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  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture I: Man as a Being of Spirit and Soul
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    • the cultural and spiritual life of the present time. It does
    • life. It is not so difficult to see that the science of spirit
    • spirit life. It was not like today when the phenomena of nature
    • just the most serious questions about the life of the soul and
    • questions of spiritual life. We find that a scientist like
    • and wish to draw conclusions affecting spiritual life from the
    • the life of the soul, and that science comes to an end where
    • really seeking spiritual substance in cultural life
    • the pressing questions about the life of the human soul and
    • mix-up of the bodily life and soul life which comes about
    • physical life of the human being. Let us take a particular
    • need to breathe, and so on, in life. These are immediate,
    • everyday life know about all the complicated processes, the
    • body in everyday life, which is more or less its outward form,
    • to the human being as is hidden to him in ordinary life of
    • today that the part of his spiritual life that is orientated
    • life and proceed from there to what lies spiritually outside
    • this soul life. And this spiritual nature has naturally to be
    • possible way, just as the life of the human body is
    • spiritual life are in fact spiritual, and therefore are quite
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  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture II: The Psychological Expression of the Unconscious
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    • However, a fact about the soul-life of present day humanity
    • beyond the ordinary everyday life of the soul, which, of
    • human soul life, inasmuch as this lies within the conscious
    • is not possible to investigate the mysteries of soul life, that
    • there is much that rises up into the soul life of the human
    • flows into one's conscious life. It would of course take a very
    • of the unconscious. In the cultural life of Central Europe the
    • approaches spiritual life, which is supposed to remain
    • life rests on something spiritual and unconscious. He maintains
    • and intensification of our soul life. These unconscious forces
    • spiritual life, and we shall do this by taking into
    • life which enter into our consciousness in a less complete way
    • our ordinary soul life, even if it is only a mystical
    • soul life, can be treated in such a way that the human being
    • can rise from this soul life to the spiritual, just as from
    • another aspect he can descend from soul life to the physical by
    • appears in our conscious soul life from unknown depths or
    • unconscious soul life and its manifestations. I shall take
    • arises out of the unconscious depths of soul life, and this is
    • plays into our semiconscious life, and this is the sphere of
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  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture III: The Science of the Spirit and Modern Questions
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    • of knowledge and of the tendencies of practical social life to
    • continue to exist as beings with spirit-soul life and social
    • life with the ideas, feelings and impulses of the will which we
    • outlook in practical life and in technical achievements
    • this scientific knowledge in social life. Whatever a
    • in his ordinary everyday life or in whatever else
    • his life. And he has to say to himself: Fundamentally,
    • questions to be answered about social life, about the way in
    • technical results which our modern life has brought are such
    • organization, his form of life on the earth and so on, we do
    • to these questions which modern life has caused to become
    • And what has practical life given us? Of course, all the
    • means of our enormous and widespread industrial life and world
    • practical social life. But it is precisely this practical life
    • take life very seriously. So we see that the practical side of
    • life also presents the human being with riddles.
    • seeks in the foundations of social life those sources of man's
    • civilization if life simply goes on as before, if human souls
    • impulses for the renewal of social life are found out of the
    • life.
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  • Title: Lecture: The Christmas Festival: A Token of the Victory of the Sun
    Matching lines:
    • life pulsating through and through us.
    • life? He addressed a Hymn, a kind of prayer to Nature with all her
    • Faust where Goethe addresses Nature, not as the dead, lifeless being
    • life again a mood which filled men's hearts in an age when wisdom
    • not only an expression of an event in the life of a higher Being, but
    • very highest order in cosmic and human life. In the days when genuine
    • thought but was the very wellspring of the life of the peoples, the
    • physical, all bodily life on Earth had reached the stage of animality
    • soul of man descended. Life had so far developed that the human body
    • it now has in the process of man's growth and life upon the Earth and
    • And now try to think of the course of human life in connection with
    • life of the soul, of the course of the Sun and everything that is
    • and it is upon this harmony that the rhythmic life-process of all
    • everything, even the very life of animals is dependent upon the
    • the powers of life are governed where the prevailing rhythmic forces
    • developed an inner life in harmony with the divine rhythms pulsating
    • through the cosmos. His life of feeling and of thinking must have rid
    • itself of chaos, of all disharmony, and his inner life of soul must
    • course. A man whose spiritual life had found a path as sure as that of
    • The Sun-Soul was the great example for the way in which a man's life
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  • Title: Lecture: On The Three Magi
    Matching lines:
    • when he dies.” Myrrh is the symbol of the dying of the lower life and
    • the resurrection of the higher life. It is offered by the Initiate
    • the thirtieth year of his life he gives up his own life to the
    • earthly in order that the Higher may come to life. In the middle of
    • significance has disappeared. But this feeling will be kindled to life
  • Title: On the Relationship with the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • with them into sleep. This is the connection between life in the spiritual
    • world and life on earth.
    • that is to know life directly. Chemical and physical laws can be
    • investigated any time, but to investigate life is an ideal. Life can never
    • Thus, life is something that
    • of spiritual science and see that it is not a theory but an elixir of life,
    • life on earth if they are to form concepts and ideas. So, a soul that goes
    • Life on earth has another
    • spiritual life into a sort of societal form. Thus we see that, by building
    • have a sociable life there as well as here. We will have understanding for
    • be shut off from more remote souls, we interest ourselves in their life.
    • spiritual life here or to those who are instructed by the reading of
    • certain forces that he had in his life. These forces are still available to
    • earth-life. Perhaps the dead person loved us and wants to send us his
    • understand that life here and life yonder are only changes of form, this is
    • In the life between death
    • earth-life ... Continually flowing into the physical causes are forces that
    • freshness, growth, and health into earth-life.
  • Title: Anthroposophy in Daily Life
    Matching lines:
    • Patience, Wisdom, Devoutness and Life-Confidence.
    • Patience, Wisdom, Devoutness and Life-Confidence.
    • Anthroposophyin Daily Life
    • Anthroposophyin Daily Life
    • Science, it gives us strength and confidence in life. How can we introduce it into our life
    • human life. Why, they ask, do we need all this knowledge of the spirit, why should we have
    • Science can mean to us, and does mean to those who have adopted the right attitude to life
    • knowledge is applied to life. But this is impossible unless we realise that the essential
    • life. For example, statistics can establish how many suicides occur in a particular place.
    • life. This doctor, Fliess [Wilhelm Fließ (1858-1928)] by name, began to register the
    • course of life something that is in keeping with numbers. The Pythagorean saying, "In
    • man's inner being has any share in the destiny of his life. For if birth and death are
    • probability it is possible to calculate the probable duration of human life. But I do not
    • away the connection between the inner nucleus of our being and the external course of life.
    • are of no importance for the Karma of our life. We catch a certain train in life, entering
    • have to decide, through the inner laws of our Karma, to enter a certain stream of life
    • those who seek the spirit should more and more acquire a feeling that life is complicated;
    • is an easy matter to grasp the whole of life, and that a few sentences taken from Spiritual
    • no connection whatever existed between external laws and human Karma, our whole life would
    • numbers in the timetable are connected with practical life. Even though it does not concern
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