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  • Title: Lecture: On the Nature of Butterflies
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    • really belong to aeronautics but which will shed light on the
    • them to the earth. So when we see a caterpillar we know that it really
    • chrysalis you are really seeing pure sunlight spun around this earthly
    • interesting to learn the real impulse of the insect which flutters
    • mother's body, so man is really created by this light. So the
    • butterfly's wings! It is really most interesting to note that when I say
    • expand, this ego, this light, would permit me to create real
    • butterflies. The human ego actually has the power needed to create real
    • urge to express the “I” — in fact to produce real
    • is due to your thoughts. Your thoughts impede you from creating real
    • thoughts are really just pictures of the butterfly-world.
    • see the bright butterfly in the air we must realise that the same
    • outside. The caterpillar really spins itself to death. It ceases to be,
    • Eve, but the idea is identical, and they have not really progressed if
    • one realises that after all light, air and all the rest should be taken
    • really disregards the entire cosmos and only has eyes for what can be
    • just with parts. Science today really regards the whole cosmos as an
    • to them any longer. Anyone saying them is considered mad. It really is
    • mad that this should be so! It is not the really mad who are considered
    • so, but anyone speaking the truth is deemed mad. People really view this
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  • Title: Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture II
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    • reality permeated by love - and how this relates to the human
    • has not yet come when one could really apply these things in
    • Everyone must, in reality, take the greatest interest in bee-keeping,
    • as nectar in the plants. They really only gather the nectar, and then
    • special little vessel is, I should like to say, a really great
    • the Sun-development; they do not really pass out of it to the earth.
    • flight which really needs the Sun? In had weather it cannot take
    • some doubt, for it needs exact study. Nevertheless, it really is so.
    • Queen-bee born in the realm of the Sun, and not having tasted the Sun's
    • that the sting is really a tube in which a kind of piston moves up
    • part with its poison, and in reality it only does so because it
    • everyone. For you see, in reality, things go on in the hive in
    • sides; in reality, however, these nerves would like to become little
    • — namely, that the blood-cells in reality do this out of a kind
    • it is through this gradual weakening of the nerves, that man really
    • He does not make them worse all at once, for it is really so that
    • reality holding something between blood, muscle and bone, which in
    • are founded on real knowledge. But, there may still be much that can be
  • Title: Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • reality permeated by love - and how this relates to the human
    • can really say is, that given a certain substance it produces an
    • article is really concerned with is effects of a chemical nature.
    • gentlemen aware of the real question that they do not know, for
    • in all these matters, we must realise how perfectly clear we need to be
  • Title: Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • reality permeated by love - and how this relates to the human
    • — those really significant elements — increasing from 55%
    • reality.
    • whether a man was merely a wind-bag, or whether he had real practical
    • has done in her practical work is really admirable. But when she
    • begins to think it all over on scientific lines, the result is really
    • theory of vitamins does not enable her to reach the real heart of the
    • effects of honey-treatments really rest. You see, these experiments show
    • milk that is good. Excellent results can be obtained with really old
    • was really wise. In the ancient saying: — “This is a land
    • from the vitamin!” One must look for what has reality in this
    • observes — and one must really observe in the right way, and with a true
    • form in us, but in reality they do not do so. They are interrupted,
    • which man really needs, for man must have those six-cornered spaces
    • exhausted; he would have to eat so much honey to get any real
    • this is well-known, and one should really insist on making these things
    • realised that this is by no means the same thing, for there can be no
    • be considered that it will really be worth our while to discuss these
    • but I am really eager to know what you will have to say about them.
    • peaceful and harmonious one. Is there any objective reality at the
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  • Title: Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • reality permeated by love - and how this relates to the human
    • whole stock of bees will die out. I really cannot understand what Dr.
    • will tell us to what extent a bee-sting may be really dangerous.
    • really always tell us that things ought to be different But the most
    • idea that honey is something so precious that one cannot really pay
    • anyone knowing the nature of the cow realises it is quite
    • really give. In this way the farm can obviously become exceedingly
    • It is really so,
    • external evidence what bee-keeping really was when the bee was still
    • mostly work today. For this reason we really have to say that here
    • also we must trust that little by little men will come to realise
    • really to be able to enjoy a little honey — that is, not only to
    • then he is really ill, much more so than when he cannot digest honey.
