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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • individual carriers of these religious thoughts. Things are
    • good things are developing, on the one side, and on the other
    • which they can't evade. One can think about things that are
    • into account an element which renders these things harmless as
    • things must be thought through when you are to answer the
    • may not forget that gradually everything in humanity has become
    • understand things but we must open our hearts for the realities
    • movement to be supported. You see, some things need to be
    • truth. Errors soon come to nothing but by encountering the
    • truth, the opposition grasp at anything in defence, big or
    • can say that something has come out of Dornach which is
    • is its impulse of being in the inmost soul. Outer things can
    • Movement? How can we do the right thing towards moral
    • must be on such a level that everything coming from it is not
    • ritual to anything else. The ritual which comes about, if you
    • something spiritual through the spoken word. What does this
    • mean: reverence? Reverence is something our philosophers have
    • quite unlearned. They argue that the things they are discussing
    • spiritual things must be aware that thought is like an etheric
    • think as you wish about something (this is irrelevant) but it
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • from anything scientific and gradually introduced eternity and
    • therefore don't need this hypothesis.” Something else is
    • such as: “Should we abandon everything moral and
    • principle of being tamed becomes nothing other than a higher
    • confess these things. On the other hand, atheistic science
    • principles, for example laws set up for marriage where nothing
    • but rather, for example, that a doctor decides. These things
    • are argued away but in reality these things do not have an end.
    • Isn't it true that Anthroposophy wants and can't be anything
    • in the Mysteries: then everything was quite similar to popular
    • taking these things profoundly and in all seriousness. One
    • or girl; these methods need to remain a mystery. The way things
    • Waldorf pedagogy is better than the teacher. Yes, when things
    • the other hand it is not acceptable today to dissect things in
    • among the authoritative personalities, speaking about something
    • when things are not considered in depth or with enough
    • serve knowledge. As a result nothing from these circles could
    • things going on at that time, considered then as ritualistic,
    • had these things not been permeated with the pulse of
    • participation in the ritual something quite positive.
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • something which hardens it like a mineral and simultaneously
    • However today a person has the feeling when he does something
    • himself actually something whose understanding must first be
    • honest people, start by falling quiet, name nothing and then
    • to rename things out of ourselves. Through this can we first
    • presence of God Adam was permitted to name animals and things,
    • have the right to name things’ — but we could say:
    • ‘Through God the right has been given to us, to name things out
    • These things must firstly be experienced through the depths of
    • These three sentences contain something meaningful:
    • and everything which is shaped out of the earth come out of the
    • depths which cooperates in everything, even in the most minute
    • becomes something like a cosmic sleep for us during our earth
    • as something which weaves through us with a cosmic urge for
    • works fully consciously, then we experience something of this
    • something like: the harder the earth appears to us, diamond
    • something of ourselves, something like a revelation of what is
    • something which I have said to you: ‘I may only call myself a
    • initially be clear about everything which works between the
    • tendency is to immerse everything in earthly images only. We
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • the most manifold images depicting the highest spiritual things
    • seeing something happening and something is done towards it out
    • linked to the appearance of the ego consciousness. Something
    • meaning be connected to them because nothing actual is touched
    • would be a subjective fantasy to say: ‘Don't interpret anything
    • that everything which You have given me comes from You. For the
    • I have said to you before, this entire version is nothing
    • doesn't really say anything, even by trying to make it
    • the Fatherly content. Thus they have seen that everything
    • because nothing can be achieved by an attempt to grasp the
    • lexicographically. Already today when one translates something
    • simple people which outshines anything you can offer out of
    • faithfully an old text can be translated is something from
    • can be found at all. These things are of the utmost importance

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