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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • more people than one suspects whose hearts feel deserted by
    • spirits of the present time. What do people know about real
    • effect of people starting to see the indications given by
    • regarding how that might affect people. Eventually one will
    • sense that people are not immune to the activity buzzing
    • through telephone wires in the air, making people into actual
    • Ahrimanic forces being absorbed by people from outer culture
    • valid for a few people, which is not alive in the culture we
    • newer impulses, impulses capable of making people independent
    • falsehood, then people will have no fear of it. Precisely when
    • you want to spread the truth people sense your intention and
    • of people from their nightly life of sleep, this conscious
    • opposition to the sinking down of people into their lower human
    • ordinary people, because the divine works in the human
    • becomes something objective. Speech for most people is only an
  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • movements of our time where the hearts of people have gradually
    • but an inner piousness; so that there are possibly people who
    • equivalents.” We then have tamed people where the
    • for people who thought like this, only had one entitlement and
    • that was to use it as a means to activate people into mutual
    • to have a difficult position because many people thirst for a
    • Anthroposophy offers. People don't want such intensive inner
    • feeling! One can hardly imagine that people who truthfully work
    • forget we are not in a studio where we can make people out of
    • plasticine, but that people exist out there in all their
    • poor Swiss people were having a million Franks pulled out of
    • to the ability to inwardly depend on people, so that when basic
    • people can have an invisible ritual’ — these questions
    • relationship must be thought of in this way: people are always
    • respect. Then, seemingly soon, people came with the courage of
    • far as the ritual is considered, then on the other side, people
    • people a certain satisfaction. In this way a kind of communion
    • Religious Movement. You see, the way people work in the ritual,
    • A participant: How does one bring people to the
    • Consecration of Man? Are we to only take people who emotionally
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • contemporary people to use speech by not venerating it in any
    • many people today have obtained some guidance which empathises
    • words any more. I would like to know how many people today have
    • people have an experience with the word “feeling,”
    • honest people, start by falling quiet, name nothing and then
    • for people. When one takes what the profane person takes as
    • come one step closer to earn the right to, as people, call
    • towards those people who see in a drop the dragon rising in a
    • words ‘human-being’ for the people, then our approach is not
  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • there was a condition where people looked up at every
    • What can be said about the relationship between people blessed
    • by Christ and people who have not been enriched by Christ? Upon
    • to myself.’ — People had not been completely individualised,
    • this way the Christ-blessed people were able to take their own
    • to people now in a different way to what it had been in earlier
    • opinion and say that the earlier, the simple people emerging
    • these simple people capable of relating such a profound meaning
    • people born from the folk could not have understood the
    • simple people which outshines anything you can offer out of
    • yourself. The wisdom of naive people is actually deeper than
    • that of educated people. The theory of simplicity among
    • primitive people is an intellectual theory of educated people.

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