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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture I
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    • impressions of the rituals — I mean this in the noblest
    • spiritual movement. A strong current working from within, truly
    • occasion, of the ritual act completely shows that the real
    • the most important spiritual initiative, forever remind
    • yourself that realities in the spiritual world work in a
    • roots especially when it happens in the spiritual sphere when
    • orientated spiritual or non-spiritual streams develop an
    • words spoken to them come directly out of the spiritual realm.
    • the rituals. You must never forget how powerfully effective the
    • These facts are the outer symptoms for a strong spiritual
    • experience, stirring in the objective spiritual streams at the
    • of inner spiritual activity in the present time will be the
    • When you now look around at how the highest spiritual religious
    • part of the soul-spiritual experience? — That is not so!
    • the ritual and sermon already offers the necessary strong
    • of the spiritual world. Mere understanding, how this or that
    • then you will simply say to yourself: with spiritual movements
    • spirituality penetrating present time in contrast to what
    • How does our ritual relate to the
    • objective balance to the ritual steps. They change as I
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • physics spirituality is alive. This need really be striven for
    • ritual. When both movements work out of their own impulses then
    • spiritualised world view and spiritualised knowledge but want
    • and the aspect considered as ritualistic also was just there to
    • things going on at that time, considered then as ritualistic,
    • ritual itself contains immediate content in each act of worship
    • within the ritual, still through their participation in the
    • ritual shares in the ritual's life, because the ritual, in the
    • the spiritual world, brought down into earthly form, making
    • participation in the ritual something quite positive.
    • us contemplate the central focus of the ritual from this
    • comes down from the spiritual into the physical world in order
    • entire congregation to establish a link to the spiritual
    • spiritual sinks down into the congregation. When one takes this
    • this harmony by asking the question: ‘Could any ritual which is
    • received today out of the spiritual world’ — and all our
    • rituals are received from the spiritual world are to some
    • — You see, by somehow evaluating these rituals and come
    • people can have an invisible ritual’ — these questions
    • Anthroposophy, out of spiritual science. It will happen in
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • within the spiritual world as well as striving towards the
    • point to enable you to link to a spiritual impulse, if you want
    • particular activity. From my observations in the spiritual
    • as a rule from the real spiritual, inner self-activation of
    • speech towards obtaining a spiritual impulse. Examples to
    • ancient times, a past spiritual weaving which has been killed
    • preparatory feeling towards a specific spiritual impulse such
    • the development of spiritual impulses. We need to say to
    • existence he places himself outside spiritual heights. Solely
    • the spiritual world, the light filled spirituality which works
    • spiritual beings who glance down at us, children of the earth,
    • while their spiritual hands reach out to us, while our
    • spiritual hands reach up to their spiritual hands because we
    • predisposition while our spiritual hands reached their
    • spiritual hands. When we are able to possibly develop many
    • spiritualised, it is ‘de-watered’ and goes through
    • spiritual processes so that it can materialise once again until
    • it descends again as rain out of spiritual spheres. We must know
    • lightening is something which rules and weaves in spiritual
    • leaders turning a completely de-spiritualised world culture
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • the most manifold images depicting the highest spiritual things
    • kind of reawakening of ancient spirituality with the purpose of
    • researchable spiritual scientific facts to, let's say, the New
    • relationship with scientific spiritual knowledge about the
    • specific act of grace out of higher spiritual worlds at a
    • spiritual sea of the Father God, to the beings of individuals
    • cosmic-spiritual world only possible when individuals identify
    • spiritual powers makes it possible again for us to research it
    • can be found when you enter into the spiritual facts within
    • This spiritual connectivity experience has just been referred to
    • present, in the spiritual life of the present, in a religious
    • from the spiritual cosmos to mankind which had not yet moved
    • in the Gospels? — It is far more spiritual to say these simple
  • Title: Vom Wesen des wirkenden Wortes: Erster Vortrag
    Matching lines:
    • wenn der äußere Eindruck des Rituals ich meine das im
  • Title: Vom Wesen des wirkenden Wortes: Zu den Veröffentlichungen aus dem Vortragswerk Rudolf Steiners
    Matching lines:
    • wenn der äußere Eindruck des Rituals ich meine das im
    • versetzen: Kann irgendein Rituales, das heute gefunden wird aus
    • der geistigen Welt und alle unsere Ritualien sind gefunden in
    • aufhören? Sehen Sie, diese Ritualien irgendwie so zu
    • Ritual haben -, diese Fragen sind nicht berechtigt.

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