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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • One day the painter and some of his fellow students decided
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • misery.”) If such a question is asked by students of
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • change schools they appear less capable than the other students
    • your lessons properly, you will be able to give your students
    • allow our young students to grow gradually and naturally into
    • the usual classification has little real meaning for students
    • should the religion lessons be planned for the students between
    • young students gradually from the divine-spiritual in nature,
    • students for the possibility of comprehending through their own
    • period we must work into the depths of the students' souls
    • this process if we do not offer our students the possibility to
    • intend to teach our students to become anthroposophists. We
    • Catholic students are taught by visiting Catholic priests, and
    • our Protestant students by visiting Protestant ministers.
    • Waldorf students, whose parents are free-thinkers, and who
    • students now attend the religion lessons presented by Waldorf
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • students' evolving life of feeling. It is really very important
    • in their students were to speak now of the human being as a
    • can show their students how what is concentrated within one
    • students in such a living way that their joint efforts, in and
    • will give students something that will serve their later lives.
    • established with the students.
    • should not introduce students to the mineral kingdom until
    • year it is impossible to awaken in students an understanding of
    • appeal, above all, to the students' feelings. This can be
    • students' minds (in the sense mentioned). Causal links between
    • ask students to make judgments (which always have a yes
    • must not make the mistake of wanting to prove to students, when
    • relationship between teacher and students can be established
    • students feel that, until now, their teacher has not yet shown
    • students' feeling that their teacher can grow beyond even the
    • authority and hold over students around the ages of nine to
    • subject before students have had an intensive experience of
    • begins to weaken a little, with the effect that students have
    • students' practical experience of it. Gradually it should
    • older students do some modeling, and from the very beginning
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • on how one's material is brought to the students during
    • relationship between teachers and students of this age can come
    • it would never occur to students to be impudent.
    • with the feeling that all of one's students should become
    • endowed with the genius that some of their students will
    • from the students, then they will properly educate potential
    • students, then the hoped-for results of this education can also
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • at the end of the road that our students do not fit into life
    • be alienating one's students from surrounding life.
    • first three years the students in our school are to be
    • three years, the students of the Waldorf school should be able
    • in their fourteenth year, our students should have reached
    • it is still workable until the students' twelfth year. However,
    • usually told that such students are behind in reading and
    • skills as students in another school, who were drilled using
    • students. But afterward, the situation begins to get more and
    • practical aspects of the students' future lives.
    • by insight into the students' development. These things are all
    • or binds a book, but that the students have gone through the
    • students in that class. This all flows together in the staff
    • leading students into a foggy mysticism, the principles and
    • between teachers and students, as well as the
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VIII:
    Matching lines:
    • physical well-being of the students, we must always allow a
    • started, there were just over one hundred students in the
    • instill the necessary idealism for life in their students,
    • students from the different qualities of the four Gospels, or
    • students might typically be given a geography lesson from 8 to
    • extent what happens to the students' spirit, soul, and body,
    • students, regardless of which school they attend. Doubts and

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