
    • itself is a reflection of what is spheric in the air
    • is that music imprints itself upon the astral body, it remains
    • “The man that hath no music in himself,
    • “The man that hath no music in himself,
    • within himself, where the warding off appears in the change of
    • are within man himself, what comes from music-speech more
    • subconscious. And the third conflict manifests itself when
    • everything has worked itself to the surface that is a
    • from what the etheric body tends to do of itself. It is really
    • is trying to manifest itself in the etheric organization of man
    • something which will cause him to regard himself as a
  • Title: Introductory Words to the First of Four Educational Lectures
    Matching lines:
    • gave you last year about the teacher himself, the teacher and
    • within the College of Teachers itself as such. At first a
    • itself dependent, through and through dependent, on the kind of
    • that he is himself carrying out the opposite of those
    • present day absolutely contradicts what he himself
    • much confidence in yourself and then had said at the end of the
    • year, you yourself have really learned the most during this
    • time! For whether you can say: you, yourself have learned the
    • he does not say to himself; it is only now that you could
    • of each year you have spoken to yourself somewhat after the
    • supposed that you must say to yourself; now I am beginning with
    • narrower, personal self like a snake skin when we go into the
    • he, as is sometimes said with such self-satisfaction, is

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