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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture I
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    • valid, so we can try during the next days to bring about some
    • remarkable result is being envisaged. Today in fact there are
    • when you ask about circulated poetry of Central Europe today,
    • present moment. It is of greater meaning that today some of you
    • days. You must not forget that in such a Movement, such as
    • spirit today? One of the most important facts for the support
    • Compare the world today with one of a hundred years ago. There
    • the greatest differences is that today our atmosphere is
    • today, but it is hardly even noticed. These are pre-eminently
    • Goethe and present day should be spoken about, regarding the
    • Today there is a gratification of religious needs which is only
    • have today. Anthroposophy wants to enter here to introduce
    • abstract and intellectual, and that intellectualism today
    • stands completely in the afterglow. Today we may want to just
    • Today our intention is to examine two big oppositions. I don't
    • little thing one does throughout the day.
    • needs to be conducted at least every day. It is prescribed for
    • Catholic priests to perform the Mass every day; through this
    • absolutely every day, but it is absolutely necessary that the
    • Mass must be celebrated every day. Through this sensing you
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • Perhaps deepening some of the questions of yesterday can be our
    • starting point today. Dr Rittelmeyer has already called our
    • soul relationships in present-day humanity. The soul
    • relationships in present-day humanity have only really just
    • armed with the highest authority exists today. Now you would
    • can live quite within this present day atheistic scientific
    • undervalue how strong the present day untruthfulness, the inner
    • unconscious untruthfulness of our present day.
    • Those who practice science as it is carried out today can only
    • today, namely: “The totality of the world is determined
    • can't be stopped. Just think how forcefully today intentions
    • — you only need to remind yourselves about yesterday's
    • are accomplished these days centre around the child in the
    • the other hand it is not acceptable today to dissect things in
    • received today out of the spiritual world’ — and all our
    • asked: ‘Will there one day be an invisible ritual?’ The Ritual
    • Take the Mass of the today's Roman Catholic Church. What is
    • Today, as a result, we have in the Catholic Mass sacrifice,
    • funeral today; surely a religious community will ask for a
    • under the circumstances as things are today, they could offer
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • your Movement, of which I intend speaking to you today. You see
    • many people today have obtained some guidance which empathises
    • words any more. I would like to know how many people today have
    • today.
    • However today a person has the feeling when he does something
    • himself. When a person of today says to himself he can be
    • as I am indicating today. We should much more often be able to
    • ourselves: Just like we as human-beings stand on earth today in
    • more wise than we can ever make today.
    • of the St John's Gospel in the correct way. The priest today
    • today, when they are like I have just described them. The
    • We can no longer do this today and nor should we try. We should
    • will become under your handling when you start from today
    • like religious artists. Today we have come to the point where
    • work in an enlivening way in yourselves. I wish that today's
  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • yesterday. I wanted to offer it then already, but time was too
    • when today's presented texts are transcribed into a common
    • today. Actually, a kind of untruthful element enters into the
    • today. Humanity should not be allowed to be fobbed off with
    • your soul, today still, discover meaning in the words of John
    • Humanity today would prefer not to have to search for such deep
    • lexicographically. Already today when one translates something
    • yesterday — that for the Religious Movement the Act of

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