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  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • will begin by pointing to a great thing in our time, namely, to
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • Yesterday we had to point to three past epochs of the
    • pointed out that there was a very ancient mystery period during
    • There is only one apocalypse from a qualitative point of view,
    • but from a numerical viewpoint it can become the content of the
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • Yesterday we referred to. the important turning point in human
    • will now try to grasp a few of the main points in the
    • warmth man look like from a subjective, psychic viewpoint? They
    • look at the Mystery of Golgotha from the vantage point of what
    • approximately the halfway point in world evolution, we have the
    • trivialities. However, these trivialities point to divine,
    • spiritual beings at the starting point, and our trivial letters
    • Thus the first thing which is pointed out is that the author of
    • apocalyptic way. But he also points out that he doesn't just
    • does this he becomes the letter, because he gets to the point
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • before our souls yesterday, and I pointed out that it is a
    • vision of Christ which was given by God. Then I pointed out
    • we've encountered so far; but at some point it should really
    • should meditate on at some point. However, it contradicts
    • to point when the angel of the Christian community in Ephesus
    • had to point to the leading bishops in the communities who were
    • would have pointed to the bishop or the canonical administrator
    • definitely pointing to the future. We have to ask: Why were
    • knew quite well that the latter pointed to the future
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • pointed to the seven churches from a particular point of view,
    • many different viewpoints; so that we can describe the
    • However, we can also point out that much of the basic structure
    • historical viewpoint. But precisely this community in Sardis
    • this fifth epistle is different. It points to the future. The
    • future to which he pointed at that time, which is as it were
    • from the viewpoint of their vocation, social ties, and ability
    • during our age is pointed to in this way.
    • have developed our organ of smell to the point where we can
    • will, and here we touch upon a really apocalyptic point,
    • because it is an apocalyptic point which is full of life.
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • located from the viewpoint of mystery wisdom. They weren't
    • When someone in the ancient mysteries had reached the point
    • or point of view of numbers, and also from other
    • viewpoints.
    • age. Thus if one looks at periods from a numerical point of
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • behind outer events. This year 333 is the point in time in
    • this point vie have the significant dispute between Arius and
    • Let's look at this contrast from a spiritual standpoint,
    • his writing is composed, that is, he points out that the growth
    • prophet — mainly Muhammed. This point of view makes Islam
    • the polar opposite of Christianity. This viewpoint leads to the
    • everywhere. He points to: this year 666 very clearly. People
    • working into our time? As I have often pointed out, just take
    • from the point of view of the human being who is born from a
    • This also points to the tremendous difficulty which existed for
    • viewpoint of the ancient mysteries one should really call him
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • will have to continue our contemplation of its main points and
    • Yesterday I pointed out that the Apocalypticer sees something
    • and since we can look at a later point in time when mankind
    • demon, he would have pointed to the supporters of Arabism in
    • sure, it doesn't look like it from an outer point of view, but
    • human beings. Of course from a certain point of view it is
    • spiritual viewpoint at various times and places. I mentioned
    • some of this recently in a lecture, where I pointed out that a
    • importance if we look at it from the viewpoint of eternity; it
    • starting point of the world war. No one will object if one says
    • revelation from the Holy Spirit. All of this points to the fact
    • Soradtic attack. It's pointless to just give commentaries on
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • are brought to men. The Apocalypticer points out that it was a
    • starting point of Christian evolution upon earth which towers
    • formal viewpoint present-day man is living in such a way that
    • had been accomplished. At a certain point this had to come to
    • Christian initiate gets past this point. He wants to take what
    • point. However, man now connects himself with the spirit
    • the: same time this pointed to a real change which must and
    • there. One pointed out the following there. Souls come out of
    • viewpoint today? Man eats, stuffs food into his stomach,
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • viewpoint of the most exact spiritual science. We saw that the
    • lecture I pointed out that if one honestly tries to understand
    • can be said about world evolution from the viewpoint of
    • writer of the Apocalypse had them here; I: just want to point
    • varies considerably in various languages, but I have pointed to
    • course not begin in such a way that one can point to a
    • spiritual lords above the earth? Until that point in time when
    • Seen from an inner spiritual viewpoint, this is really the time
    • the standpoint on which man is standing — would live over
