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  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture I: The Necessity for a Spiritual Insight
    Matching lines:
    • My first words shall be to ask your forgiveness that I cannot speak to
    • And now that I am about to speak of a method of education which in a
    • the right also to speak of what is new. For a new thing, in order to
    • spirits in natural science, we cannot, when speaking of spiritual life
    • speak to you in the following days.
    • I shall have to speak to you of the development of a knowledge which
    • equipped with the knowledge of which I shall have to speak in the next
    • the question of how a child learns to speak (I will not go into the
    • child actually learn to speak? Has he some kind of instinct whereby he
    • child one can observe that all speech and all learning to speak rests
    • art. For it is fundamental to the education of which we are speaking
    • — they do not need to speak, they only need to be there with
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture II: Spiritual Disciplines of Yesterday: Yoga
    Matching lines:
    • to speak in a more theoretical way, to speak in ideas and concepts. I
    • world outlook from which I now speak, is generally not understood
    • it — I would say: When we speak, our speech comes from words,
    • development. And to-day I wish to speak to you of one way of this
    • I speak to you here. Commonly as adult human beings we only perceive
    • be absurd to speak of the transits of Venus, just because they had not
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture III: Spiritual Disciplines of Yesterday and To-day
    Matching lines:
    • something for itself — so to speak — the moment the organic
    • speaking of “eternity,” but of “immortality.” I
    • children we were speaking, and not of introducing things in this way
    • if we were simply speaking of a grown man? An observer of life finds
    • the Waldorf School — (master it, that is, relatively speaking
    • speak of these things for the erst time. A period of thirty years lay
    • appeared, I was speaking on
    • in these children. In the next few days I shall have to speak also of
    • age in which we must no longer speak of him as a child — the age
    • child's soul. Now soul manifests, roughly speaking, through thinking,
    • Now when people speak of the nature of the human soul to-day, in this
    • but practically speaking every adult human being has four times as many
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture IV: Body Viewed from the Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • object of speaking of spiritual facts here is to answer the
    • one speaks on educational questions at the present day one finds
    • slight feeling of shame in face of the audience when speaking on
    • education, — for one realises that one is speaking of what
    • about a better education. One assumes that both the speaker and the
    • on what he perceives: — on the adult's sad manner of speaking,
    • beings within this universe. Rightly speaking all our feelings should
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture V: How Knowledge Can Be Nurture
    Matching lines:
    • is, properly speaking, to educate; and instruction is made use of as a
    • children's education. I shall be speaking further of eurhythmy, and in
    • educational principles of which we have been speaking makes great
    • of which I am here speaking this is striven for. Now, when it is a
    • co-educational school such as the Waldorf School, I shall be speaking
    • When we speak of the earth we speak as physicists, or at most as
    • Indeed I can make the thing very vivid when speaking, for instance, of
    • spiritually speaking — because its organism spontaneously rejects
    • may seem extremely paradoxical to you, but since I am speaking of
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture VI: The Teacher as Artist in Education
    Matching lines:
    • nature. On the other hand I shall speak to-morrow upon the painting
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture VII: The Organisation of the Waldorf School
    Matching lines:
    • When we speak of organisation to-day we commonly imply that something
    • is to be organised, to be arranged. But in speaking of the
    • convinced — and I speak without irony — that in these days
    • speaking a school for all classes (Einheitschule). For we had a
    • Thus the heart of the Waldorf School, if I speak of its organisation,
    • must also be able to love the illness. One must be able to speak of a
    • in the youngest classes of the school; and a child learns to speak in
    • important turning point of which I shall be speaking when. I deal with
    • teaching is taken at this time. And I shall be speaking further of
    • something done by a very little girl, comparatively speaking.
    • and the Peleponesus so. The child learns to speak through colour, and
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture VIII: Boys and Girls at the Waldorf School
    Matching lines:
    • of schools. I was speaking of the physical health and the physical
    • nature. I will speak of these later. But even in the physical respect
    • I will speak of the psychic moral aspect in the next section, and on
    • neither is it an art of dance. When a person sings or speaks he
    • enters into the movement. We do not merely speak a sound, we colour it
    • kindly movement, but this would be the same in speaking. No art of
    • through its own particular medium. A statue cannot be made to speak;
    • Naturally, when I speak of veils this does not mean that one can
    • his speaking or singing organism, can be carried over into the whole
    • I wished to-day to speak of the art of eurhythmy in so far as it forms
  • Title: Spiritual Ground: Lecture IX: The Teachers of the Waldorf School
    Matching lines:
    • ‘Can we speak to you to-day — it is very urgent — may
    • the whole class speak to you to-day? (i.e. the top class). But we only
    • herself leader of the class and wished to speak to me in the presence
    • wisdom behind the fact that formerly men did not speak simply of
    • naive once more in education. And this explains why, in speaking of a
    • Waldorf Teacher one must speak of man as a whole.
    • And with this indication that the life that speaks through the Waldorf
  • Title: Esoteric Development: Lecture IV: The Attainment of Spiritual Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • speak of meditation in its simplest forms. Today I can deal only with
    • an etheric body which is always in motion. We cannot speak
    • own corporeality, so to speak, but one gradually becomes accustomed
    • on one's own two feet. That is why in speaking of these things I
    • that spirit is not a finer, more ethereal substance. If we speak of
    • substance as positive (we might also speak of it as negative, but
    • we speak of spirit as being the negative to the positive. Let me put
    • see that we can speak of immortality too, but at all events men
    • usually speak of it from an egotistical basis. They are less
    • should not speak only of immortality; we should speak also of
    • intense than the pain of which I had to speak when I characterized

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