  • Title: Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • reality permeated by love - and how this relates to the human
    • honey-comb is a fancy with some people; the real question is whether it
    • really able to observe these people who eat the honey-comb, thus the
    • had really many good instincts: he did many things without being able
    • plants, and in absorbing it, transforms it. This is really an
    • any need to be reactionary in the realms of politics, or of life, is
    • move with the times; but what really matters is that while we leave
    • care should really be taken today not to grow plants for the bees
    • any real way by giving them the nectar or honey belonging to
    • honey-making process of the bees. It is something so really wonderful
    • really play a far greater part in the nourishment of men and women
    • today. It is not realised how important the consumption of honey
    • it will be asked, when once we have some real knowledge of these
    • realised that through spiritual science it is possible to arrive at
    • namely that of the wasps, that honey is first prepared in the realms
    • wasps, now happens outwardly, and it becomes clear what it really is
    • with their waxen combs really show us a kind of artistically formed tree-trunk
    • this is to look into the very heart of Nature, and realise what can be
  • Title: Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • reality permeated by love - and how this relates to the human
    • reality the blood which is brought into motion by the
    • the preparation of medicines, for there are no real remedies which,
    • artificial breathing really always means that one is trying to bring
    • a worker-bee, though it will certainly not be a real Queen. These
    • the juices that are exuded primarily by the aphids:. This is really
    • leaf, namely, the aphis. These are really noble creatures, (forgive
    • absolutely all blossom; it is really the finest honey in the world.
    • is really most interesting. When you go into a village you see a row
    • milked by the ant. It is really just like a cow, only the cow must be
    • and are well cared for, so that we really must say it is quite
    • what is no longer the sap of the plant. There is really a very great
  • Title: Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • reality permeated by love - and how this relates to the human
    • from this fact, we can really learn a very great deal about the whole
    • small creatures and their ways, the more one realises how wisely
    • realm of Nature.
    • real source only comes to light when the passages are traced. Here
    • does not reveal any special wisdom. One then begins to realise that
    • One has really
    • and the ants work further upon them. What then is really happening
    • wasp lays its eggs into the caterpillar, it is really very remarkable. As
    • and there are a great number of them in the caterpillar. It is really
    • scientific discovery had been made, quite in the modern way. It was really
    • This is really absurd, but it is a learned affair today. For if water
    • one realises it has immense significance.
  • Title: Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • reality permeated by love - and how this relates to the human
    • the bee is really not that it produces honey but, that it produces
    • Nature are extremely wisely made, and one must really say that there
    • is intelligence in them, real intelligence. One could give hundreds
    • But all of you, as many as are sitting here, are really yourselves a
    • which externally, would seem similar. One must know what is really
    • him no good at all. What then is the matter? It really has not helped
    • beside a dying man one really has the feeling that in dying, he first tries
    • lecture to end without touching on a subject of real importance. I
  • Title: Cosmic Workings: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • independent thought nor any free will in the real sense. In the
    • Iron is really necessary for free will. And if you come across a man
    • really the cause of it, you must above all find out if he is getting
    • get out. We should suffocate at once. Oxygen is really greedy. Our
    • say: Iron would not really help us unless we could use it in the operations
    • with Mars. Mars is really the creator of iron in our planetary
    • speech casually, and see nothing special in it. They do not really
    • really think, because they turn their attention to something which is
    • not reality. Quite trivial matters are evidence of this. Just
    • Catholic Sunday paper announced that there had been a real fire here
    • which haven't happened loses all sense of reality. And that is
    • the name of Chlorosis. But the real connection is not understood. One
    • one can really speak of Mars; otherwise not. And so it is with the
    • often the case, then the real culprit is not the Mercury force, but
    • right divisibility of iron. We only really get to know the nature of
    • but we must realise that all the stars of heaven have their
  • Title: Cosmic Workings: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • dependent on the growth of plants and therefore we must know what really
    • Paralysis, and it has turned out that one must really concern oneself
    • there, is really only formed because it lets sap mount from the
    • happens, in reality? The earthy, the solid, becomes fluid! And we
    • the earth, so that the earth in this respect is really a great living
    • Being. This sap which mounts in the tree, is really present in the
    • actually gives it life. For the earth is really a living Being; and
    • arranged. The living sap really circles round. It arises from the
    • life. And one can really say: When the sap rises in the spring, the
    • really wonderful — a seed, a humble, modest little seed could
    • and cambium. The wood sap is the most fluid, it is really a chemical;
    • the life sap is the giver of life; it is really, if I may so express
    • is sketched out from the stars. It is really so. The wood sap rises
    • able to follow its working right into the sap. It is really so.
    • of animals, or plants, or the earth. Neither knows really how the
    • one can despair of any really useful knowledge.

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