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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • not use the cane. Speaking of this other teacher, Tagore
    • the slightest inkling that the activity of speaking could thus
    • introduced to anatomy. Fundamentally speaking, this procedure
    • calculate the length of time of certain processes taking place
    • three hundred years from now. Technically speaking, this method
    • speaking the calculation is correct, it has no relationship to
    • little droplets of oil will shoot off at a tangent, making
    • unconsciously, “body geometry” as an activity akin
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • called walking, speaking, and thinking.
    • speaking is thinking, which should gradually become more and
    • through speaking. In its early stages, speaking is an imitation
    • comprehension of the processes taking place when a child is
    • capable of using them for speaking, they are there
    • Though incapable of making use of these organs for speech, the
    • several languages. It has had the effect of making such people
    • child's times of sleeping and waking. This means that we have
    • that a child sleeps too much, relatively speaking. In this case
    • are taking place throughout the entire being of the child.
    • speaking, from those close to the person in his or her early
    • when speaking about soft ground into which footmarks were
    • and speaking imprint what is received from the surrounding
    • But the faculty of speaking, which is developed earlier,
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • In speaking we still remain within a smaller circle of life. In
    • speaking, and thinking. And through discrimination one will
    • taking hold of a person's thinking and ideation.
    • meet in the child's threefold activity of walking, speaking,
    • When taking in the spoken word, a refined inner habit is formed
    • speaking, and thinking exert their separate influences, these
    • days. But, generally speaking, it is good if educators realize
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • existing school is something very different from making demands
    • that, ideally speaking, are justified. Here one does not have
    • of pedagogy. Generally speaking, education has followed in the
    • method of making words by adding single letters — a
    • outer things. Simply by making these sounds, one is copying
    • directions in order to capture their personalities while taking
    • their pictures (and thereby making these sessions so tedious!).
    • speaking about life's later stages of development. But it is
    • teach botany as this is done in demonstrations — taking
    • is making it into an abstraction, of course. You will have to
    • educational influence. After puberty, fundamentally speaking,
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • of enforced authority here; the authority I am speaking of must
    • matter whether actual picture-making is involved, such as
    • Strictly speaking, this law applies only to the inorganic
    • leading you back to earlier times in your life, taking you back
    • the pedagogy we are speaking of here becomes instinctive, one
    • — of making them decide between yes and no
    • of making them superficial.
    • were making a kind of a scratch upon the tender soul-substance
    • difficulties — not in taking in music, but in remembering
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • Generally speaking, people are far too unaware of what, in this
    • If one compares it with the daily process of waking up, one
    • the making of a teacher. Strictly speaking, the question of
    • who, fundamentally speaking, have not yet gained any practical
    • or her neck, mistaking it for a scarf — all of this
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • Speaking of failing an exam — and here I am speaking to
    • be accomplished than what is possible by making the kind of
    • box-making in our Waldorf school craft lessons, if it were not
    • us to change to bookbinding now, and then to box-making. All
    • bodies, thus making them useful for this earthly life, and at
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VIII:
    Matching lines:
    • in the head. But when speaking about the three main organic
    • ultimately those of sleeping and waking — also belongs to
    • waking are based physically within the human organism. The
    • considers taking an active role in Waldorf education must live
    • more important than events in waking life — they will not
    • circulation through taking some form of poison. It is important
    • speaking, is exactly the same when seen from a spiritual
    • activities — into singing, music-making, modeling, and so
    • waking. This insight, afforded by anthroposophical
    • waking.
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Introduction to a Eurythmy Performance
    Matching lines:
    • know that, in speaking, air is moved. If we made a detailed
    • Air-forms that flow out more radially from a speaking person
    • but, strictly speaking, they have to restrain what wants to
    • could compare it to someone making a wry mouth or winking an
    • eye while speaking. Any quasi-mimic eurythmy gestures need to
    • occasion when eurythmy may slide into a style akin to mime,
    • which, strictly speaking, is unwarranted, because eurythmy then
    • feeling of doing this with the larynx but of speaking with the

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