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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • needs are satisfied, you must pose the question: Are there in
    • The satisfaction of religious needs go back to a time when all
    • Today there is a gratification of religious needs which is only
    • be created — that means a strong awareness needs to be created
    • movement to be supported. You see, some things need to be
    • the devil which needs to be conquered by the old culture.
    • and really expresses itself as it needs to do. It was a good
    • It needs to be looked at even closer. It would not be good to
    • subjective needs can we start talking in a fruitful way. ...
    • need to be grasped and touched. Whoever wants to speak about
    • needs to be conducted at least every day. It is prescribed for
    • full of Ahrimanic build-up which we need to destroy during our
    • ritual. One does not need, like in the Catholic church, to
    • practical performer of the ritual then you need to grasp these
    • that can be done effortlessly; it needs practice. The Berlin
  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • become lost, if at the same time the needs of humanity were not
    • science; the theologians need not bother with it. The
    • therefore don't need this hypothesis.” Something else is
    • physics spirituality is alive. This need really be striven for
    • Anthroposophy. Still, this basis of Anthroposophy needs to be a
    • — you only need to remind yourselves about yesterday's
    • absurdities, which one need to refer back to, from which there
    • or girl; these methods need to remain a mystery. The way things
    • needs of humanity, the teaching or sermon all fail to be
    • disharmony need to bear down on your souls. Some
    • need to be grasped very precisely. To grasp concepts scholarly
    • dialectic needs to be entered into. However we haven't come
    • far as saying we don't need to read the Mass any more.
    • the power which the priest will need, when he wants to read the
    • honestly to the ritual and still can have a need for knowledge.
    • anthroposophic. Your approach need not be from what is printed
    • Rudolf Steiner: ‘Anthroposophy needs no religious
    • itself, to need religious renewal? The reverse: ‘Religious
    • renewal needs Anthroposophy!’ What was said there in the
    • lecture, that Anthroposophy needs ritual, was actually directed
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • have no right to call myself “human-being,” I need
    • the development of spiritual impulses. We need to say to
    • experiences which need indeed to be concrete personal
    • has depths which I must first need to fathom;
    • heights to which I need to rise first;
    • Thus we need to go through our meditation in an ever more
    • your depths, you need to ever more deepen yourself into the
    • divine thought gestures which need to wait until the rose
    • which it needs to climb up once again, then we will be able to
    • understand this. Now this word ‘human-being’ need to rise up
    • from the heavenly heights and now he needs to feel related to
    • that if we rise up into such regions then we need to be
    • descended from in a previous existence. We need to know that
    • the tool of God's Word, only then need to have the right to
    • all which grows in me daily and needs to perish again, enabling
    • by dogma. The truth within words need to be awakened in us, the
    • way in our present time. According to your need to gather again
  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • relationship we need to gradually re-establish with the Bible.
    • need to bring humanity up to this point while a kind of
    • be taken in a naive, primitive manner. You need to remind
    • deeper meaning which we need to discover. We can't deny it. It
    • developed ego consciousness. All other facts need to be judged

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