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  • Title: Lecture: Three Epochs in the Religious Education of Man
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    • deeper reality.
    • has enabled to gaze with unbiased vision into the reality of life,
    • realise that the constitution of the human soul in the first epoch of
    • the human memory from them. What really constitutes the substance of
    • of growth, metamorphoses of life. They knew the reality of a
    • reality of soul and Spirit and then felt the need to understand why
    • he was clothed in a physical body so foreign to his real being. It
    • thousands of years before the Mystery of Golgotha that man really
  • Title: Education: Lecture I: Science, Art, Religion and Morality
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    • also points to the practice and realizations in daily life of a living
    • visited us this year at Stuttgart will have realized how essentially Waldorf
    • educational methods applied there can really no longer be described
    • will have realized this from the first. It is not, of course, unusual
    • been no real knowledge of man in regard to education and teaching.
    • for only so can this Course bear real fruit.
    • developing separately and we no longer realize their common origin.
    • from which, as far as possible, art is eliminated. It is really
    • the laws of Nature, we must pass over into the realm of art. A heresy
    • we are sufficiently unbiased can we realize that scientific
    • realized that thinking is not merely a matter of stimulus from
    • indeed a true picture of it. And now the point is to realize that we
    • their own reality within them. Then, however, we must next be able to
    • realizes that spiritual forces of cognition are needed for knowledge
    • itself is of the nature of a picture, but to the spiritual reality
    • the arts to a realization of the super-sensible in the life of
    • the social question as one of morality and religion can we really
  • Title: Education: Lecture II: Principles of Greek Education
    Matching lines:
    • also points to the practice and realizations in daily life of a living
    • of esteem in the really brilliant achievements of all countries
    • change, but those who study the Middle Ages intimately will realize
    • the Middle Ages, to realize that the ideal there is not the knower,
    • which really ought to be understood, must carefully observe what has
    • right light. Greek civilization was really a continuation, an
    • striving for the spirit by methods that were really based upon the
    • plucked, for he knew the soul and spirit, he knew the reality of what
    • strange experience to realize how the spiritual culture of Greece,
    • teaching and education (which really date from earlier times) laugh
    • of the spiritual world, only in Greece, of course, this realization
    • have really done to-day by giving an introductory description of an
  • Title: Education: Lecture III: Greek Education and the Middle Ages
    Matching lines:
    • also points to the practice and realizations in daily life of a living
    • education, without knowledge of which one cannot really educate or
    • Indeed, without knowledge of it we really ought not to venture upon
    • the education of children. For unless we realise the far-reaching
    • tempered with the tragic realization that it was achieved at the cost
    • is really a paradox to modern man, but he must, none the less, grow
    • which modern man simply does not realise, was deeply rooted in
    • educate, realizing as we do that these three a priori conditions
    • to achieve through my body. The real aim of Greek life was to make
    • example, men came to the conscious realization that slavery ought not
    • to be; to the realization that women must be respected. At this time
    • imprisoned ‘Nature,’ this reality. The historical course
    • teachers in schools, this is what we must realize: We must offer to
    • are conscious of this we shall realize to what a great extent
  • Title: Education: Lecture IV: The Connection of the Spirit with Bodily Organs
    Matching lines:
    • also points to the practice and realizations in daily life of a living
    • human evolution are really due to the belief that ancient epochs,
    • practical commonsense to reality. And if we understand this
    • the limits of the cultural life, rules, in reality, the whole of
    • an outstanding symptom, in reality dominates every sphere, and is the
    • time the spirit is really only a mental conception — a spirit
    • associated with one another. This really is the essence of the
    • ways of associations of ideas as the real inner essence of spiritual
    • ourselves, upon what we really are, as spirit, in these
    • way about education and to approach the real essence of education
    • then, thoughts must begin really to live in the teacher.
    • fact, one nebulous and hypothetical and the other real, and we do not
    • understand this real man as the Greek understood him. We squint, as
    • that is practical in the real sense of the word. From what I have
    • which we really only grasp intellectually, to the human being, how we
    • before them. It is realized that the teeth are necessary for eating;
    • imaginative. Nothing whatever can really be grasped by
    • realize that everything in man which is subject to gravity, his
    • There in the teeth is my outer countenance! When we really come to
    • definite form. A real image of the spirit begins to arise in Nature
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  • Title: Education: Lecture V: The Emancipation of the Will in the Human Organism
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    • also points to the practice and realizations in daily life of a living
    • will really remains bound up with the organism longest of all. Until
    • education is really based on this question. For why do
    • as a matter of course, when one realises that it is an interference
    • feel and realize nowadays that alteration must be made in education.
