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  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture I: The Necessity for a Spiritual Insight
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    • souls will have to go through after passing the portal of death. And
    • as a whole; and man in his totality is body, soul and spirit. We must
    • acknowledge God for the peace of our soul, but to will God's will, to
    • soul, in his spirit. We should consider how child life in its very
    • life, is: Well it is not possible to see into the soul of a child, any
    • more than one can see into the soul of an animal or of a plant; here
    • to observing man's complete nature, body, soul and spirit; just as we
    • life and to ask. How does the soul and spirit work upon the child up
    • to the change of teeth? How does the soul and spirit work upon the
    • primary school? How must we ourselves co-operate here with the soul
    • being sense-organ the child has become all soul. Not spirit as yet
    • on intellect; this would cause inner ossification in his soul. It is
    • and 14. To have in our souls a lively image of the child's nature in
    • who develops in his soul according to what he is able in his psychic
    • environment to experience in soul. The sense organs have now become
    • independent. The soul of the child has actually only just come into
    • its own. We must now treat this soul with infinite tenderness. As
    • contact with what is happening day by day in the child's soul.
    • fostered in a child often dwells in the depths of the child's soul
    • in soul and body (in his bodily life in its most comprehensive sense)
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  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture II: Spiritual Disciplines of Yesterday: Yoga
    Matching lines:
    • explanations of spirit, soul, and body to-day. During the next few
    • then is “Soul.”
    • spirit and soul so immediately as when we contemplate the
    • spiritual forces are at work, soul essences are at work. What we see
    • perceptible things is spirit, is soul; — so to be apprehended as
    • nowhere else in life — unless we have accomplished an inner soul
    • unknown. At most, soul can manifest in ordinary percepts. But we must
    • And now — using the terms spirit and soul in the sense we are
    • is spirit, in the vowels there is soul.
    • wonder, a marvelling — a soul content. This content of soul is
    • soul. It withdraws, starts back from the thing affecting it. E (EH)
    • expresses something antipathetic in the soul. Wonder: A. Antipathy: E.
    • The vowels show soul content.
    • whole relationship to the mother both according to spirit and soul.
    • attend to the way spirit and soul lie hidden in language. True we are
    • the whole human being. We see the outer form of a man. Within are soul
    • we seek reality, so when we seek the reality of spirit and soul we
    • seeking, so that we may agree upon the meaning of spirit and soul when
    • apprehend the soul in its manifestations, or expressions. We are
    • nearer to the soul than to the spirit but we do not perceive the full
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  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture III: Spiritual Disciplines of Yesterday and To-day
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    • suffering without his whole mind and soul being overwhelmed in the
    • must be non-transparent. Our normal soul-life can repose in our
    • physical organism we can attain by taking in hand our own soul's
    • antipathy, a different content of soul.
    • to-day I was not ten years ago.” The inner content of the soul,
    • and the inner formation of the soul also, have become quite different.
    • within him. Such a thing — this swimming up into the soul of what
    • sensation we can have of the soul leaving the physical body.
    • give the child, what image we are to place before his soul so as to
    • (Riddles of the Soul)
    • elementary school age (7-14) we have to do with the life of the soul
    • it is their souls that concern us; — that is to say their
    • on it is the soul of the child we have to deal with, and we must
    • conduct the development of his soul in a way that strengthens physical
    • body, by way of the soul, into the spiritual. But, as we shall see, we
    • child's soul. Now soul manifests, roughly speaking, through thinking,
    • thinking, feeling and will — the soul's life — within man's
    • Now when people speak of the nature of the human soul to-day, in this
    • materialistic age — if they allow the existence of the soul at
    • all (and one even hears of a psychology, a science of the soul, devoid
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  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture IV: Body Viewed from the Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • adult. The child cannot imitate the soul content of the sorrow, but it
    • his parents and ancestors, but is open in his senses and soul and
    • while it is physical it is the deed of the spirit and soul within the
    • this soul and spirit that it goes with and not against the health of
    • physical hindrances and also, up to a point, hindrances of the soul.
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture V: How Knowledge Can Be Nurture
    Matching lines:
    • enter into his environment with his full spirit and soul so that the
    • Certainly, but the right nurture of spirit and soul had to go with
    • paradoxical. — If, then, men had known how to permeate the soul
    • to another and hence deriving a new thing which, for the soul at all
    • soul and mind. When a child has acquired the habit of adding things
    • Thus what comes to pass in the child's soul by working with numbers
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture VI: The Teacher as Artist in Education
    Matching lines:
    • the soul and spirit.
    • soul and spirit nature reaches as far as the bone-.system. Before this
    • the soul and spirit nature is much more inward. And only now that he
    • soul. And in consequence man now gets an understanding of cause and
    • Now this enlightens us as to how we should treat the soul in children,
    • understanding in the soul. And it is this we must aim at.
    • of weight opposes the intention of the soul. Thus it gradually comes
    • we know how his soul which would soar, and his spirit which would
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture VII: The Organisation of the Waldorf School
    Matching lines:
    • colour and this is an experience of the soul. A colour experience
    • gives them a soul experience. Here you see Greece experienced in soul.
    • the soul.
    • come alive in his soul the child can awaken Greece anew from his own
    • soul. In this way the living reality of the world becomes part of a
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture VIII: Boys and Girls at the Waldorf School
    Matching lines:
    • and sound in body, free in soul and lucid in spirit. Physical health
    • and strength, freedom of soul and clarity of spirit are things mankind
    • bring it into harmony with the soul can say to himself: with this
    • whole complex of activities of soul: joy, sometimes also pain,
    • the child's soul — an activity unconstrained as yet into any form
    • the domain of the soul, the psychic domain, and for that of the
    • is to make of children human beings sound in body, free in soul, clear
    • thus you must bring out the expression of soul you want through the
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture IX: The Teachers of the Waldorf School
    Matching lines:
    • between spirit, soul and body from the standpoint of a true human
    • soul are beset by mystery. For now the will, the thing most remote
    • into the real nature of man, to know him in soul, in body and in
  • Title: Esoteric Development: Lecture IV: The Attainment of Spiritual Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • reorientation of the whole human life of soul.
    • soul are necessary for it, and, above all, it is connected with
    • itself will become a mighty force in the soul.
    • the soul, we must repose in them with our consciousness. At the
    • must gather together the whole human life of soul in order to
    • grow strong if we use them for work, so are the forces of the soul
    • even years. The forces of the soul must be strengthened and
    • activity of soul that is entirely independent of the body. One
    • now involved in an activity of soul and spirit that is
    • initiation-knowledge gives is the view of one's own life of soul, and
    • supposes. One usually supposes in the abstract that this life of soul
    • processes upon the evolution of the soul, which I have described,
    • disposition of soul in the man who is reaching out for
    • the soul. It does not impress itself in the memory in the ordinary
    • the soul, so that during these super-sensible perceptions one feels
    • combination of ideas and thereby strengthens one's life of soul. But
    • ideas, concentrating one's whole soul upon them, but one must be
    • giant in the soul. This terrible specter of our life between the
    • is what was with our soul and with our spirit in a spiritual world
    • life of our soul-spirit. Before reaching this point we saw in the
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