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Where and How Does One Find the Spirit?

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

Where and How Does One Find the Spirit?

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Where and How Does One Find the Spirit?

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This is a first Edition publication of the complete edition of volume 57 of Rudolf Steiner's Complete Works: all eighteen of the lectures are included here.

By Rudolf Steiner

The translator is anonymous
Bn 57; GA 57; CW 57

This is a First Edition translation of volume 57 of Rudolf Steiner's Complete Work, original title: Wo und wie findet man den Geist? All eighteen lectures in this series are included, here.

The translations of Goethe's Faust were taken from: Faust I and II, edited and translated by Stuart Atkins, Princeton University Press, 1994. Some translations of Goethe's poems were taken from: J. W. von Goethe 103 Great Poems, edited and translated by Stanley Appelbaum, Dover Publications, Inc., Minneola, New York. The quotations of the Bible follow the text of The Revised English Bible.

This lecture series is presented here with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland. From Bn 57, GA 57, CW 57.

This e.Text edition is provided through the wonderful work of:
Various e.Text Transcribers
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Thanks to an anonymous donation, this Lecture Series has been made available.


 Cover Sheet  
Lecture I: Where and How Does One Find the Spirit? October 15, 1908
Lecture II: Goethe's Secret Revelation - Exoteric October 22, 1908
Lecture III: Goethe's Secret Revelation - Esoteric October 24, 1908
Lecture IV: Bible and Wisdom I November 12, 1908
Lecture V: Bible and Wisdom II November 14, 1908
Lecture VI: Superstition from the Standpoint of Spiritual Science December 10, 1908
Lecture VII: Issues of Nutrition in the Light of Spiritual Science December 17, 1908
Lecture VIII: Issues of Health in the Light of Spiritual Science January 14, 1909
Lecture IX: Tolstoy and Carnegie January 28, 1909
Lecture X: The Practical Development of Thinking February 11, 1909
Lecture XI: The Invisible Human Members and Practical Life February 18, 1909
Lecture XII: The Secret of the Human Temperaments March 04, 1909
Lecture XIII: The Riddles in Goethe's Faust — Exoteric March 11, 1909
Lecture XIV: The Riddles in Goethe's Faust — Esoteric March 12, 1909
Lecture XV: Nietzsche in the Light of Spiritual Science March 20, 1909
Lecture XVI: Isis and Madonna April 29, 1909
Lecture XVII: Old European Clairvoyance May 01, 1909
Lecture XVIII: The European Mysteries and Their Initiates May 06, 1909

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