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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture I
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    • Goetheanum. And so, for the time being, we shall have to
    • being worked toward here in Dornach is not just a matter of
    • that speech came from the entire human being. I did not have
    • amount to less than the complete human being. Not that I
    • being was introduced to the boy. But another one, worse still,
    • of a human being in such a state of fragmentation seemed so
    • being as a whole.
    • nature, science has, at the same time, alienated human beings
    • from themselves. What happens when the human being is observed
    • lifeless world. Then the human being is analyzed according to
    • being.
    • then also related to the human being. This is the reason why
    • “the man in the street” sees the human being as the
    • the animal species ends with the emergence of the human being.
    • transferred to the human being who, as a result, is considered
    • yet, no true picture of the human being has arisen from these
    • human beings occupied a central position within the existing
    • being made — you may have witnessed how the rotation of
    • such a faculty, a living observation of the human being is
    • human beings. In certain areas of life this is justified. It is
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • nature of the growing human being, bearing in mind the later
    • from our findings. Knowledge of the human being made possible
    • being produced by our contemporary civilization is based mainly
    • being. What is gained through this approach then forms the
    • regarding the living, healthy human being.
    • anthroposophical approach begins by looking at the human being
    • attempts to comprehend the human being not in an abstract and
    • during a lifetime. Children are different beings depending on
    • puberty — the latter period being the time when they are
    • following puberty. Human beings are completely different
    • child's true being. Teachers need to transform their knowledge
    • of the human being into a kind of higher instinct whereby they
    • the human being differs from the usual kind, and can lead to a
    • Knowledge of the human being, which forms the basis of a sound
    • knowledge of the human being has permeated flesh and blood as
    • knowledge of human beings has such inner fullness that it can
    • said: “The human being learns more for the whole of life
    • statics and dynamics in one's own inner being and to relate
    • weight is being transferred from one leg to the other. The way
    • being.
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • observe the human being completely without distinguishing
    • the organization of the whole human being, who is made up of
    • happening there, so human beings during the first period of
    • fundamentally an imitative being. But the kind of inner
    • expressions are so fine that even a human being could not
    • constantly being renewed, a very close soul communication
    • another human being with whom I am more intimately connected
    • reflects what is most spiritual in the human being.
    • spirituality only connected with the individual human being,
    • anthroposophy the I-being of the human individual. For
    • human being that is entirely different from the individual I.
    • the animal it is connected more with the inner being, creating
    • do not mind if, for the time being, you treat these statements
    • the human being that can lead us to a true form of education,
    • the human being's highest member, the I, is the first to
    • Only later in life, when the human being gains the capacity to
    • and religious sentiment aimed at the child's well-being will
    • attitude, becomes a different being between the change of teeth
    • of all the activities being performed within its environment
    • them, cannot grow into a free human beings. Freedom is won only
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • what we understand as knowledge of the human being. Some of
    • that this knowledge of the human being is not the kind that
    • of indications, to what such knowledge of the human being can
    • In our day, when everybody is so clever — I am not being
    • a truly individual knowledge of what the human being is. This
    • this has to be considered if one wishes to see what is being
    • through inadequate knowledge of the human being, all kinds of
    • wants to flow from their own being. The right way of
    • working upon the physical organization and which now are being
    • This is because the entire human being is active in writing.
    • to learn to read too early. By doing so, something is being
    • way the human being is treated — one could almost say
    • lead to misconceptions about what a human being is. You need
    • implying that the human being is a solid organism — if
    • with the growing human being. It is essential to have this
    • human being and find our way, unimpeded by generally accepted
    • words imitate sounds that come from different beings or
    • from being the result of imitation, they enable human beings to
    • threatening bark, human beings — if their feelings are
    • comprehend the human being in depth.
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • human being, passively to the external world's influences. But
    • human being that is entirely human and pictorial. This is why
    • in their students were to speak now of the human being as a
    • description of the human being remains with the child until
    • not study the human being directly as an object, because
    • animal world in the human being. This can form the new content
    • reached the necessary maturity to study the human being as a
    • the child's soul, that the human being as seen physically is
    • the upper region. The result is a human being whose physical
    • the human being, contemporary scientific life has produced two
    • being develops, and about how we have to give appropriate
    • human being consists of a physical body, etheric body, astral
    • body, and I-being. As long as one merely evaluates these
    • human being: The physical body is born at birth. It develops
    • four members of the human being, one is likely to look at these
    • differentiations as being nonsense — or at least,
    • one knows about the whole human being. You see, if we look at
    • to know that the etheric has the characteristic of being the
    • nature of the human being, and that it contradicts the truth.