    • conflicts if the need arises at some point to really see human
    • point to what is present here out of the spirit of the
    • to two points in time. He tells us how the beast is overcome,
    • arises when one points to the possible disease of materialism,
    • Satan were not bound, if one points to this, it certainly gives
    • permits us to point to things which we otherwise point to in
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • always referred to concrete things, always pointed to something
    • shortest path between two points. However, in the spiritual
    • world it is the longest distance between two points and every
    • world evolution, at a point in time which we will discuss
    • Seen from a human, earthly standpoint, this power is a terrible
    • look at it from the viewpoint of human or earthly evolution, if
    • one looks at it from other viewpoints, how does this satanic
    • Michael has a different standpoint than human beings do, and
    • power from the viewpoints which are important for the
    • Satan is a very terrifying power from Michael's standpoint and
    • mistake from Michael's point of view, but an intention about
    • some point. In a certain epoch of Atlantean evolution the gods
    • the karmic paths of humanity. At a particular point in time we
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • ago. We have a rather strange order in the main points in the
    • appropriate today that we will have a point in the Apocalypse
    • this point in connection with the Apocalypse. For the
    • viewpoint. And you may be assured that what I will have to say
    • about this point which we want to discuss today arises in a
    • look around us at the turning point of our era and we find
    • was like the eyepiece of a spiritual telescope which points to
    • of the Atlantean epoch. After this point in time the wise men
    • to this point in Atlantean evolution they saw a birth taking
    • later; since this point in the middle of Atlantis evolution
    • Michael will concern himself with what the Apocalypticer points
    • pointing to will begin again in the Michaelic age. The
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture XIII
    Matching lines:
    • from a certain view point. Prom my explanations about the
    • natural from a human point of view, but it is rather arbitrary
    • things from every point through multiples of 7.
    • indicate such an important point yesterday, which really seems
    • regulating things in the world. We pointed out that John's
    • have gained an extremely important point of departure; and from
    • this point of view an apocalypse, every apocalypse and
    • multiples of seven. Since I pointed to the events which are
    • point of time we're living from the point of view of the
    • consciousness soul elevates itself to the point where it can
    • referred to a particular point in the 19th century in this
    • development of the civilized world, from a spiritual viewpoint.
    • future will also be an after effect. This point in time at the
    • This is the low point in the materialistic path, or the summit,
    • evolution. If one looks at them from a spiritual viewpoint,
    • consciousness soul, we arrive at a somewhat earlier point in
    • prominent way from a purely consciousness standpoint. Of course
    • are very glad if they can point to evidence that the number of
    • up. However, at some point everything was more or less directed
    • is the time of the Crusades, where we want to point to what was
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  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture XIV
    Matching lines:
    • this point in the Apocalyptic discussion.
    • viewpoint; they are a full reality to such a small extent that
    • viewpoint in my
    • something in your feelings that points to what exists in man's
    • could say that this points to a real cultural secret of the
    • the heights from a point in Westphalen and would look down at
    • viewpoint of the spiritual life? After all, we're right m the
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture XV
    Matching lines:
    • course points back to previous experiences on earth at a
    • that this is not so. I have often pointed out that the body
    • scientists have gotten to the point where they only look upon
    • have pointed to a natural phenomenon which we grasped through
    • we get to the point where we tell ourselves: the fundamental
    • Looked at from a real and true point of view, the divine wrath
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture XVI
    Matching lines:
    • from there in our deliberations. I pointed out that one sees
    • viewpoints in response to a question. One has to take such
    • should point out how much more intimate the terminology of the
    • the stars and the earth. We will now have to point to the real
    • things by pointing to what man can experience inwardly.
    • like Hegel pointed to other connections between cometary things
    • a lecture in Paris in 1906, I pointed out that cometary
    • will point to very intense realities if one wants to indicate
    • large, important points in the evolution of the earth and
    • Apocalypticer s viewpoint one would say: Before men can grasp
    • That is spoken from an Apocalyptic viewpoint. Here a spiritual
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture XVII
    Matching lines:
    • that some natural phenomenon is involved at a particular point
    • we look up to the heavens and its stars, we have points that
    • Here we come to a point where it is very necessary to see
  • Title: The Apocalypse: Lecture XVIII
    Matching lines:
    • depend upon whether; men will get to the point where they will

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