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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture I
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    • not draw my particular interest. Nevertheless it is interesting
    • mechanism of each single part might be, surely it would always
    • did not particularly disturb me. But an amputated leg, which was
    • obvious detail has been overlooked — that this particular
    • are the least compatible partners, whereas writing and drawing
    • cools, and leaves the upper part clearer, so there is also a
    • sediment, as well as its counterpart: the clear solution within
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • on what remains when the human spirit and part of the human
    • thinking, as we all know. They arise in that part of the human
    • If an animal grows into a cow, the cause of this particular
    • especially so into the more refined parts of their
    • organization. The coarser parts are able to withstand these
    • in through speech flows into the finer parts of the child's
    • one will be able to find the correct answers to particular
    • between the part played by purely physical heredity and that of
    • Often we hear it said that someone has inherited a particular
    • and particularly so in the brain and the nervous system.
    • essential to recognize all three constituent parts: body, soul,
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • refined faculty of discrimination, and this is particularly
    • walk.” I have already mentioned that a part of this
    • just one particular sense organ — that a young child is
    • connection is with the particular person, the affinity
    • pictorially: Just as the finer particles fall through the
    • that motivates a child to imitate one particular person. But if
    • only in deeply religious devotion or during participation in a
    • Herr von Osten of Berlin, who played such a prominent part in
    • small part of this formative element and use it to develop
    • child's whole life. We can first observe it in a particular
    • certain soulspiritual constitution, particularly in the years
    • Children at this particular stage in life who have not learned
    • the development of a child's memory is particularly strong at
    • irritation or overstimulation, particularly in the nervesense
    • can see from this that the child responds to particular outer
    • pedagogical instinct. One begins to see how here one particular
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • it, for it is all part of school life — with a definite
    • Particularly during the nineteenth century, programs for
    • part of the word, gradually getting the child to pronounce
    • abstract. It should be evolved by degrees as part of the whole
    • not enter society as a whole, particularly because of the
    • while the largest part by far is liquid, but we are also
    • body is outside again. We are part of the surrounding air that
    • particular perspective because it appears to be so convincing.
    • sound is part of a word, it has already entered the external
    • long as one argues only from this particular premise, it is
    • living metamorphosis. What is correct in one particular
    • own separate existence either, because it is part of Earth. You
    • it is part of a whole organism. If cut off, it ceases to be a
    • progressing from the whole to the parts, we comprehend reality.
    • It can happen all too easily that we treat a separate part in a
    • that it is part of the child's being. This is revealed
    • particularly clearly through the child's religious orientation
    • religion lessons? Or, more precisely: What part of the child
    • authority, are brought up in a particular religious belief, or
    • becoming part of them, and does not resurface in the form of
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • they learn about — even if it is part of inorganic nature
    • every animal form we can see a part of the human organism, but
    • you to be told that teachers should relate parts of the human
    • The precipitate represents the denser parts, while a more
    • body. Part of the soul substance must always remain behind,
    • spiritual counterpart has become too insubstantial. This
    • attention to each particular stage in the life of children.
    • about the ninth year they want to participate in the formation
    • Those two subjects in particular must be presented pictorially
    • particles in the blood serum, but not concerning the whole
    • an integral part in forming judgments or criticisms. If you
    • demand and readiness at this particular stage.
    • This is the physical aspect. The soul and spiritual counterpart
    • dynamic impression; until a particular time during the Middle
    • Another characteristic sign at this particular stage is that,
    • whereas previously the instrumental and vocal parts of a piece
    • join in with the singing, it is now heard as a separate part.
    • the part played by musical instruments is characteristic of
    • toward a particular musical direction. If pupils of that age
    • particularly important at this age. Of course, the teacher, who
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • educator, you are part of the social setting, and that you
    • schooling. It is just as much part of teaching as what is done
    • faced with a particularly difficult task. Into everything
    • right touch during this particular age. If teachers could feel
    • remember at this particular age.
    • education should be part of the social question, and it must
    • to the child during this particular time. It makes all the
    • actual words that teachers speak are merely part of this
    • depths of the feeling life that also play a part. For example,
    • What part do teachers and educators have to play in all of
    • particular, continues: “... so that the Holy Spirit may
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • experience this other aspect with particular acuity.
    • particular age is based on the fact that it marks the end of a
    • unfold as a part of natural development, based only on
    • emerge, the experience of which is an essential part of
    • hand to whatever needs doing. This is simply part of life. In
    • another particular subject, that knowledge of the Egyptian
    • inconsistent with fulfilling the needs of a particular school
    • who make it their particular task to come to understand the
    • at a particular time in my life — which may seem somewhat
    • with Waldorf pedagogy, but simply a part of my destiny. This
    • particularly human activity has particular consequences to most
    • introduced into the curriculum at a particular age determined
    • part of becoming a full human being. The important thing in
    • this case is not that a pupil makes a particular cardboard box
    • are part of the practical activities that play a dominant role
    • human being. And the part played by arts and crafts at a
    • particular situation. In itself this knowledge already presents
    • particular subject, taught by one of the teachers, affects a
    • part of the human body.
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VIII:
    Matching lines:
    • is at the same time localized in a definite part of the
    • the child is particularly vulnerable to childhood diseases at
    • particular age, when the rhythmic system plays such a dominant
    • part has been treated improperly, one way or another, in outer
    • method of teaching the actual lessons plays a large part in the
    • be part of whatever we do with our classes, particularly during
    • bent on developing the physical part of the child according to
    • being for outer life, nevertheless, plays an important part
    • psychological and pneumatological aspect as part of a common
    • insofar as they actively take part in all the meetings —
    • stomach; each form a part of one organism. It may be
    • mention this because it is all part of the living spirit that
    • must never be satisfied with having comprehended one particular
    • beyond memory, and very much apart from what one may or may not
    • upper part of the human being wants to influence the lower
    • part. By directing the child's entire organism toward the realm
    • Beyond whether this was received by one or another participant
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Introduction to a Eurythmy Performance
    Matching lines:
    • breath is always directed, partly by human will forces aided by
    • the relevant physical organs, and partly by human thought.
    • human being, or at least of part of the human being. And within
    • particular part of the physical body is certainly a kind of
    • Apart from the image-creating quality and the plasticity of
    • soul-spiritual counterpart (which ordinarily flows into the
    • an external instrument, nor on any one part of the human being,
    • the other hand, particular qualities are created by altering
    • The course participants expressed the wish to start an
    • world?”) is in that part of Europe looked upon by so many
    • interests in this country. For my part, I feel convinced that,
    • Steiner actively participated in the preparations for the
    • who participate to realize that what is being cultivated here
    • particular apathy. Matters have gone so far that if this
    • upper part and animal-like features below.
    • ideal form, while the lower part of the carving is still
    • I were to tell you even a small part of the untruths, real
    • particular case, it was very important for me to rectify
    • put these things before you as the counterpart of the positive

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