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  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture I: Man as a Being of Spirit and Soul
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    • clearly and definitely: Science can only concern itself with
    • spirit, for the scientist himself points out that a science of
    • experience purely inwardly, and subject the body by itself to
    • spirit reveals itself no more to the human being than does the
    • body reveal itself beyond its outward form, and that from the
    • human being is unable to get beyond himself, but yet is able to
    • point to something beyond himself. What is needed is that a
    • himself the capacity to make judgments about the
    • The first is that we achieve real self observation; the second
    • What is normally called self-observation, an introversion
    • of the soul, is not what is meant by true self-observation by
    • brooding in oneself in order to find the way one has to go
    • toward true self-observation, but real self-observation has to
    • the life of the soul is not able to observe itself. They point
    • real exercise of self- observation if we do it. It is a form of
    • the soul itself. This means that we have to observe how one
    • absolutely possible to achieve real self-observation in this
    • separate itself from the soul-nature. But this is only one
    • self-observation of the kind I have just been speaking about.
    • to carry out such self-observation until we have radiated this
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  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture II: The Psychological Expression of the Unconscious
    Matching lines:
    • he points out that this unconscious is not in itself conscious
    • human being would be the only conscious being to raise himself
    • unconscious, which in itself is devoid of consciousness, but is
    • today will perhaps be justified, and should be self-
    • of spirit itself, for this science feels itself called upon to
    • of spirit for several years knows that he often finds himself
    • scientist of spirit lives in a kind of self-deception:
    • by the soul when the perception itself has ceased. From this it
    • his own inner self- perception enables him to be absolutely
    • progress in this kind of self-education, to make quick
    • spirit itself.
    • the human being has to his environment and to himself by virtue
    • self, the same self, but in another form, the true ego
    • self in the investigation of the spirit, and in our dreams, is
    • spiritual world, draws himself again into the physical body on
    • would never simply take the content of the dream by itself,
    • eternal regards the temporal in such a way as to clothe itself
    • after all, phenomena of life itself, when they investigate them
    • oneself that the pictures tallied exactly with the description.
    • are, and not about an abstract self, that we are nothing more
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  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture III: The Science of the Spirit and Modern Questions
    Matching lines:
    • his life. And he has to say to himself: Fundamentally,
    • researches of natural science finds himself in a position
    • clinic? And anyone who has linked some self observation
    • with what he does will say to himself
    • nature in himself, and what he felt in himself he found spread
    • out in the external world. He did not feel himself so cut off
    • his self-consciousness was weaker. And one quite rightly had to
    • say to oneself in past periods of human
    • connection with the powers of inner self-consciousness, and the
    • did not succumb when their self-consciousness was led into a
    • arrived at quite a different form of self-consciousness
    • because of this we have a strong self-consciousness which
    • we enter into this world through a self-consciousness which has
    • having achieved a heightened self-consciousness,
    • world. By means of our heightened self-consciousness we have to
    • of their self- consciousness through self discipline in order
    • an ego. It gives us our ordinary self-consciousness. We
    • what going to sleep, waking, and sleep itself are. We get to
    • know how the spirit-soul part of man draws itself out
    • note to himself: What has influenced you today? What has
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  • Title: Lecture: The Christmas Festival: A Token of the Victory of the Sun
    Matching lines:
    • praises and she alone punishes — herself, Let her do with me what she
    • Then show'st me mine own self, and in my breast
    • itself was still organically united by living ties to Nature. And it
    • itself was created. Yet the alphabetical word ought to be the
    • in the great universe and within us too when self-knowledge awakens,
    • wisdom, to be an expression of an experience of the Godhead Himself,
    • was able to receive into itself the imperishable soul. These ancestors
    • the human soul. By slow degrees the human soul itself built up the
    • rhythmic course of the Sun. And in the being of man himself everything
    • itself of chaos, of all disharmony, and his inner life of soul must
    • East as Budhi. When a man no longer feels himself a single being, as
    • universal Soul, he has created within himself an image of the union of
    • confusion, for the life of instincts and impulses is itself a seething
    • brought about in humanity itself by this harmony: peace among men of
    • man strove to reach self-knowledge.
    • science, shall pass over into life itself.
    • Festivals which will remind man of the divine Self within him. The
    • divine Self, in essence like the Sun, and radiant with light, will
    • Christianity itself which will form the subject of a later lecture.
  • Title: Lecture: On The Three Magi
    Matching lines:
    • importance is attached than to the Christmas Festival itself, namely,
    • Exoterically, the date itself throws some light; esoterically, the
    • universal baptism — a rebirth from out of the water. This in itself
    • men. Manas (Spirit-Self) was now disseminated among men and in each
    • epochs were cold-blooded; even man himself at that time, had no warm
    • and then only gradually, for the human body to receive into itself the
    • nothing else than to see the soul itself as a Star. But when is the
    • before the Magi is the soul of Christ Himself. The Second Logos
    • Himself shines before the Magi and over the cave in Bethlehem.
  • Title: On the Relationship with the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • It should be a selfless
  • Title: Anthroposophy in Daily Life
    Matching lines:
    • self within us and are enabled thereby to advance as human beings. There are others whose
    • about yourself — whether you are good or bad, wise or foolish and is of no importance
    • ask himself whether it agrees with him or not. Otherwise he will ruin himself.
    • himself: Are you at this moment capable of obtaining a full answer? Wait (he should say to
    • himself) until the Beings of the spiritual world send 3ou this answer. A true disciple of
    • itself gives us these vital forces.
    • unfolds within himself are of value to the whole world. Every speck of dust bears within it

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