    • question alone is really practical and pertinent to the nature of
    • equally assume that they know perfectly well what really good
    • understands the real being of man.
    • when it is realized that one must seek for the whole human
    • want to realize how the word — the word that in ancient Greece
    • and measure of every phrase. He realized how the word could
    • Cosmos. And then he felt what really resounds in the line: ‘In the
    • realize how feeble our ideas have become in modern civilization and
    • impulses of education, one really should say: All that humanity has
    • when people, seeking to understand the Gospel of St. John, realize
    • Word.” We must realize that the cry of the sixteenth and
    • For if one has lost the real content of the ‘word’ out of
    • reality. For no education will develop from abstract principles or
    • programmes; it will only develop from reality. And because man
    • nature of soul and a spiritual nature, reality must again come into
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  • Title: Education: Lecture VI: Walking, Speaking, Thinking
    Matching lines:
    • also points to the practice and realizations in daily life of a living
    • the teacher when, from hour to hour, he has learned to give really
    • child, and this he can only do in the truest sense if he has a real
    • of the process. But this learning to walk is in reality the bringing of man
    • able to understand these things realizes that children who shuffle their
    • speech will depend very largely upon whether we give him really wise,
    • Many diseases of the nerves to-day are really due to confused thinking,
    • never realized as such because men's minds are not directed to the
    • real’ hair, painted cheeks and eyes which close when it
    • beautiful doll. For, as I will now show you, such toys really amount
    • moreover, really love such a doll. Primitively this doll possesses
    • dolls, with moving eyes and painted cheeks, real hair and so on —
    • give loving help to the child at play we must realize how many inner,
    • play. We shall then realize that intellectuality, a quality so much
    • really appeal to the child. We shall not aim at intellectual beauty
    • primitive, really enchanting doll something like this one.
    • realize that although imitation is a part of the very nature of the
    • not been realized that all intellectualism ought to be eliminated.
  • Title: Education: Lecture VII: The Rhythmic System, Sleeping and Waking, Imitation
    Matching lines:
    • also points to the practice and realizations in daily life of a living
    • and by inner activity of soul. Still we should realize with what a wonderful
    • of all artistic creation lies in reality the unceasing activity of the
    • like wooden machines. It is really a characteristic of our day that
    • If man realizes
    • child's life of sleep. If we wish really to understand the form that
    • the orders we give are really an in-streaming of the will into our
    • the body begins to stir in the organism. Art creates a real hunger
    • nature of man. For then they would realize that all physical
    • to observe petty rules, but have realized from the teacher's own
    • It is really
    • true position in the school and we realize how absolutely essential
    • to him — so that he realizes our affection and sympathy. If we
    • are really tragic. Materialism speaks only of matter, never of the spirit.
    • spirituality, but a real and actual spiritual world.
    • to find a path of ascent and not be led to its downfall, we need the reality
  • Title: Education: Lecture VIII: Reading, Writing and Nature Study
    Matching lines:
    • also points to the practice and realizations in daily life of a living
    • whole man, into the realm of art. This must indeed be the aim of all our
    • world. The child only begins to realize himself as a being apart from
    • age of nine or nine-and-a-half, we can lead him on to a really vital
    • of eleven or twelve in this way have no true knowledge of the real
    • living ideas, ideas that are drawn from actual reality and not from
    • plants grow — the branches. The child thus realizes that the
    • trunk of the tree is really earth-substance carried upwards. This
    • origin in what was once really destined for the plants, how the earth
    • no real interest in the mineral as such. And it is very much to the good
    • plant with no real root in the soil and no flower — a fungus,
    • the living earth. On the other hand, however, we teach him to realize
    • the limbs really maintain and support the metabolism of the body, for
    • animal is really nothing but head. The whole digestive system is
    • realm of the animals are in man gathered together by the spirit into
    • naturally realize that what I have had to discuss here in some twenty
    • a man realizes that by the grace of the living spirit he himself is
  • Title: Education: Lecture IX: Arithmetic, Geometry, History
    Matching lines:
    • also points to the practice and realizations in daily life of a living
    • rise to a real interplay between the soul of the teacher and the soul
    • of the child, if the teacher fully realizes the consequences of his
    • astral body and into the real Ego, the Self of the human being.
