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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture I
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    • learned at school, for these must flow together into the great
    • whether or not something is correct, whether or not it is
    • logically correct; but we have lost the habit of asking whether
    • or astronomical analogies, everything seems to fit together
    • neatly, depending on whether I happen to be a youngster or an
    • this respect everything in life is linked together. What we do
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • whether they are going through the development between birth
    • together, when you see how in the process of sentence formation
    • Whether these processes take their proper course depends on
    • stronger working together of these inner dynamics — of
    • images. In the child all this flows together into a unity far
    • whether it does so more with the heel or with the toes, whether
    • it has a firm footstep or whether it creeps along — a
    • later life. Thus, we may say that together with the spiritual
    • character, whether it will develop into a morally good or bad
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • circles. Whether a child first puts down the heel or the toes
    • anyone else who is close. Whether a child is more inclined to
    • is happening where we could say that the human etheric body is
    • emerge, followed by the astral body and etheric body.
    • organization, working in the I, astral, and etheric bodies, is
    • transformed soul quality, and seems to disappear altogether.
    • pictorial. Pictures work on the senses. Altogether, during the
    • circulation. This all comes together in the breathing process,
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • come together to work out a perfect program for school reform,
    • of people have come together to discuss and decide what the
    • work together with what the child wants inwardly during and
    • difference to them whether they chose a crystal or a blossom as
    • folded together like a closed fan. This is how one can bring
    • that is, heart and mind together.] The powers of mental imagery
    • makes all the difference whether children, during the age of
    • whether, by witnessing the teacher's underlying religious
    • eliminate religion altogether, and who maintain the opinion
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • year do they experience a dim longing to gather together the
    • teeth, we can look at the child's physical and etheric bodies
    • precipitated, leaving the etheric free to work
    • matter whether actual picture-making is involved, such as
    • human being consists of a physical body, etheric body, astral
    • of teeth. During these early years the etheric body and all the
    • nature of the etheric has a quality all its own. During the
    • last forty or fifty years natural science has seen the etheric
    • the theories formulated concerning the essence of the etheric,
    • reached the degree that many people assert that the etheric is
    • etheric is not much more than differential quotients flying
    • what the etheric is, and this in itself is admirable enough.
    • real significance will be discovered about the etheric. One has
    • to know that the etheric has the characteristic of being the
    • the etheric. Physical matter fills up space, and the etheric
    • This applies also to the human etheric body. Our relationship
    • to the physical and etheric bodies consists of our constantly
    • destroying and renewing ourselves. The etheric continually
    • suction process of the etheric, whose forces destroy matter,
    • the physical body, and with the etheric body and its
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • for teachers and pupils to be together. The only possible
    • degree, whether chemistry, geography, or geology. And yet, the
    • difference, therefore, whether a teacher writes on the
    • Whether the teacher writes the figure seven like this:
    • Whether it is written in an artistic, in a less-refined, or
    • Whether the word leaf is written in the first or second
    • Whether the teacher enters the classroom in a dignified manner,
    • or whether the teacher tries to cut a fine figure, speaks
    • directly to the child. Likewise, whether the teacher is always
    • wintertime, whether it could even happen that the teacher
    • whether unpleasant and ugly, or charming and pleasant.
    • really begins to wonder whether in such a case it would even be
    • But this is an altogether different matter. I have mentioned
    • reaches the sphere of consciousness) of whether a teacher makes
    • up to one or another pupil during lessons or whether she or he
    • difference to the pupils whether teachers have prepared
    • least people can work together again in the social sphere. But
    • output, it makes no difference whether someone cuts a certain
    • quantity of firewood within a given time, or whether — if
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • alienate them from life in the world — whether one
    • educational aims without considering whether or not one might
    • whether a Waldorf school could be opened anywhere in the world,
    • students in that class. This all flows together in the staff
    • indifference whether the stomach is properly attuned to the
    • head, so in a school it is not insignificant whether a lesson
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VIII:
    Matching lines:
    • people. The shock that follows, together with its moral and
    • of the working together of soul, body, and spirit into the new
    • escapes one's notice. Nevertheless, when working together in
    • seats choleric children together in one corner of the
    • seating the phlegmatics together, one lets them
    • Whether a teacher draws substance to nourish the souls of
    • whether this is done by using what was presented in the
    • instrumental in bringing together the genius of Heaven with the
    • Beyond whether this was received by one or another participant
    • and love that have flowed together during this course, good
    • outer conditions, whether a city school, a country school or
    • Whether this would be allowed to happen, whether the
    • even tomorrow, but the real question is whether permission for
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Introduction to a Eurythmy Performance
    Matching lines:
    • interpretation. It depends entirely on whether the speaker
    • or a lack of freedom and democracy, definitely belong together,
    • it. He also worked toward opening the school. Together with
    • together like this is a joyful event, because it causes those

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