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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture I
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    • being worked toward here in Dornach is not just a matter of
    • wonderful works of art.” Unwrapping the paper, he showed
    • From such data the level of my premium can be worked out very
    • to state: What has been working until the seventh year in the
    • child, working toward liberation during the change of teeth,
    • working in the physical body up to the end of the first
    • the soul forces previously engaged in working within the
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture II
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    • child, work in full coordination in walking, while the body's
    • the legs are working upwards into speech, and how the content,
    • how the beat-like, rhythmical element of the moving legs works
    • works through sound and speech from their surroundings —
    • mouth to the world processes that work through language, and I
    • stronger working together of these inner dynamics — of
    • soul on the basis of heredity and as a result of the working of
    • coming from the child's environment, works upon the child's
    • working through its surroundings, it does something
    • of matter because it cannot see the spirit working through
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • Here we see the work of what we have been calling in
    • working. This astral body can also be observed in the animal
    • world, but there it does not work in an outward direction. In
    • working. Only when we come to human sense perception do we find
    • organization, working in the I, astral, and etheric bodies, is
    • working on the physical body until the change of teeth. All
    • three members are working in the physical body.
    • see, what has been working physically during the first period
    • worked on inwardly, approximately between the seventh and
    • pictorial. Pictures work on the senses. Altogether, during the
    • work on the child. Then, with the onset of the second set of
    • stage, we work on children through the medium of language.
    • emerging ensouled habit, the actual memory, which works
    • activities also work from the head downward. At the change of
    • working through the child are striving toward inwardly mobile
    • expected to learn and work with these apparently meaningless
    • released and expressed outwardly in how the child works with
    • been working through language until this point, now becomes
    • free to work independently. Previously, the forces that work
    • these forces (which work also in many other spheres — in
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • thereafter to be worked on inwardly. Most of all, we have to be
    • has not yet become practical to open a kindergarten. The work
    • come together to work out a perfect program for school reform,
    • helping oneself, but where existing impulses have to be worked
    • they offer the possibility of working pragmatically and out of
    • serious side of life, with all its demands in daily work, is
    • an adult's work is that an adult's contribution to society is
    • within. Adult work takes the opposite direction, namely inwards
    • play to work. And if one is able to answer in practical terms
    • transformed into work, one has solved the fundamental problem
    • want to imitate the work of the adults, special games have been
    • the work taken from daily life so that it becomes suitable for
    • special circumstances — such as work that requires
    • It is time-consuming work for which hardly any previous
    • “spade-work” has thus far been done. One needs to
    • working — artistic impulses that allow the child to
    • sublime powers of wisdom, of which we are totally unaware, work
    • working upon the physical organization and which now are being
    • work together with what the child wants inwardly during and
    • because only the head has to work. Reading has already become
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • forces were working in every moment of life. For me to use the
    • working,” may sound strange, but this is only because of
    • This will element works very intensively throughout the child's
    • satisfaction, they work in harmony with their own formative
    • This approach simply does not work. On the other hand,
    • Until the seventh year, soul forces are working in all of the
    • precipitated, leaving the etheric free to work
    • spectators. During this time teachers have to work with their
    • painting, drawing, or similar activities; all of the work, the
    • other forces are fully engaged in working on the child's
    • physical body; they are soul and spiritual forces working in
    • mechanics that work in space, existing merely as some kind of
    • years old. In your astral body, forces are always at work,
    • appalling when a teacher's ideas and concepts have been worked
    • their work will always display distinctly individual features.)
    • work toward a balanced musical feeling and understanding is
    • work in this way before the student reaches puberty. After
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • growth forces — working in the child in an inward
    • being of the child, without as yet working outward — this
    • This contact should always be worked for, because teachers
    • three-quarters, to fourteen or fifteen, work in these subjects
    • support they need to do their work. Such an attitude — or
    • actions that work on the child, but what lives behind them,
    • work so hard to learn what even they don't know?
    • for work in the class, but they could easily infect other
    • properly, love of work will develop. While gratitude must be
    • find the self. Then love of work will develop. This love of
    • work has to grow freely on the strength of what has already
    • been attained. This is love of work in general and also love
    • image, a conscious attitude toward love of work, a love of
    • transmuted into the proper view of work, and this is what we
    • kind of people who live and work under any of these systems.
    • least people can work together again in the social sphere. But
    • merely work externally, you will produce no tangible results.
    • Marx's major work, Das Kapital (Capital),
    • wants to base the value of work on the human energy spent
    • the value of work consists of calculating the food consumption
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • children of the workers in his cigarette factory, and which was
    • be worked out. In it I made the following points: During the
    • this plan has worked fairly well. At that level it has been
    • it is still workable until the students' twelfth year. However,
    • However, as previously mentioned, it is relatively easy to work
    • increasingly difficult to find a workable compromise in our way
    • work performed by the two sexes will find its natural course
    • and that they gain a working idea of how paper is made, for
    • be made possible. It has to be worked toward with honest and
    • the grade level in our school, the less one can work toward all
    • the preparatory work. This is what happened and we still need
    • the heart to work normally again, such a “cured”
    • physical realities of the body, because spirit works in every
    • structures of the forces that work through matter. Similarly,
    • expand the practical type of work, and, of course, difficulties
    • had worked out a remarkable document, the deeper aspects of
    • the express aim of working toward the creation of such a
    • about every move toward an expansion of this work, which may
  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VIII:
    Matching lines:
    • these three systems interpenetrate one another, that they work
    • of this means that, although the three systems work naturally
    • in the child's growth and nourishing processes work mainly
    • influences that work on the child will remain as after-effects
    • anyone who knows that spirit is working in all physical or
    • working of soul and spirit brought about by physical means.
    • mutual working of body, soul, and spirit can greatly benefit
    • of the working together of soul, body, and spirit into the new
    • details are not as important, because they can always be worked
    • would not work. First of all, new arrivals do not come neatly
    • escapes one's notice. Nevertheless, when working together in
    • many other problems, are being worked through from a
    • to discuss and work through pathological and therapeutic
    • they are worked through in depth. In this way, much can be
    • worked through by the teachers in these meetings, creating a
    • They can work only with the head, which is precisely what
    • awareness of the divine forces working within, one will be fed
    • the working of God, when it has led to an awareness of the
    • a result of working in this way, something has emerged in the
    • turn, works back upon the functions of the nervous system. The
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  • Title: Child's Changing Consciousness: Introduction to a Eurythmy Performance
    Matching lines:
    • a poet's work, it must not place the primary emphasis on prose
    • the work of a genuine poet, therefore, a hidden eurythmy is
    • you want to allow eurythmy to work on the soul properly, you
    • intended to work as a kind of “light eurythmy,” to
    • for a great variety of views, just as a musical work can be
    • of co-workers in the Goetheanum. However, since private schools
    • activities are the outcome of anthroposophical work — for
    • working in medicine on the basis of anthroposophical research,
    • it. He also worked toward opening the school. Together with

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