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  • Title: Lecture: Three Epochs in the Religious Education of Man
    Matching lines:
    • it is not to be lost as a fact of knowledge.
    • of facts and discoveries of knowledge, but an impulse to an
  • Title: Education: Lecture I: Science, Art, Religion and Morality
    Matching lines:
    • lie in previous activities and this very fact gives one the right
    • in the Waldorf-Astoria Factory, and as the Director was a member of
    • express my gratitude for the fact that you have dedicated your
    • do in primeval ages, when knowledge brought him inner satisfaction as it
    • unscientific, but the fact remains that man cannot be grasped by
    • consist in the fact that fundamentally one must touch upon matters
  • Title: Education: Lecture II: Principles of Greek Education
    Matching lines:
    • instance, the fact that an old man's needs are different from those
    • of a child. In the case of Nature we respect this fact of
    • fact of the general evolution of humanity. We do not take account of
    • the fact that centuries ago there lived a humanity very different
    • them. The fact that the Oriental only looked to the bodily nature was
    • due to the fact that the Greek was the result of colonization from
  • Title: Education: Lecture III: Greek Education and the Middle Ages
    Matching lines:
    • act again within the entire course of earthly life. Now this fact
    • The fact that the physical force decreases in the seventh year and
    • The very glory of his culture and civilization arose from the fact
    • three factors, without which it is unthinkable.
    • three factors must be remembered by the modern educationalist when he
    • so the delight of those who look back with inner satisfaction on what
    • of slavery. That is one factor.
    • factor is that of the whole position of woman in Greek social life.
    • proceeded through the forces of Nature. This was the second factor.
    • factor lies deeper down, and its nature makes it difficult for modern
    • revelation of primeval wisdom is no more to be found — a fact
    • progress consists in the fact that the primal wisdom no longer comes
    • labours, this is related to the third factor in Greek education. Thus
    • be dissociated from these three factors • ancient slavery, the
    • education were an outcome of the fact that it was based upon
    • at times it is true that he does in fact experience these things. But
    • proof of the fact that we have no conception of the kind of memory
    • the fact that shorthand writers have to attend when lectures are
    • of recognition of this fact that Waldorf School education has arisen.
    • the given factors of the moment. How, then, must we educate free
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  • Title: Education: Lecture IV: The Connection of the Spirit with Bodily Organs
    Matching lines:
    • the fact that I point to the highest level of culture. For that which
    • fact, one nebulous and hypothetical and the other real, and we do not
    • earthly existence on account of all the facts which I have described,
    • one becomes aware of how in actual fact at this important time round
  • Title: Education: Lecture V: The Emancipation of the Will in the Human Organism
    Matching lines:
    • indeed, is not known to-day but it is a fact of fundamental
    • fact that the forces streaming from the head to the feet and from the
    • the fact that education must consist in bringing the will, which
    • about education. As a matter of fact people speak as a rule very
    • in the fact that no longer is it known how the development of man
    • lost is expressed above all in the fact that understanding of what
    • material perception, becomes the decisive factor. And we see how
    • WORD,” and grapples on to outer facts of sense. The WORD, the
  • Title: Education: Lecture VI: Walking, Speaking, Thinking
    Matching lines:
    • embryonic state — in fact, at that period least of all. A
    • fact, all education of the child is at the same time physical education.
    • fact that to begin with the whole organism is active when the child is
  • Title: Education: Lecture VII: The Rhythmic System, Sleeping and Waking, Imitation
    Matching lines:
    • imagery, and this fact should indicate to us the fundamental
    • to the fact that sound educational principles can only arise from a
    • rich, so rich in fact that this richness must somehow be modified.
    • it is dealing with facts) that the child ought to make this or that
    • has a cold, matter-of-fact feeling for the good, whereas one who has
    • form of punishment had been entirely superseded. As a matter of fact, what
    • and this fact intensifies the longing for its recognition. What does
    • But as a matter of fact materialism does not even understand matter, but
  • Title: Education: Lecture VIII: Reading, Writing and Nature Study
    Matching lines:
    • solely in the fact that it grows on the head of a man, or on the skin
    • the child's attention to the fact that a moist earth, earth inwardly watery
    • is indeed a fact that just as the sun draws the coloured blossom out
    • diverse animal species to man who is, in fact, the synthesis of the
    • of educational work must be net merely to teach facts about the plants
  • Title: Education: Lecture IX: Arithmetic, Geometry, History
    Matching lines:
    • figures and perfect them. If we are aware of this fact and plan our
    • for in reality we then begin over again and in fact count what has been
    • fact that we are far advanced in our methods of counting compared
    • right to teach in this way, is to ignore the factors that are at
    • not forget and then remember again! The part played by the fact of
    • consciously, but as a matter of fact when judgments are rooted
    • abstract; the teacher himself as a human being must be the vital factor.
  • Title: Education: Lecture X: Physics, Chemistry, Handwork, Language, Religion
    Matching lines:
    • factory-spinning. They should also have some knowledge of elementary
    • technical chemistry, of the preparation and manufacture of colours
    • because of their materialism, but in point of fact they are
    • fact the great majority of the children attend, although we have made
  • Title: Education: Lecture XI: Memory, Temperaments, Bodily Culture and Art
    Matching lines:
    • of the nature of man brings the following facts to light. It is really
    • then, if it is not too late — in fact a great deal can be
    • you can see if only from the fact that the writing lessons begin with
    • counterbalancing factors leading to art, factors that enable man at

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