    • human being, in whom a constant oscillation occurs between the
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • something that must already flow into the human being when the
    • being toward whatever comes from the periphery through the
    • fellow human beings, and in how they express their gratitude.
    • whole human being during the first period of life, will
    • being of the child, without as yet working outward — this
    • without being reminded of its categorical imperative. And this
    • thankfulness for being in this world at all (which is something
    • human being, that will be upright, honest, and true. As for
    • and love for fellow human beings awaken in the child, and the
    • being, and this is why it has to be planted when the child's
    • stir; slowly the eyelids struggle free of being closed;
    • human being bore too many marks of physical heredity, education
    • human beings without bothering to know them, because we no
    • our discussion. Without being aware of it, children ask
    • look at the dreadful experiments being carried out in Soviet
    • and its relationship to social classes is being drummed not
    • millions of people are being indoctrinated so that they see it
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • the kind of education, based on knowledge of the human being
    • rules, his inner being could remain flexible with regard to the
    • relationship to the nature of the growing human being; they are
    • that arise directly from the evolving human being. Remember
    • maturity, from the inner being of the adolescent, the third
    • controlled by, for example, being fixed into a rigid iron frame
    • properly as a human being into society. And then, from the
    • form of education is being implemented that considers fully the
    • something of real substance about being and becoming in the
    • Knowledge of the human being calls on us to make adequate
    • wise Greek had to put up with being told by an Egyptian,
    • For many, a failed graduation exam means being cast out of the
    • based on an understanding of the human being: Will young
    • Despite all obstacles, the practical activities are being
    • those that will make the human individual, as a being of body,
    • part of becoming a full human being. The important thing in
    • human being. And the part played by arts and crafts at a
    • have a fructifying influence. The entire teaching body, being
    • about the human being — not to mention psychology, which
    • being is manufactured. If this picture is used as a means of
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VIII:
    Matching lines:
    • being in the right way. And here it must be understood that
    • systems of the human being — the nerve-sense
    • everything of a rhythmic nature in the human being, is mainly
    • physical well-being of the students, we must always allow a
    • radiating out into the entire being of the child, effectively
    • the three systems of the human being. It definitely allows one
    • being is mirrored in these dreams, either in a hygienic or in a
    • being for outer life, nevertheless, plays an important part
    • easily reproach nature for being tremendously wasteful.
    • many other problems, are being worked through from a
    • being — that is, the psychic, physical, and spiritual
    • pushing and shoving, goading others into retaliating, are being
    • organism whose lifeblood was being drawn out, or that was
    • slowly being asphyxiated.
    • teach them French and English — the aim not being so much
    • unfortunately) how our pupils are being directed into artistic
    • fundamental for a human being to overcome any hindrance that
    • structure of the human being, is one of the most wonderful
    • and hardens, whereby, inwardly, the human being can no longer
    • being through the mutual interplay between the organs of the
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Introduction to a Eurythmy Performance
    Matching lines:
    • During the course of life, a human being progresses from the
    • beings communicate with each another, we would find that a
    • moving-air gestures, just as we can see the human being in
    • human being, or at least of part of the human being. And within
    • These air movements are being studied carefully. But instead of
    • Poets experience the meaning of a poem with their entire being,
    • say that of everything being produced in the art of poetry,
    • experienced poetry is encountered by the whole human being, and
    • being. What a poet tries to accomplish through imagination,
    • This has been strived for in the art of speech being cultivated
    • being poets want to give to the world what they bring down into
    • earthly incarnation. But, being restricted to the medium and
    • eurythmy slides into a form of dancing, it is being brutalized.
    • expression — that is, the human being, who is a
    • of mime uses only one side of the human being, as do the other
    • an external instrument, nor on any one part of the human being,
    • Solothurn, this edict being nullified only in 1976, it had to
    • — in Soviet Russia. There freedom is being exterminated
    • into being. Concerning the building of the Goetheanum, matters
    • who participate to realize that what is being cultivated here
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