    • We must realize
    • education arithmetic and geometry are really like a chameleon; by
    • Then we try to make the child realize that the figure is not
    • conception of something that is a reality. The teacher, of
    • in the pamphlet to the realm of physics as well, though it deals
    • to number and we shall discover how really limited man is in his
    • But that really represents the maximum of what is mentally visualised
    • for in reality we then begin over again and in fact count what has been
    • present, from a reality, from what is present as a whole and then
    • from the living whole to the separate parts, one touches the reality
    • we have 7 is the real thing and that 3 remains is also real; how much
    • real aspect is given; moreover in life we want eventually to get at
    • something which has real significance. Here are two children, 10
    • are the realities. What we have to deal with is the abstract part
    • etheric bodies of the child to work in a healthy way, realizing that
    • has arisen during this Conference as to whether it is really a good thing
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  • Title: Education: Lecture X: Physics, Chemistry, Handwork, Language, Religion
    Matching lines:
    • also points to the practice and realizations in daily life of a living
    • about plant and animal, I think you will have realized that the aim of the
    • ninth and tenth years. Only now does the child begin to realize
    • zoology, you will realize that the aim of the teaching is to bring the
    • i.e. at about the seventh year. Until then, school is not really
    • school life children ought to acquire really practical ideas of their
    • we try to realize that it is indeed possible to develop the human being
    • realize however that the forces of languages in the world permeate
    • have said about the character of the different languages, you will realize
    • if, that is to say, our aim is really a human and not a specialized, racial
    • In our days men's thinking, so far as realities are concerned, has
    • become chaotic. They imagine themselves firmly rooted in reality
    • extreme when anything has been found wrong. It has been realized that
    • element of grammar. This applies to the mother-tongue as well. Real
    • realize the significance of all the great Christian Festivals, of the
    • realization of universal Divinity in the world.
    • educate in the sense of true Christianity must realize that before the age
    • his development in time. Try for a moment to realize what a difference
    • world. We prepare the child rightly to realize from the ninth and
    • understand die task of humanity in days to come, we shall realize
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  • Title: Education: Lecture XI: Memory, Temperaments, Bodily Culture and Art
    Matching lines:
    • also points to the practice and realizations in daily life of a living
    • development of the child's memory and here it must be realized that
    • Now both methods are wrong. The point really is that the memory ought
    • we rightly unfold the faculty of memory? Above all we must realize that
    • between the teaching staff and the parents of the children. A really
    • world must realize that technique, a spiritualized technique of course,
    • general, this realization will indeed be a boon to all the very
    • really delightful at the Waldorf School to find a kind of competition
    • After all I have been saying, you will realize that there is the
    • really the foundation of the art of teaching — are specially
    • of the nature of man brings the following facts to light. It is really
    • connecting concepts and ideas, we must always realize that there is some
    • the bodily nature. This proves how very necessary it is to realize
    • of work at the Waldorf School is achieving really splendid results. A
    • More and more he must begin to realize and experience the purely
    • it is the aim of the Waldorf School to realize, it is of vital
    • at the right age. At the age when the child must realize that Nature
    • counterpoise. The child must realize how the several arts have
    • if we realize that it develops, musically as it were, from organs
    • Not until the moment when man realizes the world itself to be a work
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  • Title: Gegenwärtiges Geistesleben und Erziehung: Erster Vortrag
    Matching lines:
    • sondern Bilder, die ihre Realität in ihrer eigenen
    • sich hinbegibt, die geistige Realität enthalten.
  • Title: Gegenwärtiges Geistesleben und Erziehung: Fünfter Vortrag
    Matching lines:
    • Realität finden. Denn mit abstrakten Grundsätzen, mit
    • entwickeln; einzig und allein mit Realität. Und weil der
    • ist, muß Realität, muß Wirklichkeit wiederum in
  • Title: Gegenwärtiges Geistesleben und Erziehung: Sechster Vortrag
    Matching lines:
    • realisiert —, beim Sprechenlernen der gediegensten
  • Title: Gegenwärtiges Geistesleben und Erziehung: Zehnter Vortrag
    Matching lines:
    • das ist das Reale. Vierzehn Äpfel, die sind das Reale
    • — nicht die Addenden sind das Reale; die verteilen sich
    • Reale — und was man bekommen will, ist wiederum das
    • Reale. Wieviel muß man von sieben wegnehmen, damit man
    • fünf bekommt? — Man hat ja das Reale als Gegebenes,
    • sind die Realitäten. Was man dazu tun muß, das ist
  • Title: Gegenwärtiges Geistesleben und Erziehung: Dreizehnter Vortrag
    Matching lines:
    • real-künstlerischen Sinne der Natur abzulesen gelernt
  • Title: Gegenwärtiges Geistesleben und Erziehung: Abschiedsansprache: Vierzehnter Vortrag
    Matching lines:
    • Anthroposophie wirklich nur darum, die Realitäten der Welt

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