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  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture I: Man as a Being of Spirit and Soul
    Matching lines:
    • people looked at nature and its processes they took something
    • spiritual, something of a soul nature, into their own soul and
    • eliminating everything of a spirit-soul nature.
    • to its efforts to eliminate everything of a spirit-soul nature
    • bringing into these processes anything of a spirit- soul
    • unfortunately, there is something else to be found among
    • natural science is not able to say anything about the
    • — nothing more than a collection of
    • abstract concepts, which do not offer anything pertaining to
    • out anything substantial about these questions outside the
    • of philosophers which reveals something rather odd, which is
    • on psychology or into anything philosophical in
    • considering, we come across a way of regarding things which,
    • that everything that arises in connection with the soul and
    • something — if I may use what
    • which is something everyone can know about without bothering
    • recognize as such, is nothing other than what is
    • body, to the things that are arrived at through scientific
    • having arrived at certain things in ordinary, everyday soul
    • point to something beyond himself. What is needed is that a
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  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture II: The Psychological Expression of the Unconscious
    Matching lines:
    • something not sufficiently tangible, as something that
    • that is because some of the things that are said in this
    • dealing with something spiritual and although he sees a
    • already in the 1880's to thrash these things out with him
    • everything the human being is able to reveal in his ordinary
    • life rests on something spiritual and unconscious. He maintains
    • the power of logical thinking; it deduces something unknown
    • something spiritual that is unconscious, in which no
    • What would be the point of something spiritual that is supposed
    • But I must take certain things for granted, which were
    • few of them, but they will shed light on everything else in our
    • something which is well known to everyone, but which
    • it — to be something that
    • view of these things as well.
    • looks quite different from anything that can be experienced in
    • — he puts things together in his mind
    • — nothing could be said about it, for
    • formulate ideas about things, beings and processes in the sense
    • able to try and do something better a second time, when the
    • of doing quite different things the second or third time.
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  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture III: The Science of the Spirit and Modern Questions
    Matching lines:
    • be found today makes them long for a renewal of these things,
    • have also received something else with these tremendous
    • natural science. Anything directed against this
    • people who wish to make fun of such things, and I will leave it
    • nobody hoped to find America or anything like that. The
    • similar to that of Columbus who wanted to reach something
    • something quite different, quite new. In following the work of
    • research, we shall only find on the other side something that
    • something quite different. We do not meet the well-known
    • not always looked at these things in this way. People have not
    • reached as something unknown in the same way that Columbus
    • feeling that something stood at this threshold, a being that
    • other things without preparation. Today every educated person
    • knows these things, but at that time they were withheld if
    • Why were these things withheld from people at that time?
    • the same time we have also lost something. And what this is
    • develop something that will lead us into the super-sensible
    • preparation. So now we have to prepare ourselves for something
    • Thus, rather than starting with something obscure in the
    • are not able to remember something in the sequence of our life.
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  • Title: Lecture: The Christmas Festival: A Token of the Victory of the Sun
    Matching lines:
    • Surely there can be nothing more dreary and at the same time more
    • Hers is the blame for all things, hers is the credit ...”
    • a token of something greater still, of something momentous and unique.
    • not telling you anything that has been cleverly thought out or
    • which it was preparing to receive something higher. And then there
    • Spirit, something happened in the universe, something that is one of
    • The form and essential being of everything that lives upon our Earth
    • life of the soul, of the course of the Sun and everything that is
    • connected with it, we are struck by something that closely concerns
    • everything, even the very life of animals is dependent upon the
    • rhythmic course of the Sun. And in the being of man himself everything
    • of your pulse, your breathing, and then of the irregularity, the
    • in all ages and wherever there was consciousness of these things, men
    • Our scholars know remarkably little about these things. They are aware
    • should rediscover these things. Sun myths have been sought for and
    • the bearer of an individual soul, but experiences something of the
    • the Sun-Soul with the human body and he has attained something of the
    • confusion, for the life of instincts and impulses is itself a seething
    • The great Festivals exist as tokens that these things must be
    • a dogma or a doctrine, or a philosophy. Our aim is that everything we
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  • Title: Lecture: On The Three Magi
    Matching lines:
    • symbol for an offering that has something to do with Intuition.
    • the Northern regions we find something similar, in that the
    • something that can be understood only by one who has knowledge of the
    • nothing else than to see the soul itself as a Star. But when is the
    • beholds the body from within. In astral vision, everything is reversed
  • Title: On the Relationship with the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • them. If they took in nothing, nothing can live on in them during the time
    • between falling asleep and waking up. But if something spiritual is
    • experienced while awake, or if something is raised to the spiritual through
    • If nothing thrives in the cornfields, people starve. What people take with
    • a sort of famine ensues when souls live materialistically and carry nothing
    • You see, death is something
    • Let me point out something
    • Thus, life is something that
    • is not known here, while death is something that is not known in the higher
    • not death. The beings of the higher hierarchies know nothing about
    • before the mystery of man's creation, they know nothing of it ... They can
    • nourishment. Only if we know things like this can we form a right opinion
    • died before him. The simplest thing he can do for him is to read to him,
    • would have nothing to do with it. Those who were already anthroposophists
    • is not only a vale of tears, it is something that has a real efficacy. The
    • can look at things, but they cannot form concepts as men do. If the earth
    • And even if the dead persons took in nothing of spiritual science while on
    • contrary, many who raged against anthroposophy and wanted to know nothing
    • of it are now yearning to hear about it. Not only the things around us are
    • If you work out something
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  • Title: Anthroposophy in Daily Life
    Matching lines:
    • numerical periods. They wish to learn of all these things as quickly as possible, noting
    • But it is a mistake to think that by enumerating them we know something of man's being for
    • when we do this we merely schematise. We really know something about man only when this
    • thing is not only to know the names of these four members, but how they are connected
    • etheric body and the physical body. In reality, ordinary science does not know anything
    • different things also, for it is already evident that certain facts are coming to the fore
    • Pythagoras: "Number is something which rules everything that weaves and lives". With our
    • course of life something that is in keeping with numbers. The Pythagorean saying, "In
    • anything in regard to the inner laws of our Ego? For it is impossible to recognise right
    • to progress or "catch the train?" When you consult the time-table it tells you nothing
    • things that we ourselves bring about. We decide which train to catch. In the same way we
    • I speak of these things because
    • it is something that cannot be encompassed by slack, easy thoughts. Those who think that it
    • the conditions of life. It is adapted to human conditions of life in general. Something
    • gradually we discovered something of this divine wisdom. But just as we discover the most
    • body; clouds, cover up everything that constitutes my being; thunder, split up everything which
    • strength, constantly pouring into him something of this strength.
    • what he does or leaves undone. We may give something to the progressive process of the
    • world, or deprive it of something, and we may crumble away from it by ignoring it, by

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