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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • going well. You can feel yourself drawn out by the way these
    • yourself that realities in the spiritual world work in a
    • the bloodstream. All of this is what humanity carries in itself
    • then you will simply say to yourself: with spiritual movements
    • and really expresses itself as it needs to do. It was a good
    • it will express itself and bear fruit if it is continued
    • life itself. The real inner involvement with the ritual is
    • itself as a living spiritual experience. This must be present
    • important as sleep. If you occupy yourself every day with the
    • Act if Consecration, you lift yourself out of the lower level
    • feel yourself positioned in the human physiognomy when you lift
    • yourself out of the animalistic, during the Mass. Then you free
    • yourself from the animal and lion nature and as a result, have
    • Only thereby it is contradicted that you turn yourself away
    • juxtaposing yourself to it, you conquer it. There is always
    • in the ritual must make itself free from the individual, it
  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • active in this field then I find myself in a religious
    • exactly this detachment of the religious life placing itself
    • ritual itself contains immediate content in each act of worship
    • the truth, contains within itself something which can be
    • propagating itself through tradition, one could say, out of
    • side of knowledge and that it must give itself over to that, as
    • are clear about this then you can say to yourself in some way
    • yourself: ‘Those who give communion can't possibly, without it
    • knowledge like Anthroposophy it is self-evident that the
    • experience itself.
    • because in reality you bring yourself together with it.
    • itself, to need religious renewal? The reverse: ‘Religious
    • know this yourself, you must be able to consult Dr
    • Anthroposophists. It is therefore self evident that the
  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • as a rule from the real spiritual, inner self-activation of
    • may of course name yourself in the most varied expressions of
    • language. You can call yourself “I” as one does
    • yourself you can be called a “human-being”
    • himself. When a person of today says to himself he can be
    • himself actually something whose understanding must first be
    • I believe I can describe myself in some or other words, even in
    • call myself a “human-being,” but the basis for this
    • earth, actually not the right to characterize myself.’ Then the
    • next step must be to say to oneself: Before I can become
    • myself, I must undergo three developmental steps — right
    • have no right to call myself “human-being,” I need
    • to myself: ‘You are a human-being.’
    • truth it is so: by the human-being placing himself in earthly
    • existence he places himself outside spiritual heights. Solely
    • man, before you can name yourself, before you can establish
    • your depths, you need to ever more deepen yourself into the
    • something which I have said to you: ‘I may only call myself a
    • human-being, when I have explored myself in the earth's
    • yourself three times more than an ordinary person, becoming
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • grasped out of itself. Only when you take — I would like to
    • yourself of this fact in order to judge how strong the
    • and every person can say to himself: ‘The Father God is alive
    • God. Experiencing all of this at present is to say to yourself:
    • consciousness which makes it a product of yourself. This production
    • to myself.’ — People had not been completely individualised,
    • way as to ask oneself: Can you, when you are quite honest in
    • honest with yourself, to say these words would be simplified
    • You have linked yourself to them and seen how I come from You
    • have linked yourself to them and seen how I come from You and
    • oneself conveniently that the Gospels should be taken up as
    • yourself. The wisdom of naive people is actually deeper than

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