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  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture I: Man as a Being of Spirit and Soul
    Matching lines:
    • and its phenomena in quite a different way from today and
    • spirit life. It was not like today when the phenomena of nature
    • paper every Sunday which breathes this kind of feeling I have
    • spirit has to struggle against these aims and efforts today.
    • also the reason why I have called today's lecture a study of
    • the enlightened and impressive philosophers of today. It is
    • Nevertheless we shall attempt to show today that this
    • everyday consciousness is concerned, our physical nature only
    • everyday life know about all the complicated processes, the
    • the light of day as the basis of what we experience as hunger,
    • body in everyday life, which is more or less its outward form,
    • today that the part of his spiritual life that is orientated
    • having arrived at certain things in ordinary, everyday soul
    • ordinary, everyday soul life, as long as we
    • present-day humanity, it must nevertheless be said that this
    • today it is not possible to arrive at any other view. And this
    • remote from the present-day outlook, but which in future will
    • intention today was to show how we rise from the sphere
    • concepts of today. But you will perhaps have seen that the
  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture II: The Psychological Expression of the Unconscious
    Matching lines:
    • I took the liberty of pointing out yesterday that there
    • However, a fact about the soul-life of present day humanity
    • emerged from my exposition yesterday, the fact that it is
    • beyond the ordinary everyday life of the soul, which, of
    • described this more fully yesterday and named the books which
    • held by many people today in the same sense as he held it, even
    • Today we shall have opportunity to show in what way the
    • described yesterday — that by
    • concerned cover a wide field. Today I shall select only a
    • today will perhaps be justified, and should be self-
    • I pointed out yesterday that it is quite unjustified to
    • a reason why so few people today attain spiritual experience.
    • German cities, sometimes for several days in succession, but
    • — to use yesterday's
    • regions I shall characterize today. It also distinguishes them
    • to touch upon this today, for a merely outward scientific
    • development of the soul, which I have outlined today, the
    • investigation (as described yesterday), experiences another
    • the events of everyday life.
    • everyday life.
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  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture III: The Science of the Spirit and Modern Questions
    Matching lines:
    • be found today makes them long for a renewal of these things,
    • person does today, whether in reading or whether
    • in his ordinary everyday life or in whatever else
    • he belongs to one of the latter today, the search for his
    • he must then become aware and feel that today there are many
    • people today as a social problem and which often appears as a
    • which face it concerning these questions of present-day
    • achieved our normal development in everyday life and in
    • today with the same treasure of wisdom with which our
    • We are very proud today that for centuries we have had
    • today that the earth circles around the sun at a tremendous
    • today in the elementary school as the correct view. At that
    • other things without preparation. Today every educated person
    • The kind of history that is presented today offers no
    • human souls had quite a different constitution from today.
    • half dreamlike states of the soul. Today we can have no idea of
    • superstitious, and as far as present day education is
    • done today, because at the same time they always saw spirit in
    • from the outer world as people do today. But instead of this,
    • preparation, knowledge which today is the common
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  • Title: Lecture: The Christmas Festival: A Token of the Victory of the Sun
    Matching lines:
    • How many people are there to-day who, as they walk through the streets
    • To-day we shall try to bring before our minds a kind of summary of the
    • The man of to-day confronts Nature around him as a stranger. He is far
    • conceived of by materialistic thinkers of to-day, but as a living
    • celebrated on the days now dedicated to the celebration of the birth
    • immemorial has been celebrated all over the world on the same days of
    • days draw in and draw in, and this shortening of the days seems to us
    • the Nature-forces. The days grow shorter and shorter up to the time
    • celebrated it, in another form. Then the days begin to draw out again
    • And it was even more than this. The waxing and waning of the days was
    • very highest order in cosmic and human life. In the days when genuine
    • occult teaching was not disowned as it is today by materialistic
    • were different in appearance from those who inhabit the Earth to-day;
    • And so in days of old, our forefathers felt themselves to be spiritual
    • not say: ‘Glory (honour) to God in the highest,’ but rather: ‘To-day
    • is to-day, decisions are arrived at by individuals who amid
    • thinking stands to-day, then the ideal of the ancient wisdom, the
    • to-day as the ruling Spirits of the universe also passed through a
    • the cost of great travail. Humanity stands to-day within the same kind
    • day resound from our own souls, then we can also feel what will be
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  • Title: Lecture: On The Three Magi
    Matching lines:
    • I want to speak to-day about a Festival to which in modern times less
    • very largely lost their meaning to-day; the feeling of their
  • Title: On the Relationship with the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • these souls took in of a spiritual nature during the day now lives on in
    • every morning. His way leads through an old garage. One day he is delayed
    • very substantial when compared with what usually exists as love today.
  • Title: Anthroposophy in Daily Life
    Matching lines:
    • different and, in the future, it will be different from what it is to-day.
    • different bodily constitution from that of to-day, and in the future, we shall again be
    • example, a female member of a certain family died on a certain day. Her first grandchild
    • was born 1428 days before her death, the second grandchild 1428 days after her death, so
    • a grandchild. In the space of 7 times 1428 days after her death, a great-grandchild was
    • connected in such a way that the distance between them is equal to 7 times 1428 days, it is
    • think that anyone will admit that he will have to die on the day fixed by arithmetical
    • Fliess proves that 1428 days lie between a case of death and two births? Does this prove
    • always born 1428 days before or after its grandmother's death. But when we consider that

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